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  1. Hi guys, I can only register successfully by manually enter the command to server console and then do map_restart. Success: (Server is registered on the masterserver) Neither config or command line does not work, config is being loaded and other command lines. I also tried with clean server, without scripts and I am running 17.9 Error: Can not register server on the masterserver. Server needs to provide a valid token in cvar sv_authtoken. (cfg command) set sv_authtoken "32************************************68" (target command line) +set sv_authtoken "32************************************68"
  2. Hi all, I have cod4x server running with New Experiance script and later tried with "duffman-menu" script which is fine, but there are some functions I would like to remove or add. For example with "duffman" there is this "high jump" which I managed to disable within _general.gsc by commenting line "//thread crazy\_jump::init();" It works but Is this the right way to do it or anything else is needed? I would like to disable new killstreaks, add new HCB "filmtweaks", remove Toggle thermal, laser, tweakables etc Also how to add new functions like, first spawn from the sky, K/D Killstreak HS Health info on the left, etc I am browsing forum and github but did not found how to disable/enable, import new functions etc. Many thanks