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  1. opening console etc is absolutely fine, but when you record demo you can only see a tiny slither of the "Recording demo" text.
  2. In the last few days/weeks we have been experiencing seemingly random issues with the COD4 servers. Nothing has been modified (this was verified by everyone who has access to the server, and by checking when everything was last modified). Yet, we are having lag spikes, unplayable stutters, random signal hangups, and this: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 22299 cod4 20 0 728200 285504 11412 S 103.8 2.3 3705:00 cod4x18_dedrun 11695 cod4 20 0 705168 209776 11364 S 101.1 1.7 2607:21 cod4x18_dedrun 18079 cod4 20 0 704980 247600 11488 S 100.8 2.0 199:48.97 cod4x18_dedrun 17045 cod4 20 0 722476 274176 11456 R 17.3 2.2 6:05.74 cod4x18_dedrun 20011 cod4 20 0 395524 348872 2256 S 7.3 2.8 128:58.89 cod4_lnxded 2034 cod4 20 0 722812 250132 11460 S 4.7 2.0 207:30.97 cod4x18_dedrun 21215 cod4 20 0 725936 271048 11384 S 4.7 2.2 233:39.67 cod4x18_dedrun 19611 cod4 20 0 721200 259336 11508 S 2.7 2.1 1:17.26 cod4x18_dedrun The server isn't running mods. Is anyone else experiencing these issues? We are running v17.8 (current)
  3. Hey, I'm looking to detect if the round has started (TDM) or if we're still in the 'pre match countdown' - I was looknig at self isReallyAlive() but i do not think this is exactly what I need.. any hints?
  4. yeh steam overlay turned off, well, i think it is, it just doesnt work since the last one or two cod4x updates. hmm no idea about cl_mouseaccel but it's turned off / 0
  5. I don't think I have any - enhance pointer precision is unticked and i've done the good old "run mouse off the side of the desk see if the pointer stops or trails" and it stops dead which is a good sign. the G303 doesn't have any built in either It's only when i tab out then back in, and it looks like only when im currently in-game, if i tab out and back in while a map is loading then it doesn't cause this issue
  6. Hey, This might not be related to COD4x, but when i tab of out game, then go back into game my mouse speed goes all random. I look left and right and it's ok, but any sort of quick movement and it just flips out or speeds up 50x, even setting sensitivity to 1 doesn't help. I have logitech g303 with drivers installed, windows 10 64bit, latest update of COD4x, and it's been working fine for nearly a year. Has someone else had similar issue? Or know of possible solutions?
  7. Sorry for the double post, i couldn't work out how to edit it...?! Anyway: This looks like what I want to utilize: line 623 has &show in the event trigger, is the show variable being passed by reference? meaning I can change the value in the trigger and it'll pass back to line 625. If so, i think all i need to understand is how to act on that event trigger
  8. Hey, So i know this is possible with mods, but for a server not running mods, only using main_shared for gsc/x - can we capture the chat before it is displayed and control if it is outputted or not?
  9. Played here last night enjoyed it very much!
  10. ah nice @Koaja I didn't mean to offend.. i have played with it privately and we love the hardpoint system.. i just wanna play it with lots of players now
  11. Thanks for the addresses what sort of time do these servers get populated as they are empty when i tried them
  12. Sure, i was wondering more if the clients ping your servers with their version numbers (well they do because they check for updates). It would be interesting to collect that data so you can see what percent of active users are on which version of the client.
  13. Would love to come have a play on a server that is running this.. see how it looks and works! As long as it's not against the administrators rules, please post some IP's
  14. Yeh i get the feeling it didn't quite go as expected.. these things can happen no matter how prepared you think you are Thanks for the info and good luck with the fixes. If you do happen to get some numbers i would be interested