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  1. Even if I run my server with this commands I'm getting, still same response.. ./cod4_lnxded +set fs_game "mods/ao3_spxv4" +exec server.cfg +sets sv_hostname "=AK=Crossfire" +set scr_hardcore 1 +set sv_maxclients 60 +set ui_maxclients 60 +map mp_crossfire +set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set sv_authorizemode "-1" +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200 xanim=320" +set sv_authtoken "82215E7B976D28AE..............XXX" +set sv_master1 "cod4master.cod4x.me" Any idea, what should I do with that?
  2. Hey, even if I'm including my auth token, I'm still getting this response: "Masterserver needs token to complete registration". I'm running server with this command: set sv_authtoken "82215E7B976D2........XXX" and in my server.cfg I have this: set sv_authtoken "82215E7B976D2........XXX" Could smeone help me please?