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  1. Compare with the wait times from here:
  2. Hello. Would it be possible to have more than 5 custom classes available? Alternatively, would it be possible to allow changes to existing custom classes without map loading?
  3. When you have Steam running along with the game, Steam profile name takes precedence over the name set in your config. Can this 'feature' be completely disabled in future updates? For servers this also messes with setting colored names back to regular color.
  4. Anomaly


    Yes, this would be a nice.
  5. Players having the same P ID is not as rare as you might think, and I think this is an oversight on CoD4X's part. Thinking you got this covered by offering Steam auth is hardly a solution as a significant portion of the player base doesn't have Steam or don't want it running. Check $ministatus on any server that supports it and you can confirm this by looking at what percentage of the player base has Steam running in the background. PS: I may be able offer so more insight on this problem, but it'd involve information on the HWID you may not want to have available for the general public (not anymore than it is already).
  6. PlayerIDs and HWIDs are two completely separate things, correct? Could you expand a little on what the PlayerID is?
  7. Kind of bumped my vega56 is supposedly to blame. I did some more testing. Taking a regular screenshot (print screen) with anti-aliasing enabled gives a similar freeze, with it turned off I don't notice any freeze. Taking a screenshot with F12, which saves the file to disk, freezes my game regardless of AA setting. CoD4X screenshots also keep freezing my game regardless of AA setting.
  8. Well, that's a bit disappointing. One of the servers I play on always screenshots shortly after connecting and with each new map start. That makes it easy to reproduce the problem but is kinda annoying. Anyway, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I intend to do a clean Windows with a new graphic driver at some point, and see if the problem persists. I'll report back if that fixes it.
  9. The game actually freezes for me. I just tried to capture the problem live with AMD Relive and default config. The entire recording just freezes for the duration of the screenshot. I'll try to include a short live capture. Link:
  10. 0293 - @2560*1440 0294 - @2560*1440 0295 - @640*480 0296 - @640*480 0297 - @640*480 0298 - @2560*1440 Very, very noticeable at 1440P, hardly noticeable at all at 480P. I think especially 0298 demonstrates what I mean. demos.7z
  11. No, to my knowledge this is not restricted to just one server, as I know for a fact it happens on two 1.8 servers I play regularly on. I have a 3700x / vega56 / 16gb ram, pc specs shouldn't warrant this kind of issue at all. This started happening as soon as I started playing on CoD4X servers, which for me was early 2019 I think. Might not have been as bad then because at some point I switched from a 1080P monitor to 1440P monitor. I can include some demos, that show how my game becomes temporarily frozen, if that helps. Edit: Now that I think about it, I have definitely played on a CoD4X server before where I didn't notice being screenshotted, this was 2018 - early 2019 I think.
  12. This has been bugging me since I started playing on CoD4X servers, but I figured it was finally time to create a post about it here. Whenever I get screenshotted my entire game freezes for 7-10 seconds straight. According to my tests, there's only a marginal freeze on 640*480, but it gets increasingly worse with bigger. My native resolution is 2560*1440, if I set in-game resolution to 4k/uhd, then the freeze is even longer and I just get disconnected from the game eventually. First I thought it was because of my relatively low upload speed, but that's not the case given that screenshots are uploaded with a few KB/s. I've asked around and there are definitely more people having this problem, although most people play this game on resolutions up to 1920*1080 max. I'd like to see this problem fixed ^