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  1. I am using OpenWarfare 4.180.2482, it looks like is the mod causing the hits being lost, can someone help me with fixing it?
  2. Hi guys, I am running a cod4x server on Linux, are there any known Issue about hit registering? It looks like a lot of hits are being lost
  3. for(i = 0; i < giveXp.size; i++) { giveXp( giveXp[ i ] ); wait .1; } So here's the fix you say?
  4. Hi Guys, I am hosting a private cod4 server to play with my friends only, I have made this script getting the stuff from: I have made this:, it kinda works, but when it set levels, I get negative xp on the profile, but I see level 55 as rank when I connect to my server. how can I fix that?
  5. Hi guys, I hosted my server, and all my friends are level 55, with all custom classes and stuff, is there any way I can add custom maps to the server? I tried with an empty mod, but we all get resetted to level 1, is there any way we can play keeping our profile and use custom maps?
  6. nice ty, what does then the level.teambased if in the rank.gsc on line 19?
  7. guys, I am using this script in order to increase the xp rate, I can successfully manage to increase the xp kill rate for TD but not for FFA, it just won't work, what Am I missing here?
  8. Hi Guys, I setup a stock 1.7 server to play with some friends. It is hard to find info about cod4 servers in 2020. I have a couple questions. Is there a way to host a ranked server with custom maps? How can I setup an increased xp rate server? I hope you guys will help me with those question