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  1. I have deleted mine 017 and 018. They are not needed as v19 is the version everyone should be on Don't delete the 019
  2. Nice work INeedGames.. Testing it out on my FFA server with the following maps: Favela, Skidrow, Bakaara I found a lot of mod maps crash the server but the above work fine I have not bothered with the ingame menu as you need to be ingame for it to work properly (when you are in spectate the left and right mouse buttons interfere due to the spectate player function) but I have set up the variables within a config file for functions like: set bots_play_move 1 //bots move set bots_play_knife 1 //bots knife set bots_play_fire 1 //bots fire set bots_play_nade 0 //bots grenade set bots_play_obj 1 //bots play the obj set bots_play_camp 0 //bots camp and follow set bots_play_jumpdrop 1 //bots jump and dropshot set bots_play_target_other 0 //bot target non play ents (vehicles) set bots_play_killstreak 0 //bot use killstreaks set bots_play_ads 1 //bot aim down sights Works sweet, Thanks again
  3. MAD_DAD

    server crash

    This is probably the cause: CoD4 X - linux-i386-custom type 'e' build 1071 Dec 17 2020 see Strange server crash - Bugs & Feature Requests - CoD4X Mod Community I know mine is windows based but fraggy's comment also state the Linux servers getting unofficial but still normal builds. Just a thought
  4. Updated my server CoD4 X - win_mingw-x86 build 1073 Dec 24 2020 No problems now Cheers Fraggy
  5. Just checked server details of others and linux and windows version are also running custom_debug builds Also downloaded 19.2 from your website and did a manual update from 17.9 to 19.2 with same outcome. Please check the builds of the auto update channel as well as the manual update channel as it looks like you are supplying a custom build
  6. Reverted to server version 17.9 Auto Update version CoD4 X - win_mingw-x86-custom_debug build 1071 Dec 17 2020 Why is it updating from a normal build to a custom debug build?
  7. I never noticed that before - but i have not got it from anywhere but here
  8. I just run what I downloaded originally from here and then gets auto updated.
  9. Update: error doesn't seem to happen on war gametype Run server without NE mod and bots with same error Deleted server, created new - still same error Reverted to v18 and no error Reverted to v17.9 and no error And this is windows server not linux
  10. If I change the map to one of the following my server crashes within a couple of minutes. This has only started happening since update(could be coincidence) MAPS: map mp_cargoship map mp_citystreets map mp_countdown map mp_farm map mp_vacant all the other stock maps work fine Error Message (pops up just before server shuts down): error: Assert failed - Exp: (unsigned int)number - 1 < ENTITYNUM_NONE, File: src/enthandle.cpp, Line: 111, Function: entnum number - 1 doesn't index ENTITYNUM_NONE - -1 not in [0, 1023) I run the botwarfare bots but the error also happens if I don't load up the bots and also run New Experience mod Also dm gametype Any Ideas?
  11. when i tried b3 v1.12 i had the same problem I ended up sticking with 1.9.2 By the way mine was windows versions Wonder if this is a similar issue
  12. Thanks for this, it pointed me in the right direction I can name all my bots in 19.0 using whatever name I choose (all with the same name) I altered the line within the _bot.gsc AddTestClient("put name in here") You do need the "" or it thinks it is a variable - works a treat
  13. As a my shortcut is on the desktop
  14. as that is on your system i would locate it (look within the main folder) and open it and take a look and as i have said many times now... All cfg files to be put in MAIN folder
  15. well i would go back to how it was meant to be loaded as it is not working for you the way you are doing it
  16. My NE mod server file is server_ne.cfg and it is in the main folder so the shortcut points to that then in the server_ne.cfg file i have the entry at the bottom exec server.cfg this runs the normal server settings. The server.cfg then execs the bot.cfg file My shortcut is on the desktop and not in the cod4 root directory (start in is not where the shortcut is located it is where is starts to look for files) all configs in the main folder. don't put +exec main\server_ne.cfg Cod4 knows to look in the main
  17. That is not your problem as that is the same with mine. I haven't gone down the route of having a bat file with all the settings in as I have a server config file and use a program shortcut with the command line within that Attached is a copy of a server config file and also a screenshot of my shortcut pointing to the cod4x18_dedrun.exe file with the details in the target as shown above. You would need to change it to suit your server location server.cfg
