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  1. Awesome, thanks. I'll see how things go if I pull that mod out. Regards, Matt.
  2. You're right with that. cmd fps is present in some of the b3 plugins but these are not running due to the xlrstats plugin not working in my environment yet so I don't think that will be causing it. I see a number of references to cmd_fps in my main_shared/code directory but cannot remember where these came from. ./main_shared/code/dvars.gsx: addDvar( "cmd_fps", "int", 1, 0, 1 ); // Allow players to change cg_fovscale setting with script command ( 1-yes ; 0-no ) Does CoD4x place any gsx assets in the main_shared directory? If it doesn't I'll try to figure out where these files came from. The cod4 installation I am using was originally transferred from a Windows server and then I recompiled the server binary to make it work on CentOS 7.8 so it's highly possible I've picked up additional bits and pieces over the years it's been running. Regards, Matt.
  3. Hello, I have a couple of servers running on CentOS Linux. I've found they are crashing from what looks to be a client side input. Each time the server crashes the last thing I see in the log files is Command execution: fps Invoked by: <PLAYERNAME> InvokerSteamID: 0 Power: 1 I have disabled fps via the set_fps var but this is still happening. This issue only started after I moved to Linux and has been observed on Debian 10 and CentOS 7.8 but not Windows. Not knowing what is causing this I'm not sure how to even start debugging the issue. Has this seen before and does anyone have any suggestions to help track down what is causing it. Regards, Matt.