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  1. after reinstalling everything, the server working fine without problems. but don't know what caused the problem in the first place.
  2. i think the problem here is guid that become 0 for player instead of 19 digit guid number (index 0 to 18 = total 19 numbers) this line from b3.log 210112 19:27:54 VERBOSE "connectClient() = {'0': {'slot': '0', 'name': 'HaPpY^7 0', 'pbid': None, 'ip': '', 'ping': '54', 'steam': '0', 'score': '0', 'guid': '0', 'port': '28960'}}" guid i my b3 database " 1234567891234567891" (like this) i tried putting 0 on the database table (guid) same not results (Please try your command after you have been authenticated) or this line from qconsole.log Can not register server on the masterserver. Server needs to provide a valid token in cvar sv_authtoken. maybe the registered servers can only get guid .... sorry if i am wrong. my steam account is limited account. point me to the direction so that I can understand the problem that raised hear
  3. 1) B3 is responding like this.. Please try your command after you have been authenticated 2) GUID 0 for player 3)NOT showing in console GameServer is not VAC Secure! GameServer SteamID: [x:x:xxxxxxxx] it is also not appearing .... i seen it before but dont know what went wrong https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/4476-new-server-guid-0/&do=findComment&comment=19847 4) ^1Error: Waited 173 msec for missing asset "codescripts/delete.gsx". I am not using any scripts just pml220 EU Mods\pml220\mod.ff Mods\pml220\pml220.iwd 5) after changing map b3 not responding for command (not even like question 1) i thought i its b3 problem i tried both 1.12 and 1.10 stable he is the Log files of both version separately logs including in zip files --------------------------- b3.log games_mp.log qconsole.log enterleave.log logs_with_b3_1.10.10.zip logs_with_b3_1.12.zip