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  1. Cyruz

    Spawn Protection

    sorry i dont have the file anymore
  2. Steam made another update 1.8 Why do they messing around with updates do they try to stop cod4x on steam ?
  3. Cyruz


    Why do u y flame me for ? i perfectly undestand u as u can read in my erlier inputs All i say was that i got confused from the discussion. So why this degrating answer should be above your level and Yes am Colorblind to
  4. Cyruz


    loool I think u have the imagine to calculate mod working no its bad mod working no its bad
  5. Cyruz


    oki to those of u that run the server what is the server release nr 17.5 ? or a new compilled update. I run linux and i use 17.5 and the mod refuse to start The talk back and forth gere made me confused
  6. Cyruz


    Dont understand how can this be a fix .The problem is in the cod4x server files not the modfiles
  7. Cyruz


    oki thanks then i have to wait for the new official server release.I have no server contol and my provider only intall official server releases from
  8. Cyruz


    ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server fatal crashed: script compile error bad token '#' #if isSyscallDefined TS_Rate
  9. Cyruz


    Oki think i got it that error is related to the cod4x server version i use ? I run 17.5 but after that server been modified but not compilled so i basicly have an to old server version ?
  10. Cyruz


    Then am lost in the translation here Thought this forum topic was about New Experience and truskill
  11. Cyruz


    Think so isnt this one the latest
  12. Cyruz


    well sense the server wont start it wont create a db there is no db to delite
  13. Cyruz


    Well i have to agree with {cool.G} ingre i also get same error server refuse to start and i use the version from github no need for compill