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    FOV configuration

    Well, it seems very bad to me, what I wanted is to reduce it.
  2. kertsz

    FOV configuration

    Forgive my ignorance. What I am doing is, modify the mp.exe substituting sv_cheats for sj_cheats and then modifying the .cfg. Does this not work? What should I do to always have FOV 71 on all servers? Thanks for the support
  3. kertsz

    FOV configuration

    Using math, if for FOV 80 the scale is 1 ... for FOV 71 the result is 0.8875. I have done so and I think it worked.
  4. kertsz

    FOV configuration

    Now the question is another, how is it configured by "cg_fovScale"?.
  5. Hi, how are you? I've been restarting the COD4 game for a while, and for this I use CODX version 18.3. My problem is that I cannot set the FOV. When entering some server I can change it with "/ cg_fov xx", but it is not saved, forcing me to configure it again the next time I open the game. I wanted to know if there is any possibility to set the FOV to say 70, and keep it forever. Thanks greetings