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  1. @Fraggy Thank you for your kind help. My issue is resolved now. The raw mouse input was disabled by default which was causing micro stutters when employing 1000Hz mouse polling rate, enabling raw mouse input fixed this issue. Again, thank you so much.
  2. I really can't say anything about the cause of this issue. It might be my Razer Synapse or windows update or something else
  3. In the beginning, I was very annoyed by these micro stutters. One day I closed the steam client and then launched cod4x and the issue was gone but the next day it was the same even without steam running in the background.
  4. Thanks for the information. I never had such issues, this only happens in cod4x with a 1000Hz mouse polling rate. I play Apex Legends, CSGO, Valorant, and no issues in them with a 1000Hz mouse polling rate. It just suddenly started when the cod4x20.x updates came.
  5. Hi, I encountered this strange issue that I never faced before. The issue is whenever I move my mouse my FPS starts to fluctuate between 150-160 and drops from 250 (causing micro stutters during strafes/long jumps). However, this only happens when using a mouse whereas keyboard input doesn't produce any FPS drop. I googled the issue which stated to reduce your mouse polling rate from 1000Hz to 125Hz which fixed this issue. But I'm very curious that I was playing at a 1000Hz polling rate the whole time and never encountered this issue. Is it because of the recent 20.5 client update or if someone knows about it then kindly do share the information? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone! Does anyone know the link to this "Gun Game Mod" being played on this server ( If it is open source or available on GitHub, link me to it. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Is there any specific plugin for B3 that welcomes player with Country + City Name?
  8. Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask if anyone knows how to setup geo welcome system that welcomes player with country + city name. I have a server running on Cod4:NE mod by leiizko, it has geo welcome system that welcomes player by country name only. However, I've seen some servers like ( - HC BadBoyz FFA Server) which welcome players with country + city name. If anyone can point me towards the right plugins/scripts required to integrate this feature into my server it would be much appreciated. Thanks!