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  1. ln -s /home/servers/cod4/screenshots /var/www/html/ss
  2. setweaponammoclip("flash_grenade_mp",0); setweaponammostock("flash_grenade_mp",0);
  3. How to create and add visualizer to Final killcam My Video.mp4
  4. how to disable perks like dead silence , jugger , 3nade ,3 specials ,last stand ,marty and gl in stock cod4 server
  5. cod4/_finalkillcam.gsc at master · dulkith/cod4 · GitHub
  6. can you give me github link for this source
  7. How to add this menu to pml220
  8. how to add this menu to promod server
  9. How to add these to menu
  10. i put these things to my server.cfg and plugins but it did not work : set b3Hide "1" set b3Prefix "!" set b3HideLvl "20" loadplugin b3hide
  11. How to install b3 hide on linux server?