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  1. Thank you, I noticed after I don't know how many attempts that I can now ban through the command, and it takes a few seconds it is not immediate: !pb @B3Number other commands like !b NAME seems are not working, it says "no name match found.... ". Donno what changed i reopened the server now but a few months ago everything was working regularly...
  2. Hi thank you but I already checked that log, no error there is because I asked here. have u a working parser to try please? and btw, how to check if sends commands or not?
  3. Hi guys maybe someone can help me, donno why but the B3 bans doesnt work on my server. I'm running the cod4x parser on B3 ban trough rcon works properly but not the one from B3 like !b name. Can anyone help me? cheers
  4. okay wkuzma, I'll check it out. thank you for the reply.
  5. okay I figured out that if the ban is made by !pb @xxx where xxx is the B3 ID# and the player is not online it doesn't work. If the player is online it does. any suggestions to solve this issue? thank you.
  6. Hello, I have a server running promod live 2.20, cod4x 1.8 (latest version) and B3 1.12 (latest version with the cod4x parser). I'm running plugins: b3hide + simplebanlist + sourcebans (because i have 4 servers connected can't ban a guy in all the server every time). Now my question, any idea why if I ban someone with !b or !tp or !pb it doesn't create the file banlist_v2.dat within the ban i did? It works properly in the other servers, but they are not running any mod. thank you in advance. Teo.
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    New server online
  8. nothing... if I ban with B3 like !b user it doesn't write the ban in the simple banlist file.... any help please?
  9. obteo

    How to host a server?

    this is an old tutorial but it may help you. just need to edit something. http://www.sof2.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=76
  10. Hello everybody! does New experience work with Promod live 2.20?
  11. okay thank you... but why it doesn't write bans in that file? permissions are ok cheers
  12. Hello everybody, I have installed and loaded sourceban and simple ban list on my servers but seems they don't get bans from B3... banlist_v2.dat is empty.... any thought? Thank you
  13. I was able to replace most of them... I can't find this file: sourcebansplugin.so I can't compile.... i'm not able anyone has it please?