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  1. You expect people to do the work for you without trying or thinking about it yourself. You are the waste of time. Am writing it now, but you won´t get it from me.
  2. If you want the script to balance the bots equally across the teams, you have to edit it to suit your purpose. But you have to take into account, that if you do it that way, the balancing will be biased. But as I understand, the script is working? If you have 4 vs 6, then the script balances teams to 5 v 5 by moving a player from team with 6 players?
  3. The bots should be considered as players by the script. Hence they should be balanced. Or do u mean something else by balancing?
  4. To be clear: if u change a dvar with a script ( setDvar() ), it will change it permanently. Hence, on next map change, the dvar will have the value you gave it by the script. If you only change the variable, that is holding the dvar, for example, if a dvar is loaded into a variable like level.gametype, then it will change only the variable but not the dvar. After map change, the variable level.gametype will be equal to the initial value of the dvar, as long as the script won´t change the value of the variable.
  5. Hi, on server start all the dvars inside ur .cfg´s that are executed, are loaded once. After you can overwrite them. They won´t take initial value, that were set in .cfg´s, except you execute the .cfg´s again. Holds for any dvar and custom dvar, as far as I know.
  6. Hello guys, as far as I know, there are getGuid(), getXUID(), getUID() and getPlayerID. getPlayerID() and getGuid() give me the same output. getUID() gives me output 0 and getXUID() gives an alphanumeric combination. So, first question is: is getUID() = 0 on purpose? Second question: is getXUID() hardware related? Third: why do getGUID() and getPlayerID() give me the same output? Fourth: is there a function, that allows to get the steam id of a player, who is using steam when playing cod4? Thanks for reading!
  7. As I cannot edit the post anymore. For anyone interested, new ip is:
  8. Does the code itself work with cod4x v20.1, except the reset to 0 part?
  9. Hello guys, after the update to cod4x 20.1 I have issues regarding setClientDvar. It is not working with cheat protected dvars like cg_fovscale anymore. It did work before the update, but isn´t afterwards. Do you have any suggestions regarding this behavior? Thanks for reading!
  10. Hello guys, I am playing this shit game since it was released and kind of hate and love it. So I finally decided to open a new server which runs the gungame mod by lepko. I added some more features to make it different from existing servers. Currently there are a few main features: Dynamic Mapvote with 9 different maps Stock and Custom maps, such as Nuketown, Poolday, Dust World... Vision Settings Menu, for adjusting vision related settings Dynamic Weapon attachments, that change when u die Final Killcam Spawnprotection Some under the hood features Bots, that will leave if players join, ratio 1:1 For Admins and Mods: Ingame menu for easier management Management over website for more actions Plus: additional features currently under development.. I greatly appreciate the help and comments of Viking! Would like to thank the developers of cod4x too for keeping up the great work and soul of cod4 alive. Hope to see you guys soon! One more thing to mention, I´m open for suggestions regarding the server, no matter what exactly. Just PM me here or visit the server and write an email to the displayed address! Glad you looked into the thread. Thank you. btw. ip is