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  1. JeeNNN:]

    How to set hud elements in gsc?

    do not worry, I'll gladly help you!
  2. JeeNNN:]

    How to set hud elements in gsc?

    I think I can help you a bit with that, if you have a mod echo and you want to add personalized things, I recommend editing files that are not used to say (rank_prestige1) and so on, you can modify the image, I'll see if I have time and I'll do a tutorial, if you are doing a new mod, then you must create your materials, as in the video that happens to you, and if you are going to add hunds per script I recommend you use the (killcam time as a base and play a bit with the position or do it directly in the source code) I'm sorry my English is not good
  3. JeeNNN:]


    this is weird, it's all well located, but it does not take the killcam uhhmm ...
  4. JeeNNN:]

    how to make - Hud elements

    Link materials
  5. JeeNNN:]

    how to make - Hud elements

    I have that killcam
  6. JeeNNN:]


    I look at it in the course of the day
  7. JeeNNN:]


    I think I can help you send me the files and I help you without problem
  8. JeeNNN:]

    LONG KNIFE 1.8

    I think that the subject had already been discussed if you look for it in the forum you will find it I think it was a command, a question of looking
  9. JeeNNN:]

    Illegal binds

    I think you can do an automatic function when the player is connected or loop it every time it appears I think it would work fine!
  10. JeeNNN:]

    Testclients script

    I recommend you look at the old versions of mods pezbots fortilines is the most current, but your developer I think he is working to fix some mistakes he has, I think it will be useful to look at it
  11. JeeNNN:]

    need team balance gsc script

    Would there be a way to condition to balance the team but to do so only with dead players?
  12. JeeNNN:]

    Hello help me plz!

    Thank you very much, that happened to me! Works correctly!!
  13. JeeNNN:]

    Hello help me plz!

    I am using it is from smv promod, as I should work hahaha, but I have this problem? Anything that could be ?? regards! _splash.gsc
  14. JeeNNN:]

    Zombiemod rawfiles
  15. JeeNNN:]


    What message?