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  1. If this answer was for me thanks dude! But i did not undestand the "custom maps" part because I just wanna to play a modified version of the KOTH (HeadQuearters) to look similar to the CoD UO version (they never should had change this, it was perfect!). If it not was for me, thanks anyway!
  2. Well, i found a "solution", may be it is not the most decent but it works for me... and may be for someone else? So, for each mod inside the player folder, is created an mpdata file to store the stats in this mod: COD4\players\profiles\[PROFILENAME]\mods So, i took an mpdata file with full rank and all the perks, etc (easy to find in google), and use this program: http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers/codmpdatadec.zip (Credits to Luigi Auriemma) It is a command line application to decode with the codkey the mpdata file in a decode hex file, and then you can encode it again I decode de mpdata and modified the first line with the route of my mod, like this: so, in the first place there was full 0s there, so i put the hex code for "mods/kothrama" (you can use any web from text to hex to translate your modname) It is importan to MODIFY, not to copy&paste; if you do that you will modify the file size and it wont work After this, i encoded again the file and paste it in the folder of the mod inside the player folder...and that`s all!! now you have in your mod with full weapons and all!!
  3. Hi I am having a similar problem, I have linux server running, and i make a simple mod that modifies the KOTH (HeadQuarters) gametype (it make it similar to the old COD UO Head Quearter gametype) But when the client connects, he lost his rank and weapons. Is there a way to run a linux server with a mod and let the clients have all the weapons/perks/etc they have in a no modded game? I try whit seta sv_showasranked "1" and set modstats 0 but it is not working. Thanks!