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  1. I feel that it may be my translation software that makes our communication biased I mean, after installing cod4x, the FOV of the game will change from 65 to 80. Although it can be changed, I have met many players who are not familiar with computers, so I need to teach them one by one. It would be great if I could provide a copy of the cod4x installation program without changing the fov, because not every player is pursuing competition, which also prevents me from promoting and attracting new players
  2. You know what can be modified. In fact, many players are not familiar with the computer, let alone how to modify FOV. They have been hard enough to install codx
  3. This directly rejected the new player As time goes by, cod4 will slowly die For example, there are many people in the steam community who still don’t know how to connect correctly This is about the ease of use and dissemination of files
  4. This is for old players like you For new players, installing cod4x will modify FOV, which will cause the defect exposure of first person action, and affect the attraction of the game
  5. Because I found that game players are mainly divided into two types, one is competitive players who like CS, and the other is entertainment and leisure players who like Battlefield. For players who like CS, it is understandable to modify fov to get better competition. But for entertainment and leisure players who like "battlefield", there must be a balance between the game screen and the game in order to be attractive. For example, the modified cod4x fov will cause visual defects in the first-person perspective of the action, thus directly giving up supporting the "battlefield" entertainment method. Since most players do not understand the modification of the game, can you provide me with a cod4x installation file that will not modify fov? Help me, hope you can understand
  6. It seems that cod4x can't be uninstalled after installation I am trying to attract more new players to play cod4, but installing cod4x will adjust fov to 80, because the first-person action of the game is designed for 1.7, and cod4x modified fov will cause visual defects How to cancel the modification of the game's fov in the cod4x installation file to ensure the ease of use and spread of the file?
  7. I added it to the shortcut of the server, it is invalid, and the map will be ignored
  8. 星球大战(Star Wars)模块映射mp_not_a_cave错误超出了1000'xmodel'的限制我的游戏是1.7.568,如何解决?
  9. Star Wars module map mp_not_a_cave error Exceeded limit of 1000'xmodel' My game is 1.7.568, how to fix it?
  10. How to modify the color saturation of the game on the server ?
  11. 例如 我想打开一个星球大战mod服务器 但是我觉得图片有点落后于 如何修改服务器上的色彩对比度,色彩饱和度等,以便进入服务器的玩家可以获得图片增强效果 仅此服务器