  18. exec bot.cfg not exec "bot.cfg" plus you have not added the command: set bots_manage_fill "4" in the bot.cfg file This will retain 4 bots and put set before each command
  19. server_run.bat - yes that does the same as the shorcut and is ok in root folder Config.cfg is your New Experience config in main Bots.cfg for bot commands in main You should have another config in main that controls the cod4 server and it has things like gametype / maprotation etc within it
  20. 2. code insider shortcut , code inside server_ne.cfg , code inside bots.cfg . (So that i can understand better that what thing is for what and what we have to type in which cfg. lets break this down code insider shortcut: as i have shown above code inside server_ne.cfg: you will have this as you already have the NE mod just put an entry at the bottom of the file to load your server config code inside bots.cfg: already given to you as above
  21. 1. 3 config files(shortcut,server_ne.cfg and bots.cfg) location screenshot (Just for better understanding and self satisfication) You have the New Experience cfg with the mod you downloaded. you will have a server config file look in the Main within your server directory. I have given you the contents of the bot.cfg above which i assume you copied and pasted into your bot.cfg file i can see in your screenshot Location of your cfg's should be in the main folder of your server
  22. and the _callbacksetup.gsx: should be like this at the top of file CodeCallback_StartGameType() { // If the gametype has not been started, run the startup if(!isDefined(level.gametypestarted) || !level.gametypestarted) { [[level.callbackStartGameType]](); level.gametypestarted = true; // so we know that the gametype has been started up level thread maps\mp\bots\_bot::init(); } }
  23. ok I set a shortcut with the command line: E:\COD4\cod4x18_dedrun.exe +set dedicated 1 +set net_ip ********** +set net_port 28901 +set sv_showasranked 1 +set modstats 0 +set rcon_password "*********" +set sv_maxclients 32 +exec server_ne.cfg because i am using New Experience it loads that config(+exec server_ne.cfg) from the target line in the shortcut I have a line in my New Experience config( server_ne.cfg) at the bottom to load the main server config file exec server.cfg I have a line in my server.cfg at the bottom to load the bot.cfg exec bot.cfg All 3 config files are in the main folder This is the way i have it and it works fine
  24. Why not create a bots.cfg file rather than have them in the command line. then add an exec bots.cfg in your server config file set bots_manage_add "4" //amount of bots to add to the game, resets to 0 once the bots have been added set bots_team "custom" // indicates what team the bots should join: autoassign; allies; axis; custom set bots_team_amount "2" //amount of bots to have on the axis team if bots_team is set to 'custom', the rest of the bots will be placed on the allies team. set bots_team_mode "1" // consider only bots or players and bots when counting players on the teams. 0 will consider both players and bots. 1 will only consider bots. set bots_manage_fill_mode "1" // indicate if the server should consider only bots or players and bots when filling player space. 0 will consider both players and bots. 1 will only consider bots. set bots_manage_fill "4" //amount of players/bots (depends on bots_manage_fill_mode) to retain on the server, it will automatically add bots to fill player space. set bots_manage_fill_kick "1" //whether or not if the server should kick bots if the amount of players/bots (depends on bots_manage_fill_mode) exceeds the value of bots_manage_fill. set bots_manage_fill_spec "1" //whether or not if the server should consider players who are on the spectator team when filling player space. set bots_team_force "1" //enforce periodically the bot's team instead of just a single team when the bot is added to the game. set bots_skill "1" //value to indicate how difficult the bots should be.0 will be mixed difficultly 1 will be the most easy 2-6 will be in between most easy and most hard 7 will be the most hard. 8 will be custom. set bots_loadout_allow_op "0" //whether or not if the bots are allowed to use jug, marty and laststand set bots_loadout_reasonable "1" //whether or not if the bots should filter out bad create a class selections (like no silenced miniuzi with overkill perk, etc) //set bots_skill_axis_hard "1" //- an integer amount of hard bots on the axis team. //set bots_skill_axis_med "1" //- an integer amount of medium bots on the axis team. //set bots_skill_allies_hard "1" //- an integer amount of hard bots on the allies team. //set bots_skill_allies_med "1" //- an integer amount of medium bots on the allies team, if bots_skill is 8 (custom). The remaining bots on the team will become easy bots. //for example: having 5 bots on the allies team, 'bots_skill_allies_hard 2' and 'bots_skill_allies_med 2' will have 2 hard bots, 2 medium bots, and 1 easy bot on the allies team