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  1. Well can be several things a bad server config .You dont have the correct ports open in u router.Your server is cracked...I noticed that if u run the server from u home network u get verry low ping and the ingame server browser dont detect it lowest ping in my server browser is like 20 .So servers with like 15 wont show
  2. The russian language isnt my strong side 🤔
  3. Do u run the server on a home network or is it a rented one
  4. Put this in u server.cfg and mabuy u server pops up in the ATVI list atleast seta sv_master1 "" seta sv_master2 "" seta sv_master3 "" seta sv_master4 "" seta sv_master5 ""
  5. my serever sometimes not pop up in the list but then i do a quick refresh an then its there
  6. well in u logs it looks that something takes screens and send
  7. This is a hipshot but if u delite all logs from u server even q3config_server.cfg then rename the server direct example mod y rename to mod2 and u also do same for commandline. Then restart u server and let it make new fresh loggs and q3config_server.cfg
  8. Oh my bad i got the impression it was a connected player
  9. Sounds to me that somone put maps in their main direct and enterd a pure server
  10. well try to deactivate screenshoot plugin.I have simular probl with my server random shutdowns.When i deactivated screenshoot plugin everything started to work again
  11. No Dan what Fraggy means is that its wrong coded in the antimalware program not the cod4x. Its if y nabors car dosnt have any brakes... Its not u that have to fix it its u nabors problem
  12. Cyruz

    guid changer

    Maby works if they use a static ip. Many providers giv u a new ip if u turn of u router for a hour or two
  13. Cyruz

    guid changer

    There is a walkaround video how to swap guide and be able to play on banned servers.🤬 I wont post a link
  14. Cyruz

    Spawn Protection

    sorry i dont have the file anymore