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  1. JeeNNN:]

    B3 Bot Makes a server huge lag, How to Fix?

    I have the same problem with the b3 in the game type SD promod does not work strips a command and just takes it in the second round
  2. JeeNNN:]


    you can see the rs source code, there you can find all the materials and how to load the effect
  3. JeeNNN:]

    Promodlive220 Opensource with Flags

    If you need help to install in your mod, I can help!
  4. JeeNNN:]

    HELP!! compilador

    it's weird is not in csv
  5. JeeNNN:]

    HELP!! compilador

    I do not find it, besides I'm not loading that image to the mod
  6. JeeNNN:]

    HELP!! compilador

    thanks, solved, now I have another problem
  7. JeeNNN:]

    HELP!! compilador

    help me plz!
  8. JeeNNN:]

    Help Pleez

    place the file "geoip.dat" in the location of the game, install the game mode in the "mods" folder, then change the command line so that the server starts the mod and enjoy the game!
  9. JeeNNN:]

    Help Pleez
  10. JeeNNN:]

    Help Pleez

    I have several mods thrown, I can give you one, greetings!
  11. JeeNNN:]

    How To Login Admin SMV PROMOD 166a???

    Bind open menĂº?
  12. JeeNNN:]

    Problem with DR_BUTTOn

    I do not understand what you want to do, I only see lines and a meaningless line
  13. JeeNNN:]


    As I remember in hardpoins, it was played for the helicopters on both sides at the same time, I do not remember so well but look over there
  14. JeeNNN:]

    how to add coustom player model?

    publish your code or send me by mp, I will help you without problems!
  15. JeeNNN:]

    how to add coustom player model?

    this will serve you, it is a matter of adding the models that you put to your mod, newmodel() { if(isVip(self)) { self setModel("playermodel_fox_fortnite_ramirez"); ///YOU MODEL self iprintlnbold( "Now you are a Joker!" ); } else self iPrintlnbold("Only vip can use this command!"); }