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    map voting

    Working on my own maprotation myself. I use a sv_MapRotation to let the server through a set of standard maps, and the dynamic rotation for when players are present. Is it possible to specify the gametype within the New Experience maprotation? I.e. "gametype war map xxx". So far, this has not been working for me with the dynamic maprotation, which has led me to enabling gametype voting, but I'd rather prespecify gametype.
  2. Hi, after many years the corona circus is making me think of starting a new server. Got NE up and running ok, tweaking a little bit here and there. However, the server does not allow all classes to be chosen by the player, and I can't find the settings, or at least they do not work, e.g. set class_sniper_allowdrop 1 does not do anything. What am I missing here? Do I need another mod? I used to run extreme X4 mod, but that seems incompatible with NE (i.e. with regards to mapvoting, which is essential for me). Edit: Is there a compatibility list of which mods work with NE? I'd like to reintroduce game modes as CTF and last man standing if possible, but I'm not sure what i'll break of NE by doing so. Thanks. Thanks for your help.