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  1. What should I do to see the screenshots in this way? i have nginx installed
  2. Hi, I am using Duffman's killcard and would like to remove it from the killcam, is there a way? it only shows when players kill each other, and in finalkillcam I don't want it to show up
  3. already tried with that command, it just shows that it is disabled in the game console, but in the game it is still
  4. Hi, is there a way to disable the fog from cod4?. I have tried with the r_fog 0 command and it does not work (as in promod)
  5. problem solved, fast download is already working. thanks for answering and helping me
  6. successfully installed nginx. the page loads when I go to the ip http://xxx.xx.xx.xx but when i try to go to http://xxx.xx.xx.xx/fastdownload the page say : 403 forbidden nginx
  7. when i put this command tells me : permission denied mkdir -m711 /var/www/html/fastdownload
  8. when i put this command tells me : permission denied mkdir -m711 /var/www/html/fastdownload
  9. Hi, I have a vps on linux, I want to open a quick dll to download from my server. That I have to do? I want to upload maps and mods, so my clients can download them quickly.
  10. Hello friends, I am about to open my first COD4 server, would someone be so kind to pass me the link of the game files to download it for my linux? (main, zone) sorry for my english so bad