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  1. elisandro


    hello, my mod is ready and I don't have backups anymore, I don't know where I can implement the code. I tried the above code on the server console but it doesn't work.
  2. elisandro


    Friend, the problem that I don't know how to do any of this !! where I implement this function! help me with a tutorial
  3. elisandro


    sorry guys reopen but I need a plugin that returns the fps range of the player. If it is a script I need help where I install I use a self-created mode.
  4. sorry guys reopen but I need a plugin that returns the fps range of the player. If it is a script I need help where I install I use a self-created mode.
  5. elisandro


    Okay, unfortunately I don't use promod. I have a mod that added some weapons running. I thought maybe you have a plugin that you can adapt. but thanks
  6. elisandro


    Hello gentlemen, I would like your help. How do I set max_fps to 250 so that when a player comes in with more kicks and a message to set to 250?
  7. Friends could solve it because in the server everything is right! On my PC I uninstalled the cod4x then went to the local app date and delete the folder CallofDuty4MW I went into the server I updated the cod4x and it worked. Thank you all for your help!!!
  8. Friend, I do not know if you saw my first post! I use port 27960 and are already open now I do not know if cod4master.cod4x.me uses another port to send request to update. Understood?
  9. I added favorites and have time that only shows ip. What do I do, do you open a specific port?
  10. I did what I said I updated several times but it still does not appear. There must be something that should do some kind of configuration !!!
  11. Hello, So why is not it showing up for me?
  12. Hello friends, I have a problem in the server list. I made the whole process, generated the token I added the command and my server does not appear in join game in the tab internetcod4x. The most incredible thing is that at http://cod4master.cod4x.me he is there with everything right. If anyone knows how to solve, I'm grateful! I've browsed the forum and the internet but without success.
  13. elisandro


    Hello, how do I set the maxfps to 250. In the past I defined this in the DB when a client passed it and received a kick. I tried to set in the cfg of the mods folder where it is roading our mod but does not work so also how does maxping work? help me because you have a player playing with 1000fps and there is another sun player.
  14. Meu screnshot vai para a pasta raiz / .callofduty4 / screenshots onde eu só tenho acesso. Eu tenho usuários que precisam de acessos, então eu gostaria de mudar o diretório para uma pasta do jogo / mnt / cod4 / screenshots onde todos teriam ascesso. Eu uso o Ubuntu Linux.
  15. I use a linux server where the screenshots go to root folder I would put in the root folder of the game as the default windows. Can you make this change? If so, what do I do?