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  1. I have seen players kicked off my server for this but as yet I haven't been kicked but I don't use steam version, mine is disc game
  2. Have plenty of screenshots of hackers but not one with anything like that showing
  3. Seen this message in my server's console window quite a few times but not really paid it much attention to be honest. Just wanted to let you know that it is not just on your server
  4. HKLM = HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE C'mon Fraggy layman's terms please 😁
  5. You can buy cod4 from steam and download cod4x here:
  6. also found a video for your router: How to forward ports on Huawei HG8245H. - YouTube
  7. You have definately set : +set dedicated 2 Make sure in your config that the settings are not being overidden for: set dedicated "2" set net_ip "" set net_port 28960 If they are put // before them Like this: //set dedicated "2" //set net_ip "" //set net_port 28960
  8. It looks like the port is not forwarded on the external IP. Check your port forward settings and make sure it is showing that the internal and external is done
  9. Allow through firewall as in picture. I just allowed it in this part
  10. make sure your windows firewall is set to allow cod4x18_dedrun.exe on both public and private Also make sure your port 28961 is forwarded on local as well as public. I have mine set to both protocols (tcp / udp)
  11. if you want a quick way to look at your local address then open a cmd window - right click the start icon click "Run" type cmd and press enter then type ipconfig/all and press enter Your local address is under: IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : ( is my local address)
  12. It usually doesn't bind if it is in use. I use my local address within the +set net_ip and it works just fine. Also visible for public players Port forward 28961 and set your server with: +set net_ip +set net_port 28961 Try that and see if you get it working