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  1. old score on the and howh to fix new score every round...
  2. eppie

    cod4x linux files

    need all files cod4..complet
  3. eppie

    cod4x linux files

    where can y download linux cod4 files
  4. Rotating Strattime its working on sd is it posible on war.. working with script crazy and dufman
  5. eppie


    hello all can anyone help me install with ogp in linux debian ore ubuntu . have done it 100 times and it always worked but don't get remote control going
  6. need bod script what is working . and one that I do in main share which immediately does without error messages grt Mister Eppie..
  7. b3 customcomands menu = seta menu <PLAYER:PID> emblem = cmd emblem:<PLAYER:PID>:<ARG> speckeys = cmd speckeys:<PLAYER:PID>
  8. you mean something like that
  9. you can still just start a b3 and have it connected to the same database only an ip address is different and the game_log pat change and maybe a different password on the server
  10. do you wand to no about phpmyadmin
  11. dit you upload this file to the data base phpmyadmin mysql.rar