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  1. There is a script which only allows you to open exemple a menu if rcon login completed? I want to do double security on my admin menu. 1. GUID permission (This ready) 2. rcon login permission (I want this and waiting the help and ideas) Thank you. Sorry my bad english.
  2. Hi! I use the _geo.gsx script the geo location display but can't detection the player geo information. What kind of plugin could be detection the players these informations? Because at all players N/A displayed. I am currently using this plugins, b3hide trueskill and set on rcon interface but didn't bring result. Thank!
  3. Now working the ban also at the 18.0 client. Just add the mod server.cfg this command loadplugin simplebanlist.
  4. Hi! This plugin can't ban the 18.0 clients (doesn't add the ban list), only 17.9. I tried all 1.8 version the ban but didn't work. Any ideas? Please help! Thank!
  5. Hi! Because this openwarfare V4.180.2483 release not working the ban on 1.8 only 1.7, therefore I want to ask for help to make it work the ban on 1.8 This thing very important for me, please help! Thank! Sorry my bad english