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  1. In normal mode, i do the update, its goes ok; then i try to execute and the error occurs and the impure file gets generated. I restart the PC in safe mode and i execute de iw3mp.exe directly (the impure file still exist) and voila! it works perfectly. Yeah, that is why i shared that , it intrigued me, of course is not an error of the COD4X or seems not to be the case, i think is more a sum of many causes. And don´t forget that if use an older version of COD4X, it works fine in the normal mode (may be these is what @AlexC said, that the last version of COD4X is being interpreted as a virus but nothing warn me about that, not the McAfee, not the Windows Firewall, just the error an the impure file, but it remains a mistery je) This night I will give it a try to disabling the McAfee
  2. @Fraggy yes (sorry my bad english) i tested it in a VM (i fired up a VM in my natuve PC) and it works fine, when i try in my PC (not in the VM) the error happen. And if I set my PC in safe mode, it works too. My goal is to detect what is the program/process or whatever that is blocking and cause the error. @AlexC i will try, i have the McAfee installed, it must be or the antivirus or abother program , thats why when i ran in safe mode, it works fine. I will update the status! Thanks!
  3. Yes, i runn it in a VM and it works fine, all point to something in my Windows, Im sure that if i reinstall the SO it will work fine, but im intrigued to figure out what exactly cause that and why only with the last version of cod4x and not with the previous ones. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Thanks man! The folder of COD4 is C:\Rama\COD4 , when you say useraccount, do you mean the windows user account? is the Administrator account so it has all the access. I cant understand why it fails with the last version of mss32.dll and not with a previous, so, the mss32.dll try to modificate the iw3mp.exe and fails? may be that the size of the file iw3mp.exe its always the same? i should see a variation of the file size? I will try again an a complete different folder (no so exited about that because in safe mode it works but i´ll give a try) I also would like to fix it because i saw some people with the same problem (in the forum indeed there is a post from 2020 that state usolved, or at least never said that was fixed) and may be it could help! Thanks!
  5. I made "a progress"; i boot my windows in Safe Mode and the Cod4x 18 starts perfectly. Is a mistery why cod4x 15 starts ok and cod4x 18 no under the normal boot, but in safe mode it works. So, if anyone know, which program is throwing the messages "Call of Duty 4 X Launcher..."? I´m starting to think that in my Windows 10 there is a program that in someway "blocks" the launch afeter the update to COD4X 18 is done. If it is not the case, i am short of ideas je.
  6. Yes, i uninstall steam too but is not working. Thanks man!
  7. Hi, thanks! I try it, i deleted everything there in %localappdata%\CallofDuty4MW\bin, even the whole CallofDutyMW folder and started the proccess but the error still coming. What i dont know is, the message "Call of Duty 4 X Launcher..." is given by the dll? Or by the iw3mp.exe? The strange thing is if i do that with an old version of cod4x, it works fine, until i update. When the update is finished, the error keep coming back
  8. Hi! I have a question, i know that there are at least two post about this topic (one is from @Fraggy) but I couldn´t figure out what the problem is athough i made all the things that those posts recommend. I installed COD4X but when I execute, it gave me the famous: I try to replace de iw3mp.exe, reinstall the COD4 and update to cod4x, erase all the files from CallofDuty4MW and start the process again....but none of this work, always i get the "Call of Duty 4 X Launcher..." error. I finally replaced the miles32.dll and mss32.dll with and oldones (from COD4X 15) and the COD4 started ok. So, i click in Auto-Update, the update process started and then finished ok But then i click on the iw3mp.exe and i get "Call of Duty 4 X Launcher..." error again and the "impure" file is generated What am I doing wrong? I execute everything as administrator, indeed i left only the administrator account to check if that was the problem but nothing change. What piss me off is that with COD4X 15 it start ok, why COD4X 18 would fail? And if I replace the mss32.dll for the one of the COD4 1.7, the game start ok but of course as 1.7, not COD4x 18 Thanks in advance!
  9. Ah ok, didn´t know about the BO behaviour, thanks (in fact i saw in github that part of the code where it is tested but didn´t understood why it is permormed). I just downloaded the mod and i found that problem, i didn´t use any third party tool, just find a version of OW2 that has two mod files, i thought may be if someone goes in the same situation, it would be useful to know that there are two version of the mod file. Thanks man!
  10. @Cyruz the version of the MOD where i found the mod.ff per language is 1.4 release 2, not 1.3. Thanks!
  11. @Fraggy if this was the case, why with the cod4_lnxded it runs ok but not with cod4x? And, i test with an english version of the game and the mod.ff that fails with the spanish version, works rigth. Of course now it is solved, but i think the mod.ff is not the problem. Anyway, thanks everyone for the help! 😊
  12. If anyone is interested, i found the problem. I have the spanish version of COD4 and there is a .RAR of the MOD Open_Warfare2 that it has two mod.ff files; one for English version and other for Spanish. The spanish version has exactly 8 bytes more, and that´s exactly the error i was given: Fastfile for zone 'mod' appears corrupt or unreadable. Unexpected end of stream. Missing 8 bytes. Sys_Error: Fastfile for zone 'mod' appears corrupt or unreadable. Unexpected end of stream. Missing 8 bytes. So i used this file and the MOD start perfectly: it seems that with the cod4_lnxded this check is not done, that is why i could not run it, but i needed to run with the cod4x to avoid the assests error. Anyway, its fixed now, thanks!
  13. Thanks for the reply! Actually I use the commandline as you say, but with cod4x_lnxded, some maps (mp_crossfire, etc) gives that error but in other maps works fine. In the case about cod4x18_dedrun. with that, it always keep crashing with the error about corrupted mod.ff. Your mod.ff is like 19432 Kb long? Just to know if we are talking about the same mod (i saw two versions of the modern_warfare2 mod). Thanks again!