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  1. How do I register my server in cod4x? I already have the mod installed working but I can only see it in the ATVI Internet list; since already watered your comments thank you very much!
  2. Good morning; I would like to know if anyone knows how to modify the menu in order to personalize the name of the teams. I have seen in several servers that the names are customized; I was trying to modify it from the mod scripts but I can't find where it is done from. Thank you very much!
  3. I currently use the following plugin that modifies what it does is to directly change the FPS by the automatic MAXFPS command. in addition to loading this plugin in the main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes folder you should add the following line to the _callbacksetup script level thread maps\mp\gametypes\_fpswatch::init(); just below the next line of code it would look like this CodeCallback_StartGameType() { // If the gametype has not beed started, run the startup if(!isDefined(level.gametypestarted) || !level.gametypestarted) { [[level.callbackStartGameType]](); level.gametypestarted = true; // so we know that the gametype has been started up level thread maps\mp\gametypes\_fpswatch::init(); } } I attach the script to modify it to your liking I have it set to 280 because the fps differ between the console and cod4x greetings from argentina _fpswatch.gsc
  4. thank you!!!! VERY MUCH!
  5. first of all, thank you very much in advance. I would like to know what script I should run with the new cod4x update to show me the names of the bots, before I simply pasted the botnames.txt into the root of the game and it worked fine. Now I can't get it to work from any point of view. If someone could give me a hand with this matter I would be very grateful! greetings to this huge community from argentina!
  6. Thank you very much Darkie. I'll try to do as you say. i knew to give you a penalty from sql but i would never have thought to give you a kick to make the ban effective thank you very much and greetings from argentina!
  7. hello first of all thank you very much! i am having problems banning a player with B3 i have your guid from the sql database and player number, my question is as follows is there any way to manually ban him from the database? or ban the guid from the corner? just let me kick him; try with !permban !tempban and nothing but the message that he was banned and he is still playing normally. try banning it from the console and it's the same thing again. I only have this problem with one player, for the rest the B3 works fine. thank you very much and greetings to all!