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  1. Hello, figured out the bot names, i have a problem, running custom maps + new experience it crash with this error:
  2. oh ok thanks i check it out, any useful link please?
  3. is anyone able here to fix the XLR Webfront v3 with the new cake libraries? Seems like the XLR project is dead, B3 forum dead, but most of us still use it and maybe it could be useful to many people. Thank you.
  4. obteo


    ok thanks for the reply, so why this error and how can I fix it? need to change modwarfare? any tip please?
  5. obteo


    Hi guys, maybe someone can help me I’d like to run a custom maps server actually is already online but someone, me included, get this error attached. I resolved by copying the file from promod in the zone folder but someone who don’t know get the error and leave… anyone has sone trick or fix or suggestion? I’m running modwarfare with the folder empty, if u need any info ask me. thank you in advance.
  6. I'm trying to set up a server with custom maps and New Experience by @leiizko but i'm getting and error: ----- ERROR could not find ... bla bla /steamapps/common/zone/italian/mod.ff ---- Server starts but cannot connect cause that error. Server settings: _mod New Experience _modver 1.2.6 branch master build 1104 fs_game mods/ModWarfare g_compassshowenemies 0 g_gametype war g_mapstarttime Wed Aug 4 16:30:06 2021 gamename Call of Duty 4 mapname mp_bo2paintball
  7. CoD4X Master Server List - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Servers List in this list is not showing up and the log says: Rcon from say Feed from Web: Game Server ? Servers Rcon from status Sending heartbeat to cod2master.activision.com Sending master heartbeat from to Sending master heartbeat from to Server is registered on the masterserver Sending master heartbeat from [::]:28960 to [2a01:4f8:162:36f::101]:20810 Server is registered on the masterserver Sending master heartbeat from [::]:28960 to [2001:41d0:a:37ad::17]:20810 Invalid or empty response from masterserver Invalid or empty response from masterserver Rcon from status
  8. obteo

    Linux Server 20.1

    It auto-updated.... i didn't anything and none is connecting from the update!
  9. I don't know why but after the update to version 20.1 my servers disappeared from the master list....
  10. obteo

    Linux Server 20.1

    Hi guys, just got the auto update, server and client side, for some reason now I get an error during connection about language files... I can go on by clicking ESC, but is annoying... my game is legit from steam. Cheers.
  11. Thank you, I noticed after I don't know how many attempts that I can now ban through the command, and it takes a few seconds it is not immediate: !pb @B3Number other commands like !b NAME seems are not working, it says "no name match found.... ". Donno what changed i reopened the server now but a few months ago everything was working regularly...
  12. Hi thank you but I already checked that log, no error there is because I asked here. have u a working parser to try please? and btw, how to check if sends commands or not?
  13. Hi guys maybe someone can help me, donno why but the B3 bans doesnt work on my server. I'm running the cod4x parser on B3 ban trough rcon works properly but not the one from B3 like !b name. Can anyone help me? cheers