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  1. Cheers Will do, just moved every thing to a new server and upgraded stuff. So still tweaking. Thanks for the info.
  2. Hi Your log file matches mine, apart from ip and all the other unique elements. I use the same version and parser as you are using on multiple servers using version 19 of Cod4x and it works. The one thing I would say about the log is that it is a bit short and only shows the start-up, no player entry etc... I did have one issue with B3 many months ago that was similar to your description and I fixed it by deleting all of the b3.log files normally there are around 5 in the B3 folder and the game log file from the game. restarted everything and all worked. Cheers
  3. Hi Use the files from this Fork https://github.com/frasermolyneux/xlrstats-web-v3, works for us at http://stats.oghf.org.uk fixed lots of issues. Cheers