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  1. nothing... if I ban with B3 like !b user it doesn't write the ban in the simple banlist file.... any help please?
  2. obteo

    How to host a server?

    this is an old tutorial but it may help you. just need to edit something. http://www.sof2.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=76
  3. Hello everybody! does New experience work with Promod live 2.20?
  4. okay thank you... but why it doesn't write bans in that file? permissions are ok cheers
  5. Hello everybody, I have installed and loaded sourceban and simple ban list on my servers but seems they don't get bans from B3... banlist_v2.dat is empty.... any thought? Thank you
  6. I was able to replace most of them... I can't find this file: sourcebansplugin.so I can't compile.... i'm not able anyone has it please?
  7. Hi everybody, I just realized that no plugin is loaded because of the error: Requested handler plugin v. 3.1, server is 4.0 any idea? thank you. cheers
  8. can u please post here the link of the new one? Thanks!!
  9. this is the error I get: Error: ERROR: Cannot setnormalhealth to 0 or below. if anyone can tell me what's going on please. Thank you.
  10. oki thanks! but what what could I do? some advice?
  11. I think all depends on a GUID issue.... seems everyone has 0 as GUID...
  12. every dependencies has been set properly in the past.. it runs for years... it stopped working just with the update. So, or new dependencies have neen added for it or I don't know. Is it possible to have the old one dedrun please?