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  1. I think you’re on the wrong thread guys. No problem but it’ll confuse anyone else trying to follow
  2. Hi all who have helped me sort this out. I did copy and paste _018 into my user account and all seems well now, apart from needing to reset video settings. I want to say also, thanks to Fraggy and all of you who have done CoD4x and kept this game running in spite of Activision. I’m one of those who started playing it in 2007, and it’s been the gift that kept on giving. We could hardly have imagined it would still be going after so long. The first pc game I played was Prince of Persia 2d, when there were no save games and we had to write them on command prompt. So this may be my last update, and I want to say it’s been a pleasure to be a part of Cod 4 and shoot your bunnyhopping noob asses. If we meet up in the game, I’m not camping, I’m just having a little snooze D
  3. Ok, in localappdata admin/codmw/bin therere is a folder cod4x_018, whereas in my user localappdata equivalent there isn’t, only 016 and 017. So that’s the problem isn’t it? If I just copy paste 018 into my user account will that work?
  4. Brilliant thanks, I’ll look when I get home.
  5. Right. So I’m looking for other localappdata folders, in the users list. But what am I looking for? There won’t be another mss32.dll, will there? It’s the pw authorisation that could the problem... In any case, I’ll try updating from the admin user profile first. Perhaps that would shortcut the issue.
  6. Hi Fraggy, I have windows 7 64bit from a disc image. Don’t know if that makes a difference. And there is a popup where I put admin pw to update. I’m pretty sure I have to do that to add user permission too. Maybe worth trying to run as admin to update? Don’t think I’ve tried that yet. Not sure what ‘take ownership of the whole directory’ means though ...
  7. Well I made some progress. I went to cod4 in program files, and checked the permissions. So mss32.dll had no permission for users. I added users to the list, and hey presto, Cod4 started ok on 17.9. But when I click to update to 18.4, which it claims is successfully installed it then returns the same error message and the mss32 file has reverted to no permission for users. If I reset it again, then I can open cod, but I’m back to 17.9. Any ideas anyone? Is there some intermediate thing I need? Maybe I should just reinstall. I’ve got the config saved. Help! (again)
  8. Yes, thanks. There’s quite a bit on that code online, and talk of ways of dealing with it. I’ll have a look tonight. I seem to remember something similar happening a few years ago but can’t remember what to do about it! Regards, Steve
  9. Hi, I’ve installed 17.9, and deleted the cod4x_018 folder in localappdata. Two folders remaining are cod4x_016 and 017. I still can’t start CoD4 normally, but can run it as administrator. It shows 18.4 on the bottom right and no auto update link. I connected to Oregek Error code when I try to open normally is (0xc0000022) Sorry to be a bother, but any advice welcomed!
  10. Thanks dpj, I did try the auto update in game when the problem with Oregek occurred, but it wouldn’t work, due to being 2 updates ago I expect. Maybe I can find 17.9 and manually install it. I’ll try that tonight. Thanks again!
  11. Hi, I can’t start CoD4 now, having installed 18.3. Is that just for Steam clients? I’m running the game non steam, was on 17.7 since 2018. Oregek required update to 18.4. Should I have uninstalled 17.7 first? Now I can’t uninstall 18.3, get error ‘update not in CoD4 directory’, but it’s there next to 17.7. I still have windows 7 btw. I’m confused, any help appreciated! Shall I just delete the folder?