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  1. thanks you guys very much it works well. :)))))))
  2. i tried _PLR too but no result. can some one tell me a full tutorial about it? or contact me at telegram : @GodofZombie or Discord : [BT]GodofZombie#2339 to help me with this . thanks a lot
  3. i found this in deagle weapon file \\fireSound\deagle\fireSoundPlayer\weap_deserteagle_fire_plr and i have this in my my raw sound folder ModTools\raw\sound\weapons\de\weap_deserteagle_slmn_2.wav and in soundaliases i found these weap_deserteagle_fire_npc,,weapons/de/weap_deserteagle_slmn_2.wav,0.82,0.88,wpnai,0.85,0.95,35,8400,weapon,,,,0.7,!ac130 all_mp,,,,weapon4, weap_deserteagle_fire_npc,,weapons/de/weap_deserteagle_slmn_2.wav,0.82,0.88,wpnai,0.85,0.95,35,8400,weapon,,,,0.7,!ac130 all_mp,,,,weapon4, weap_deserteagle_fire_npc,,weapons/de/weap_deserteagle_slmn_2.wav,0.82,0.88,wpnai,0.85,0.95,35,10920,weapon,,,,0.7,all_mp,,,,weapon4, weap_deserteagle_fire_npc,,weapons/de/weap_deserteagle_slmn_2.wav,0.82,0.88,wpnai,0.85,0.95,35,10920,weapon,,,,0.7,all_mp,,,,weapon4, weap_deserteagle_fire_npc,,weapons/de/weap_deserteagle_slmn_2.wav,0.82,0.88,ac130,0.85,0.95,35,8400,weapon,,,,0.7,ac130,,,,weapon4 weap_deserteagle_fire_npc,,weapons/de/weap_deserteagle_slmn_2.wav,0.82,0.88,ac130,0.85,0.95,35,8400,weapon,,,,0.7,ac130,,,,weapon4 now what i must do with these? i changed the wav file with my firesound but doesnt work . also i put it in asounds.iwd to load it first (alphabeticlay) but no result at all
  4. HI all. i want to change deagle fire sound . i did somethings is sound and soundaliases folders in source but no result. can someone help me and tell me how to do that?
  5. many players have this problem when connecting to my servers idk why but they must try reconnecting a long time until they will be able to connect. please someone give a solution. thanks
  6. hi guys can someone tell me how to create moving skins for deathrun? i have its source code and i saw some sites like: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/how-to-make-a-moving-camouflage.1304538/ and this youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnFvH52hsKY but i have still some problems like converting the asset and this happens : idk its done or not because its not showing anything converted. if someone tell me how to create moving skin very simple i really appreciate
  7. hi bro this is my main_shared folder please look it and tell me how to add. (i dont have cmd in it) and i wanna add this command and also teleport (tp) command to b3 for codjumper server.thanks main_shared.rar
  8. hi. can some one tell me how to add mapvote to codjumper mod? thanks
  9. hi can someone tell me how to add bounce to b3? or what is its code to use in main_shared?
  10. hi. can some one tell me to how add bounce command to b3? thanks
  11. hi. can some one tell me to how add bounce command to b3? thanks
  12. thanks you very much guys . i think my codjumper mode is broken can you give me a verified cj mod?
  13. ^1******* script runtime error ******* ++ must be applied to an int (applied to undefined): (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_missions.gsc', line 1379) self.healthRegenerationStreak++; * ^1called from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_healthoverlay.gsc', line 156) self maps\mp\gametypes\_missions::healthRegenerated(); * ^1started from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_healthoverlay.gsc', line 107) wait (0.05); * ^1************************************ Com_Error entered: ----- Server Shutdown -----
  14. hi. i have a problem i ran a codjumper server and when 2 players shoot each other with RPG server crashes with script run time error. in the script i think server cant regenarate damage taken by RPG . can some one help me to disable RPG damage? or some god mode maby. thanks