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  1. do you work with b3 bigbrother you can look this link https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/284-script-commands-for-vision-settings-fov-fps-promod/
  2. what exactly do you want to know
  3. sudo pip install python-dateutil --upgrade sudo pip install pytz --upgrade
  4. sudo pip install python-dateutil --upgrade sudo pip install pytz --upgrade pip install python-dateutil ore try this pip install feedparser
  5. have a question do you have one more server running on it I've had 7 vps servers with Linux in two years and there are two of those that also gave that error and I didn't get those two servers up and running either Installed Linux a few times on new but did not work i work with linux debian 8.0 Make the server "executable". the first time you do encourage this chmod + x cod4x18_dedrun than you do ./cod4x18_dedrun than you do this ./cod4x18_dedrun + folder mp_pipeline + set of dedicated 2 + set of net_ip 95.179.x.x but if you need further help or if I need some courage, you can e-mail me edje104@msn.com
  7. https://bigbrotherbot-user-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/getting-started/install.html
  8. eppie

    FPS drop (RTX 2080)

    I tried cod4 with my son who has an Intel Core i7-6800K and a GeForce GTX1080Ti and just got 1000 fps on a 144 mhz screen. and that on an online server. and graphics all on.so it is possible.but you don't need it 333 is enough
  9. eppie

    FPS drop (RTX 2080)

    maybe your processor isn't powerful enough. for the real thing
  10. eppie

    FPS drop (RTX 2080)

    y have on this server =AK=Crossfire Hardcore with nvidia gtx 1050 ti 600 fps fine drops to 560 570 somtimes
  11. hello all y have script duffman grazy on the server howh y do chance score color Grt Eppie
  12. After the update to 17.8/17.9, client y have talk u lot of peopel on the server there have more laggs. with that how is that possible
  13. thx klauser works do you no the script 3XP-HC good ore verry good y wand filmtweaks on f1 f2 f3
  14. this is working now menu = seta menu <PLAYER:PID> now y need fix balance