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  1. Hello. Who can tell what each parameter is responsible for? One drain as an example from "games_mp.log" - 1093:35 K;0;3;;[BOT]Skillet;2310346613464844157;0;;Mexanik;frag_grenade_mp;138;MOD_GRENADE_SPLASH;none 1093:37 D;0;5;allies;[BOT]Dominator;2310346613464844157;0;axis;Mexanik;ak47_silencer_mp;20;MOD_RIFLE_BULLET;left_leg_upper
  2. ..STEEP


    do I need to trim the fps for connecting players on the server?
  3. I put everything up, tested it. Bots exit when a player enters the team, but auto-distribution does not work for bots. It turns out that there are more bots in one team than players
  4. If it is possible to fix the same number of bots for both teams, it would be great
  5. hello. maybe help me make sure that there are bots with the players on an equal footing. Bots are playing against players now (
  6. this is already a flood. I think the moderator paid attention to this! And such help will not help anyone. good luck!
  7. it is necessary that there are evenly bots in each team. how to implement it?
  8. now I have bots playing against players (
  9. as a result, players play against bots, this is not right. It is necessary that equal teams play. Example: (2 players + 2 bots ) = (2 players + 2 bots) . help