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  1. Cammy

    hacker problem

    Epic well raky eveyone knows who u are what u do and what u have done so why u coming here begging.U ban people if they leave xm, u ban people if they beat u in a run,u ddos people. U advertised in other servers like ebc shows above. u groom little kids with xp and vip to insult me like I give 2 fucks about what one of ur shitty xM family 😂😂😂😂 members has got to say U could make a poll and I can pretty much guarantee 90 % of plates will say ur toxic server owner who power got there head. I love how u say first time u banned me u cuz of aimbot when u fully know why u banned me and it was not cuz of hacks . Few pics below shows what u are . Have fun
  2. Cammy

    hacker problem

    And the best server of the year award goes to = raKy