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  1. Yyep, it seems like it. The case can be closed.
  2. What in the?? Now it works as expected?? For some reason resetting my pc solve it. Any ideas why?
  3. when i open the game in 1.7 my config works perfectly however when i open 1.9 it does not, in fact, i can't even manually do it by pressing one twice. Perhaps it is an fps issue? Please enlighten me if you have any guesses.
  4. Hello there, after a long while i returned to cod4 today. And realised the only server i play (which is a sniper only server) in got updated to cod4x 1.9, so i did update it. And when i got in the server i realised that the weapon next trick no longer works (aka. the 1 - 1). After that i tried to open a server and try it there, got the same result. So i got confused, either i broke something or it got patched. Can somebody enlighten me about that? And if its patched... Please, please please please reconsider. This killed Cod4 for me entirely.