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  1. so you want the map the new map to be snipers only? If so I would need to know what server command is needed to activate sniper only. You can post the entire script if you want.
  2. This is fairly easy to code into B3, however where are we reading this stats from? Since you want it on connect, the stats has to be stored prior to the client connection.
  3. what information does !stats display?
  4. I post here what happened in hopes it helps someone later. The issue was the plugins being used could not work with the installed version of B3... B3 had a major overhaul at version 1.10 and plugins worked differently. Plugins designed after the 1.10 update wouldn't work on earlier versions. After installing a newer version, all worked well.
  5. @Hyperod I sent you message on Discord. I'll help you there and post solution here to help others.
  6. This one installs differently. Follow the instructions that is included in the readme.
  7. From your suggestion, I found a way to adjust in _healthoverlay.gsc. Thank you! I leave my solution in the event it helps someone: In _healthoverlay.gsc, on every spawn a thread is run to watch the player's health and because I am adjusting the maxhealth after the spawn notify, it triggers the breathing sounds. I opted to force the spawn function to waittill my spawn function was done as it was the least editing to the stock script. I added to my script: self notify("healthregen_start"); and changed_healthoverlay.gsc function from: onPlayerSpawned() { self endon("disconnect"); for(;;) { self waittill("spawned_player"); self thread playerHealthRegen(); } } to: onPlayerSpawned() { self endon("disconnect"); for(;;) { self waittill("spawned_player"); self waittill("healthregen_start"); self thread playerHealthRegen(); } } Thank you @Viking for directing me.
  8. Hey all, I tried searching for a solution, to no avail. I have a custom script that awards a player increased health depending on the kills. Everyone starts out at maxhealth = 30 and increases as kills increase. My problem is that if I go more than 30, I can hear my player take a beep breath every 3 seconds or so. Any way I can prevent that? I should note that server is set to HC because I want an HC hud. Thanks for any help.
  9. I really can't find the script that makes them pick up weapons on those scripts. Maybe the creator can help better.
  10. You can force the bots to use standard weapons only. What bot scripts are you using?
  11. I tested the code and it worked fine. Can you send me the error that you see in console?
  12. I offer this as a solution. However, it is untested and might need adjusting. afk_camp_watcher() { self endon("death"); self endon("disconnect"); self endon("joined_spectators"); self endon("game_ended"); my_afk_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; camp_time = 20; while( 1 ) { old_position = self.origin; old_angles = self.angles; wait 1; new_position = self.origin; new_angles = self.angles; distance = distance2d( old_position, new_position ); if(distance == 0 && !self hasSniper()) { my_afk_camp_time++; } else { my_afk_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; } if( my_afk_camp_time == camp_time && !have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^1Anti-Camp Software ^7Initiated"); self IprintLnBold("^710 seconds to move!"); have_i_been_warned = true; } if( my_afk_camp_time == ( camp_time + 10 ) && have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^7You will be moved to spectators for ^1AFK ^7/ ^1Camping^7!"); wait 2; self.sessionteam = "spectator"; self.sessionstate = "spectator"; self [[level.spawnSpectator]](); iPrintln("^3" + " ^7was moved to spectator by ^1Anti-Camp Software!"); } } } hasSniper() { sniper_rifles = strTok("m40a3_mp:M21_mp:M21_acog_mp:dragunov_mp:remington700_mp:barrett_mp:barrett_acog_mp", ":"); current_weapon = self getcurrentweapon(); for(i=0;i<sniper_rifles.size;i++) { if(current_weapon == sniper_rifles[i]) return true; } return false; }
  13. What's your current code look like? You can simply make a function called hasSniper that returns true and have it respond the way you want.
  15. I found a solution to my issue. Just posting in the event it can help someone else. My issue was B3 would not recognize unicode names and end up with errors if a tempban/ban was issued to that player. When the player had unicode name, B3 would see their name as an empty string (""). My solution was to create a tiny plugin for B3 that checked for that empty string name when a player connects and send over a signal to the server to change the name. My function to handle the name change is as follows: asciirenamer() { player = getentbynum(getDvarInt("b3_asciirename")); setDvar("b3_asciirename", ""); if(isDefined(player)) { playeruid = player getUID(); oldname =; = "CID" + inttostr(playeruid); iprintLn(oldname + " was renamed to "; } } Hope it helps. Thanks again to leiizko for the helpful response.
  16. Ah great, thank you! Also, I'm not very knowledgeable with unicode in C++. Is there some sort of built in function or way to find out if a player's name is not UTF8? for example, if were to do something like the following, would it work? if(!isstring( = "CID" + playerentity getUID();
  17. Hi all, Was wondering if there is a way that I could replace players' name that has unicode characters in it. I know that renaming a person through client dvars now only works if they reconnect. I was wondering if there was some sort of setting to have the players with unicode names have the names changed like it used to, like the names would change to something like CID1. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  18. For some reason, the stock plugin didn't work for me. I had to recompile from source and that worked.
  19. Can you link the mod you are referencing please. Maybe I can assist.
  20. Yes. the only other way I can think of would be to set a universal cvar. You can experiment with that if you want. something like: setCvar("plrsettings_" + player getguid(), "fov&1;fullbright&1;") That method is complete speculation on my part, that needs to be tested.
  21. Ah, thank you. I figured this would be something protected since scripters can use it wrongly. Appreciate the info.
  22. Looking at the code, I can see that he did 2 things that we can use to determine that the player is operating the AGM or AC130. 1. He defines a level variable: level.flyingPlane. Which tells all scripts that someone is operating a plane. 2. The previously mentioned variable doesn't give who is operating the plane. We see that once someone calls AGM/AC130, they are given a massive health boost so that they aren't killed easily. They are given a max health of 120000 for the duration. We can use that info as such: #include maps\mp\_utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include common_scripts\utility; AFK_Camp_Watcher() { level waittill( "prematch_over" ); self endon( "death" ); my_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; max_distance = 240; camp_time = 20; while( 1 ) { old_position = self.origin; wait 1; new_position = self.origin; distance = distance2d( old_position, new_position ); if((distance > max_distance) || (isdefined(level.flyingPlane) && self.maxHealth == 120000)) { my_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; } else { my_camp_time++; } if( my_camp_time == camp_time && !have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^7Stop ^1CAMP^7, noob!"); self IprintLnBold("^710 seconds to move!"); have_i_been_warned = true; } if( my_camp_time == ( camp_time + 10 ) && have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^7You will be moved to spectators for ^1Camping^7!"); wait 2; self.sessionteam = "spectator"; self.sessionstate = "spectator"; self [[level.spawnSpectator]](); iPrintln("^7" + " ^7was moved to spectators for ^1Camping^7!"); } } } This is untested and meant to give you an idea of what you can do.
  23. Hey all, I am familiar with addscriptcommand and how to work with commandhandler. I want to create a command for a player to add the server to their favorites list. Can someone tell me the exec line to achieve this? Thanks in advance.