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  1. Thanks Alexc. As I said, it happens on almost all servers which run the game in hardcore or oldschool. this server was only one example. I even have created my own server locally, and it even happens to my server! Btw have no problem with promod servers.
  2. In some cod4 servers, when I kill someone, servers reboot!! I join them as a normal player and I don't know what is the problem with my pc which causes this In some servers, like promod servers, this doesn't happen. but I can say it happens in all hardcore and oldschool servers. Killing aside, even when I blow up a car using Grenade this problem happens. I'll attach a short video I captured in a public server. And not bad to say, I updated cod4x to latest version and I reinstalled game again and again. I used another key code. I changed my nickname. I changed screen resolution!! but none of them helped EDIT: I really don't know this bug is related to server or client. if it is related to client side, please move this topic to appropriate place. cod4-killing-problem.avi
  3. I have some questions. some of them are too simple and I get it if you say to me search! before creating new topic. I searched a lot and find some answers, but some are too complex for me and made me a little confused. So I ask my questions here, hope you can help Without using B3 or AdminMod, what is the original way to make yourself admin of your cod4x server? I made myself admin using command !iamgod in B3, now I want to know how can I stop other people from using same command? how can I restrict them? How can I change aliases of B3 commands? for example, !yes instead of !vs? which files should I change? How can you enable plugins or add new ones in B3? how can I add new functions and commands to B3? for example, I didn't find any command to change gametype from war to ffa. or command to set nextmap. how can I add such commands? I know these seem so simple, but answering these would be a great help for me
  4. I executed these 2 commands: !admintest !map block Is anything else needed? b3.log b3.xml games_mp.log server.cfg
  5. and the b3_run output seems ok: ./ Searching for config file: b3.xml Searching for config file: conf/b3.xml Searching for config file: b3/conf/b3.xml Starting (b3) v1.9.2 [posix] [PoisonIvy] Using config file: b3/conf/b3.xml checking for updates... latest B3 stable version is 1.12 _\|/_ (o o) 1.12 +----oOO---OOo-----------------------+ | | | | | A newer version of B3 is available | | | | | | | +------------------------------------+ Using external plugin directory: /home/cod4/big-brother-bot-1.9.2/b3/extplugins Activating log : b3.log Connecting to DB : OK Using Gamelog : /home/cod4/CoD4x_Server-17.7.2/bin/main/games_mp.log Testing RCON : OK Loading Events : 34 events loaded Loading Plugins : ........... (11) Starting Plugins : ........... (11) Startup Complete : B3 is running! Let's get to work! (If you run into problems, check b3.log in the B3 root directory for detailed log info)
  6. Hello This is my first time ever I'm trying to run a game server and I had so much difficulties, but I tried not to create topics. I somehow managed to some extent, but now I'm stuck. running cod4x 17.7.2 on linux ubuntu and B3 1.9.2 b3 takes some commands and answers, but it doesn't take any action. for example, it shows !time, it made me admin using !iamgod, but it can't change map for example. it takes the command, but can't change. So is it a common problem? or I should investigate log files? Thanks in advance