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  1. 1.3 old version is that the original file released by Sledgehammer ? i never seen a language pack for it before.But hey cool if somone put in the effort to translate
  2. Cyruz

    Unblocking strip.

    think its only work client side not server not shure
  3. Dont think Ow2 mod have language pack.Someone made a own translate and put it in a .ff file obviously not so good job .Dont think it belongs to the mod at all
  4. Cyruz

    Unblocking strip.

    try set scr_adjust_progress_bars "0"
  5. there is several versions 1.3 1.4 1.44 1.45 all of thise works fine Dont know witch one you use
  6. Well if u use Linux u patched up cod4x with the wrong files u using windows on a linux no wonder u server wont start
  7. Open Warfare 2 works with Cod4x i run it my selfe. Well there is some functions that not compatible but 80% works fine to avoid the 1000 asserts problem u nust run this from u commandline linux +set r_xassetnum material=2560 xmodel=1200 xanim=3200 image=3000 fx=1000 windows +set r_xassetnum "material=2560 xmodel=1200 xanim=3200 image=3000 fx=1000"
  8. Well do you want to install linux or do you want to update your cod4x server ??
  9. Well can be several things a bad server config .You dont have the correct ports open in u router.Your server is cracked...I noticed that if u run the server from u home network u get verry low ping and the ingame server browser dont detect it lowest ping in my server browser is like 20 .So servers with like 15 wont show
  10. The russian language isnt my strong side 🤔
  11. Do u run the server on a home network or is it a rented one
  12. Put this in u server.cfg and mabuy u server pops up in the ATVI list atleast seta sv_master1 "" seta sv_master2 "" seta sv_master3 "" seta sv_master4 "" seta sv_master5 ""