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  1. Yasuo

    cod4x token

    Hello friends, can i have server auth token please, i don't have steam account my pc can't run steam games, the only game i can play is cod4, i will be very thankfull to you..
  2. I setup b3 1.12 properly with sqlite database but commands are not responding, i am getting this query error with database: please help! server: Linux Debian 10.
  3. thanks it worked, how do i add full brightness and fov below choose class like this one.. ^^'
  4. and there is no forceDvar´╗┐( "g_gravity", "800" );" in it
  5. there is no servercheck.gsc in smv promod, only 1 gsc file i will share it with you custom_public.gsc
  6. Hey guys, how do i change gravity, game speed and jump in smv promod? When i change it, it change itself back to normal, please help...
  7. Yasuo


    Hey guys, i have hosted cod4x server on debian linux vps using putty, server is running fine but i want to add b3 in it, how do i do that using putty? Debian 9 from aws amazon..
  8. Hey guys, i wanna know How to host cod4 server with cod4x 1.9 in linux vps on debian or ubuntu with b3 please help
  9. Hey guys, i used to host my server on debian through these commands: 01. apt-get install screen 02. dpkg --add-architecture i386 03. apt-get update 04. sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386 05. cd /home 06. mkdir servers 07. cd servers 08. wget https://ia802600.us.archive.org/26/it... 09. apt-get install unzip 10. unzip cod4_linux_server_files.zip 11. cd cod4 12. wget https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_serv... 13. chmod -R 777 cod4x18_dedrun main pb mods Upload Your Mod and Server cfg 14. nano start.sh 15. #!/bin/bash screen -dmS cod4 ./cod4x18_dedrun +set dedicated 2 +set sv_authorizemode 0 +set rcon_password cod4host123 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec server.cfg +set sv_maxclient 32 +set net_port 28960 +set fs_basepath /home/servers/cod4 +set fs_homepath /home/servers/cod4 +set fs_game mods/pml220 +map_rotate 16. sudo chmod +x start.sh 17. cd /home/servers/cod4 18. ./start.sh But now i am getting this error Error: 404 Not Found Whoops, sorry, but the document you requested was not found on this server. when im trying to download the cod4x file from this link: https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_server-linux.zip, as cod4x is updated to 19.0 i downloaded that version but it's not letting me run the server, everything is correct but the server is not starting please bring the old file back which i used to download through this link: https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_server-linux.zip fix the. uh oh error!