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  1. The IP you posted here will not work for people who aren't on your LAN network. You will need your full internet IP address for anyone not on your LAN. Once you have that sorted, just ensure the following is in your server.cfg: set sv_allowdownload "1" seta sv_wwwDownload "1" seta sv_wwwBaseURL "ftp://user:password@" seta sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0" Just edit the sv_wwwBaseURL to match your download address.
  2. A couple questions: 1) Which parser are you using? You must be using the appropriate cod4x parser. The built-in cod4 parser will not suffice. 2) What does the b3.log say? It will tell you when and why something is wrong.
  3. Doing this can still have problems. As I said earlier, using name can still have problems with <ARG>. When using how I recommended, you can can use name, partial name, PID, and B3ID. B3 will accept any indication of a player and send their PID to the server. The only downside is "getss all" cannot be achieved, however this can be used by simply making a new command such as: "printall = getss all". However, if you prefer to do all the converting and know to use PID when unicode or spaces are in name, that is actually a simpler method. With my solution, I assume you have a group of admins and want to make the command as simple as possible for those that do not know what goes on internally.
  4. No, B3 do not control where the server saves files. However, running getss with the player's name will not work properly if the player has any type of non-ASCII characters in their name. B3 cannot read the non-ASCII characters and therefore converts it into an empty string. For example: The name "ShrÆk" contains a non-ASCII character so B3 converts it to "Shrk" (omitting the non-ASCII characters), which in turn sends "getss shrk" to the server. Obviously there is no player by that name and will not work. To work around the name issue, use the player's ID/slot number, try: print = getss <ARG:FIND_PLAYER:PID>
  5. Ok, I took a look at the scripts. Neho's scripts are done beautifully and therefore easy to add the callbacks. Use the attached globallogic. Edits are: lines 30, 934, 4130, and 4792. Be sure to place the neho folder inside main_shared. The scripts will look for it at main_shared/neho. Also, if you use a customized callbacksetup.gsc, the only line you need to copy over from neho's callbacksetup.gsc is line 144. Just copy it over to the same function in your callbacksetup.gsc and that will init the commands you want. If you have no need for your old callbacksetup.gsc, then you can just copy paste the file from neho's package. Both gsc and gsx extensions are acceptable by the server. However if you have 2 files of the same, lets say _globallogic.gsc and _globallogic.gsx, the server will read the gsx and ignore the gsc. _globallogic.gsc
  6. If you can post a link to the mod, maybe I can see if I can get the needed script. I am willing to help if and when I can. There are others here, that are way better than I am though. The error: Error: unknown function: (file 'openwarfare/_utils.gsc', line 1384) self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::showPlayerJoinedTeam(); Means that the globallogic doesn't have the function needed for utils script to run. _utils.gsc is not the issue. What I would try is to copy the _globallogic.gsc from openwarfare and place it in main_shared/map/mp/gametypes... You will have to init any other scripts that you have already added to the old globallogic. I would recommend using the _callbacksetup.gsc to do inits instead. That way you can have your own directory inside main_shared and init it from callbacksetup.gsc easily.
  7. so you want the map the new map to be snipers only? If so I would need to know what server command is needed to activate sniper only. You can post the entire script if you want.
  8. This is fairly easy to code into B3, however where are we reading this stats from? Since you want it on connect, the stats has to be stored prior to the client connection.
  9. what information does !stats display?
  10. I post here what happened in hopes it helps someone later. The issue was the plugins being used could not work with the installed version of B3... B3 had a major overhaul at version 1.10 and plugins worked differently. Plugins designed after the 1.10 update wouldn't work on earlier versions. After installing a newer version, all worked well.
  11. @Hyperod I sent you message on Discord. I'll help you there and post solution here to help others.
  12. This one installs differently. Follow the instructions that is included in the readme.
  13. From your suggestion, I found a way to adjust in _healthoverlay.gsc. Thank you! I leave my solution in the event it helps someone: In _healthoverlay.gsc, on every spawn a thread is run to watch the player's health and because I am adjusting the maxhealth after the spawn notify, it triggers the breathing sounds. I opted to force the spawn function to waittill my spawn function was done as it was the least editing to the stock script. I added to my script: self notify("healthregen_start"); and changed_healthoverlay.gsc function from: onPlayerSpawned() { self endon("disconnect"); for(;;) { self waittill("spawned_player"); self thread playerHealthRegen(); } } to: onPlayerSpawned() { self endon("disconnect"); for(;;) { self waittill("spawned_player"); self waittill("healthregen_start"); self thread playerHealthRegen(); } } Thank you @Viking for directing me.
  14. Hey all, I tried searching for a solution, to no avail. I have a custom script that awards a player increased health depending on the kills. Everyone starts out at maxhealth = 30 and increases as kills increase. My problem is that if I go more than 30, I can hear my player take a beep breath every 3 seconds or so. Any way I can prevent that? I should note that server is set to HC because I want an HC hud. Thanks for any help.
  15. I really can't find the script that makes them pick up weapons on those scripts. Maybe the creator can help better.