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  1. uppp just give me a mothod or IP for a server without cheater
  2. so what method you using for anti cheat hackers ruined my parody last night cant find server that does not have cheater
  3. Hello There I hope you guys be alright so you can guide me how to install punkbuster. i have downloded many Versions from torrents witch i could not be able to play online but they had punkbuster i downloaded a new cracked version from a persian site i can connect probey but there is no punkbuster in setting there is no mutiplayer option and no PB folder in directory. also i went youtube all files uploded on mediafire were deleted or blocked i finde a spanish video downloded the file copied to the directory and created a folder called PunkBuster run .exe and add game folder but did not worked my game version is 19.3 and i have all system DX and VC++ and net framework also my windows is up tp dated and 64bit win10 64bit pro 2004