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  1. i am assuming that you are using your personal pc to host a server ... other players can only join if your " ip " is " public ip " if your you using an actual server ., dont assign any ip to server just let it be and use the servers public ip to join ....
  2. thanks for the awesome scripts and help finding in these forums , on what part should be I looking to get the final kill cam to work in DM (free for all)
  3. is there any file need to include before calling the setspawnweapon()
  4. thanks @Sheryl @wkuzma i didnt gave weapon before here Call of Duty 4 X 2021-04-07 00-16-27.mp4 is what i tried pri(){ self takeallweapons(); self giveWeapon ("ak74u_mp"); self givemaxammo ("ak74u_mp"); self giveWeapon("deserteaglegold_mp"); self givemaxammo("deserteaglegold_mp"); self iPrintln("^1Weapon Ak74u Given"); self SetSpawnWeapon("ak74u_mp"); self switchtoweapon( "ak74u_mp" ); } /* above function called from the test cmd like in video*/
  5. tried not working,,, and scenario - > joined server -> called function -> killed my self -> weapon not set
  6. is not working SetSpawnWeapon( <weapon name>) call this function from cmd like this test(){ self SetSpawnWeapon("ak47"); } how can i set weapons to player before spawn
  7. check out my server and website ,,,, it maybe not be great ,,, but as for as i go,. i am proud of myself to pull something like this server : /connect or /connect algaming.tk website : www.algaming.tk ๐Ÿ˜
  8. here is the scipt from bounce i didnt test it myself though but you can if you know who to write script learn from here scripting CoD4x_Server/scriptdocumentation at master ยท callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server (github.com) bounce(){ player = getPlayer( arg1, pickingType ); if( isDefined( player ) && player isReallyAlive() ) { for( i = 0; i < 2; i++ ) player bounceinit( vectorNormalize( player.origin - (player.origin - (0,0,20)) ), 200 ); player iPrintlnBold( "^3You were bounced by the Admin" ); iPrintln( "^1[AL]^2[^1[AL]^2[Admin]]: ^7Bounced " + player.name + "^7." ); } } bounceinit( pos, power )//This function doesnt require to thread it { oldhp = self.health; self.health = self.health + power; self setClientDvars( "bg_viewKickMax", 0, "bg_viewKickMin", 0, "bg_viewKickRandom", 0, "bg_viewKickScale", 0 ); self finishPlayerDamage( self, self, power, 0, "MOD_PROJECTILE", "none", undefined, pos, "none", 0 ); self.health = oldhp; self thread bounce2(); } bounce2() { self endon( "disconnect" ); wait .05; self setClientDvars( "bg_viewKickMax", 90, "bg_viewKickMin", 5, "bg_viewKickRandom", 0.4, "bg_viewKickScale", 0.2 ); } you need to call the function and in b3 bounce = cmd bounce:<ARG:FIND_PLAYER:PID>
  9. hey , i used the same thing as this monitoring serverlist by parsing serverstatus.xml..... but you completely killed it cool ๐Ÿ˜ƒ simple cod4 status and screenshots taker - Tutorials & Resources - CoD4X Mod Community
  10. From the above mentioned line of code you are checking if the player name is "E" or not that's all. and it will not check for letter E in the player name. you are asking about searching a character(letter) in a player name ? if so .. you need to get the player name which is a string and divide the string in to individual letters and put in to an array , and the check each letter by looping through array..
  11. i figured it out .. i created another set of variables self.customround = 0; self.customroundname = 0; and assigned to all players in the server .... when a new player joins .... i created a function to check for this player.customround and player.customroundname working great. than expected ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž
  12. Thanks you for providing valuable information.... @INeedGames @Sheryl by checking loop btw spawned_player and death of player ... i managed to do stuff for rounds .. it also works (even if player joined to spectators or change team and back to team) i came to understand that... I need to assign a variable before player connected server to check for that variable because when player connected the init.gsx will check for variable to do stuff .... thats way i cant able to assign variable in scripts (i am not sure how to do it) if assigned in init.gsx then when ever a player connected to server the value will be changed. i tried to use isdefined() for checking to see if variable is defined or not . i thought it will work. if(!isDefined((level.customround) && (level.customroundname))) { level.customround = 0; level.customroundname = 0; } servers started , but when player connected it giving error ******* script runtime error ******* cannot cast undefined to bool: (file 'code/init.gsx', line 31) if(!isDefined((level.customround) && (level.customroundname))) * called from: (file 'code/init.gsx', line 14) player thread initialSetup(); * started from: (file 'code/init.gsx', line 12) level waittill( "connected", player ); * ************************************ ----- Server Shutdown ----- and with other variables also same results like ( game["customround"] and level.pers["customround"] )
  13. i am trying to create a custom round script ... so far i am able to give weapons to all player present on the server... but when players join after the round initiated the the round is not effecting the player who joined later ... init() { level.pers[ "customround" ] = 1; level.pers[ "customroundname"] = 0; /* customround -> 0 = off , 1 = ON customroundname -> 0 - off , 1 - sniper , 2 - knife, 3 - shotgun */ } customroundname(roundname) { players = getEntArray("player", "classname"); for(i = 0; i < players.size ; i++) { switch(roundname) { case "sniper": level.pers["customround"] = 1; level.pers["customroundname"] = 1; players[i] takeAllWeapons(); players[i] giveWeapon("m40a3_mp"); players[i] givemaxammo("m40a3_mp"); players[i] giveWeapon("remington700_mp"); players[i] givemaxammo("remington700_mp"); players[i] switchtoweapon( "m40a3_mp" ); players[i] iPrintlnBold("^1Sniper round ^2Activated"); break; case "knife": level.pers["customround"] = 1; level.pers["customroundname"] = 2; players[i] takeAllWeapons(); players[i] giveWeapon("knife_mp"); players[i] givemaxammo("knife_mp"); players[i] giveWeapon("deserteagle_mp"); players[i] SetWeaponAmmoClip( "deserteagle_mp", 0 ); players[i] switchtoweapon( "deserteagle_mp" ); players[i] iPrintln("^1Knife round ^2Activiated"); break; case "shotgun": level.pers["customround"] = 1; level.pers["customroundname"] = 3; players[i] takeAllWeapons(); players[i] giveWeapon("winchester1200_mp"); players[i] givemaxammo("winchester1200_mp"); players[i] giveWeapon("m1014_mp"); players[i] givemaxammo("m1014_mp"); players[i] switchtoweapon( "winchester1200_mp" ); players[i] iPrintln("^1Shotgun round ^2Activitated"); break; case "off": level.pers["customround"] = 0; level.pers["customroundname"] = 0; break; default: break; } code\player::init(); } } is the variable that i taken is right ? for storing round info level.pers[ "customround" ] = 1; level.pers[ "customroundname"] = 0; on what variable i need to use for storing the value about that round .... so that the players joined in the middle of the round, will also have the same (weapons and conditions ) as other players thank for any help
  14. try assigning model to each player after spawned. self detachAll(); self setModel("body_mp_usmc_assault"); self attach("head_mp_usmc_tactical_mich", "", true); self setViewmodel("viewmodel_base_viewhands"); self.voice = "american"; but after death the model will come back to normal.. so check for death and reassign model to player when respawned i think it is the solution
  15. you need have a server authenticating token for that you can get one from here https://cod4master.cod4x.me/