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  1. xM-rAKy

    hacker problem

    ok guys no problem! judge me say what you want... i won't reply i come here asking for help didn't expect this aggressivity and yea its Cammy the guy destroying my Snip + Deathrun server he come every day every night with his hack menu and anti-ban! and also after 200 ban he come back and he made binds with insults and spam in server chat... here what cammy did to me this last days Sharing Every where my personal info like name adresse ip etc... ddosing xM servers Finishing map at first position and not going in room to Block all other players with turn respect system and waste all rounds time Using wallhack and aimbot also when He is afk it auto knife the players... and sharing his hack to his friends to help him to destroy xM server Doing all kind of glitch and cheat in every map Using anti ban and joining all time after a ban and using raky name and spamming and insulting all xM members and admin and owner and sharing his anti ban to his friends then all come in same time in the server and make it unplayable Sending à lot of bots spamming insults in xM discord Stealing rcon password of xM deathrun server and Killing the server and removing it from gametracker.com and destroying everything... guys also if i insulted you in the past or we had stupid fight i never done something very bad that make you hate me guys im not bad person if you learn to know me the real bad person is Cammy!!!!! his first ban was for his hacking and aimbot and shit i told him to stop he promis me he wont hack anymore so i told all admins to leave cammy alone and i protect him and let him play also if he was fighting and insulting people i didnt say anything... 2 days later he start hacking again !!! imagine he is AFK and it auto knife all people who come in front of him? anyway this guy never change never stop hacking he's toxic and i need to find a solution to his hack menu and his anti ban... thx for all who undrestand me
  2. xM-rAKy

    hacker problem

    i dont know how to ddos and i never ddosed anyone and dont fucking judge me when you have no proof ! just a kid who lie on my back saying shit you belive him and judge me and talk shit ... you just showing how bad you are mate
  3. xM-rAKy

    hacker problem

    wtf you talking about and please say your ingame name when you talk to me then i know to who i talk cause i dont know dpj i dont know Fraggy i dont know Kreator you all know me but who the fk are you and why you talk shit i come here asking for help not for fights and disrespect
  4. xM-rAKy

    hacker problem

    btw the hacker destroying cod4 servers is called ''Cammy'' and he is the best friend of the admin of the website where you can buy the hack... so the admin giving him free hack and cammy sharing the hack with friends and they all playing together with the cheat imagine how they make the game toxic and unplayable
  5. xM-rAKy

    hacker problem

    okey thank you and can you remove this 2 idiot messages below your message and kick them? how can you let an ''admin'' talk like this in this forum? he making a very bad reputation here the ''Fraggy'' he attack me i dont even know him he should be banned and who is Kreator why he talk shit ? where is admins here where is the respect
  6. srry didnt see ur repply and the fix was made by a friend i dont remember what he did exactly xd just ban plugin install and fixed some scripts error
  7. xM-rAKy

    hacker problem

    hi all, im cod4 server owner (public 24/7) and there a guy using this hack menu ( https://www.mombot.krypton.vip/showthread.php?tid=7 ) VIDEO HERE ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k3t1FezScM ) so he allways using aimbot and destroying the game i banned him over 200 time he allways reconnect with his anti ban so please cod4x team send me a solution he's killing 10 years of work my server is up since 2011 and it popular 24/24 i rly need some help please i can donate with paypal if i need to donate no problem my discord : xM-rAKy#2793
  8. well i fixed the problem... no need help anymore you can remove this topic
  9. hi all i really need help with my cod4 server hosted in freegamehosting.eu im owner of xM# Deathrun server and i asked my server host owner to update my server to the lastest cod4x version and he did then my server start crashing randomly and ban commande not working anymore so when i ban someone he get just a kick, and qconsole.log not working anymore so no more console log to see the error, so guys if anyone can help me please i will really apreciate it. My discord: xM-rAKy#2793