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  1. You can see if there is not the file you need, slow internet to download and see if it is or not!
  2. How do I verify that? I have problems with the server, the bullet does not do enough damage to kill at once @Vikingo
  3. I have a problem with my server, it was set for sd change sides 10 rounds and it works rounds limit was set 20 and it works the first to complete 11 rounds wins but it doesn't work was established in DM game type all unlimited only the time up to 10 minutes, but the problem comes when you play and the first to kill 12 enemies is over. Anyone know what the problem would be? English is not so good use translator
  4. I'm looking for menu documentation and script functions for cod4, I think there were some? If you would be kind to help me find, thank you!
  5. The truth that no idea why I'm asking for a tutorial
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to know if they have any tutorial about making personalized characters, with animation? specifically zombies? any help is welcome, thanks!
  7. I think there was a documentation for cod4x functions? or am I wrong.?
  8. would it not be better to establish the desired on the server and last, force the player to use that command?
  9. you must remove the iwd script and have the loose script on the server
  10. I tried to follow the tutorial, but I do not know, I was confused, help?
  11. JeeNNN:]


    setDvar ("player_meleeRange", 0); I apologize for the spam, I did not take the code, I deleted it, now it's fixed, greetings! sorry for the spam administrators!
  12. do not worry, I'll gladly help you!