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  1. Here is how I updated it, you can watch the video on this link
  2. I did everything as you said and the Linux server will not start at all After doing the new update, you should have made a video because because of this we shut down our servers a lot
  3. For 4 days no one explains to me how to update the server I don't understand why you made an update new when there is no explanation This is for crying
  4. I deleted it cod4_lnxded then I set up cod4x18_dedrun the server will not start. what a problem it can be ? I tried to delete cod4_lnxded-bin and I set up cod4x18_dedrun server can be started but then the same is not on the master list
  5. I tried the same won't I don't have a new version on the server I don't know how to update
  6. My server is Linux I overwintered linux 19.3 I switched the folder on the server across Filezile And nothing happens Oh my God
  7. I did everything but the server is not listed
  8. I managed to pick up the tokeny and I did everything as written but the server is not on the list
  9. It still won't ☹️
  10. // Master servers set sv_master1 "" set sv_master2 "" set sv_master3 "" set sv_master3 "" set sv_master4 "" set sv_master5 "" set sv_master6 "" set sv_master7 "" set sv_master8 "" set sv_gamespy "1" // Network options //set net_ip "" //set net_port "28960" set com_hunkMegs "512" set net_noipx "1" // Server Network Mode set dedicated "2" // 0 = Listen, 1 = LAN, 2 = Internet // The following can be used to lock out the server so that only those // players that have been provide the password can connect. Good for // matches, practices, etc. set g_password ""
  11. There are problems?