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  1. Hi again How can the server load the bsp map, for instance what needs to be "done" for the server to reach the function CM_LoadMapData_LoadObj(name), last line of function CM_LoadMapData(const char*name)? It think useFastFile->boolean appears to be always true? This function is in src/cm_load.c Thanks! void __cdecl CM_LoadMapData(const char *name) { if ( useFastFile->boolean ) { CM_LoadMapData_FastFile(name); return; } CM_LoadMapData_LoadObj(name); }
  2. Sorry for the question but in this case who/where is the compiler? Is this the *.map you are talking about?
  3. Hi, I was looking at cod4 maps formats and found out that there is: - FastFile format (.ff); - iwd files that are zips to my tknowledge But looking at the source code of cod4x server there are references to bsp maps and d3dbsp. Can someone explain to me what bsp and d3dbsp files are used for? Thanks in advance!
  4. WOW that is super impressive!!! congratz to all that worked towards this goal
  5. Hi! I'm new to CoD4X and i've been looking into the source code and i have a question. Was the original source code of CoD4 leaked or reversed engineered? Thanks!