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  1. I don't see it on the home page; not sure if I'm just blind or not though. However taking a closer look at the github. I do see it under the compilation instructions, however I must admit to skipping over that since I wasn't compiling from source. I was just downloading the binaries from the site. The installation instructions linked to from the site goes to the github's "Setting up a Call of Duty 4 server..." section, which is above compilation. It mentions only to move the main iwd files, zone folder, and links to the github's wiki which is mostly about server configuration. Neither mention anything regarding 32-bit (minus the compilation section I skipped over of course.) The readme file included with the pre-compiled binaries only mentioned copying the library files from the runtime folder if you needed them, but doesn't mention anything about being 32bit. The docs link at the top of the site that takes you to gitbook has a server section, but never mentions it being 32 bit there either. I guess one can argue that it's there and I'm a dumb-dumb for not reading the compilation instructions, despite not compiling. However I'd think a small sentence in one of those three locations at least referring to the compilation instructions for 64-bit systems installing 32-bit, or reiterating the instructions, might be helpful.
  2. Oh, I see. That does appear to have worked! I didn't realize the binary was 32bit. Nothing I did to try and diagnose indicated that to me. Searching this issue was also difficult to find answers for. I'd suggest to anyone who has control of the git repository or the docs to make a note about this, as no where did I see mention about it needing 32bit either. However my issue has been resolved. Thank you very much for the help!
  3. I really mean this, I wish the error was more helpful, or that it would tell me what file or directory the program is looking for. Also an FYI this was for a small experiment at seeing if I could stand servers up simply with Docker. however despite the file path, I'm trying to get it to run on the machine itself, not in a container.
  4. Unfortunately that's not the case, been using Linux for about 8 years now. The folder is owned by the user account that's intended to run the binary, and cod4x18_dedrun is marked as read, write, and executable. If you know whether Ubuntu has an issue with AppArmor regarding this, I'd appreciate pointers to get that fixed. Otherwise I'm not sure what permissions issue exists.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to setup a personal server on Linux. I followed the directions of moving all the iwd files from my steam game installation's main to the server's main, and the english folder from the zone directory to the server's zone directory. However when I try to run the cod4x18_dedrun binary, it just tells me "no such file or directory". Steps to reproduce would be a brand new Ubuntu installation, with unzip installed. Download the 19.3 CoD4x zip folder, and unzip it. Then, move the game files instructed over. Am I doing something wrong? Is the information out of date? Please let me know. P.S. I would consider out-dated setup information as a bug, so I'm sorry if this is not posted in the preferred section.