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    To manage it is not necessary to use an external program lately, you can do it from the game using the following commands Rcon login passwordsv // log in to the game console as administrator Rcon status // view player lists Rcon getss 1 // take a screenshot of the player in that example it would be player number 1 (with rcon status you get all the number of players, ip, id, etc) Rcon banclient 1 // drool when playing number 1 to give a reason is the same add do at the end the reason (rcon banclient 1 hacker) Rcon kick 1 // kick player number 1 as above you can read the reason (rcon kick 1 afk) Rcon say message to say // send a message from the console Rcon map mp_crash // change map Rcon g_gametype dm // change game type Those are some commands
  2. This should work (I tried it in my mod) but it would only affect the players who chose the sniper class (if another player gets sniper from another class it does not affect it) ps: I just needed to declare class main() { for(;;) { level waittill("connected", player); player thread anticamp(); } } anticamp() { self endon("disconnect"); self.campingtime = 0; maxcamptime = 20; warntime = 10; class = self.pers["class"]; while( isDefined( game["state"] ) && game["state"] == "playing" && class == "sniper" ) { wait 0.1; if ( self.pers["team"] == "allies" || self.pers["team"] == "axis" ) { wait 0.1; if ( isAlive(self) ) { wait 0.1; startpos = self.origin; wait 1; endpos = self.origin; if(distance(startpos, endpos) < 100) { self.campingtime++; } else { self.campingtime = 0; } if(self.campingtime >= warntime && warntime != 0) { self iprintlnbold("^1You are camping, move"); } if(self.campingtime >= maxcamptime) { self iprintlnBold("^1You have to play not camp"); iprintlnBold ("^3" + + " ^1WAS ELIMINATED BY CAMPER"); self suicide(); self.campingtime = 0; } } } } } if(distance == 0 && !self.hasSniper()) {
  3. if ( class == "sniper" ) { You system afk } I think this would solve your problem, just add the camper code inside and that's it
  4. +set net_ip +set net_port 28965 (add your port and ip ) remember you need to open ports so others can connect
  5. // The following class/perk-settings might not be needed in the default-config! //================================================================================= // Class/Perk Settings //================================================================================= // limits the number of players that can choose each class type set class_assault_limit 99 set class_specops_limit 4 set class_heavygunner_limit 99 set class_demolitions_limit 8 set class_sniper_limit 3 // perks set perk_allow_specialty_parabolic 1 set perk_allow_specialty_gpsjammer 1 set perk_allow_specialty_holdbreath 1 set perk_allow_specialty_quieter 1 set perk_allow_specialty_longersprint 1 set perk_allow_specialty_detectexplosive 1 set perk_allow_specialty_explosivedamage 1 set perk_allow_specialty_pistoldeath 1 set perk_allow_specialty_grenadepulldeath 1 set perk_allow_specialty_bulletdamage 1 set perk_allow_specialty_bulletpenetration 1 set perk_allow_specialty_bulletaccuracy 1 set perk_allow_specialty_rof 1 set perk_allow_specialty_fastreload 1 set perk_allow_specialty_extraammo 1 set perk_allow_specialty_armorvest 1 set perk_allow_specialty_fraggrenade 1 set perk_allow_specialty_specialgrenade 1 set perk_allow_c4_mp 1 set perk_allow_claymore_mp 1 set perk_allow_rpg_mp 1 // assault class default loadout set class_assault_primary m16 set class_assault_primary_attachment gl set class_assault_secondary beretta set class_assault_secondary_attachment none set class_assault_perk1 specialty_null set class_assault_perk2 specialty_bulletdamage set class_assault_perk3 specialty_longersprint set class_assault_grenade concussion_grenade set class_assault_camo camo_none set class_assault_frags 1 set class_assault_special 1 // specops class default loadout set class_specops_primary mp5 set class_specops_primary_attachment none set class_specops_secondary usp set class_specops_secondary_attachment silencer set class_specops_perk1 c4_mp set class_specops_perk2 specialty_explosivedamage set class_specops_perk3 specialty_bulletaccuracy set class_specops_grenade flash_grenade set class_specops_camo camo_none set class_specops_frags 1 set class_specops_special 1 // heavygunner class default loadout set class_heavygunner_primary saw set class_heavygunner_primary_attachment none set class_heavygunner_secondary usp set class_heavygunner_secondary_attachment none set class_heavygunner_perk1 specialty_specialgrenade set class_heavygunner_perk2 specialty_armorvest set class_heavygunner_perk3 specialty_bulletpenetration set class_heavygunner_grenade concussion_grenade set class_heavygunner_camo camo_none set class_heavygunner_frags 1 set class_heavygunner_special 1 // demolitions class default loadout set class_demolitions_primary winchester1200 set class_demolitions_primary_attachment none set class_demolitions_secondary beretta set class_demolitions_secondary_attachment none set class_demolitions_perk1 rpg_mp set class_demolitions_perk2 specialty_explosivedamage set class_demolitions_perk3 specialty_longersprint set class_demolitions_grenade smoke_grenade set class_demolitions_camo camo_none set class_demolitions_frags 1 set class_demolitions_special 1 // sniper class default loadout set class_sniper_primary m40a3 set class_sniper_primary_attachment none set class_sniper_secondary beretta set class_sniper_secondary_attachment silencer set class_sniper_perk1 specialty_specialgrenade set class_sniper_perk2 specialty_bulletdamage set class_sniper_perk3 specialty_bulletpenetration set class_sniper_grenade flash_grenade set class_sniper_camo camo_none set class_sniper_frags 1 set class_sniper_special 1 set class_assault_movespeed 0.95 set class_specops_movespeed 1.00 set class_heavygunner_movespeed 0.875 set class_demolitions_movespeed 1.00 set class_sniper_movespeed 1.00 check all of that in your server.cfg just configure what you think your server doesn't need.
  6. Click to download mod Promod Sniper with old Snipers ****details**** * Killcam New * red dots from shots or vat totally removed * Added cod4x commands - $ fov - $ fps - $ promod * 12 killcam music was added, you can add music names in the killcam (check maps / mp / gametype / _finalkillcam.gsc to add music titles) * In Loading map you can Add some detail of your server or clan name, etc. (check Server.cfg to add details of your server) * Completely removed the rest of the weapons in the menu and replaced the assault class for the old Snipers ***** Add-on links used in this mod ***** Final killcam: Gloves: Edited Source: if you need help with something send me an MP, to enjoy!
  7. You must edit weapons and add it there
  8. In the following link you can find some bases for gungame, you can even use it and improve it more, check the files, it has a lot of potential to improve it, link: mod
  9. JeeNNN:]

    Black Screenshots

    Sometimes it was because of the operating system the error happened co. Windows 8.1 in some cases