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  1. Thanks for the answer guys, I will try installing through Wine and then add it to Steam to try launching through Proton.
  2. Has anyone tried CoD4x on Linux so far? I have searched ProtonDB and people are satisfied but you need the Steam version to be able to run CoD4 through Proton, and I don't have it. I'm looking for an alternative like Lutris, an all-platform gaming software made for easier gaming on Linux. I have seen a CD-retail version of CoD4 available to get on Lutris but I have already tried League of Legends on it and it runs on Wine so the fps is a lot worse than back on Windows (best settings on 1080p used to get me 120+ fps and now I run 60-100 on medium settings) so I can imagine how worse CoD4 will get. I'm looking for a workaround for the Steam version to launch with Proton if it's possible and if anyone else has done it. Thanks in advance. Btw, I'm running latest version of elementary (5.1.7 Hera) which is built on Ubuntu's LTS 18.04.4