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  1. I didn't understand it perfectly, but on this server you can unlock all your weapons and etc. go to the menus by typing $ menu and go to unlock> yes
  2. mb_parse_str causing error 500, replace x parse_str 😉 Logfile opened on Sat Nov 14 05:40:50 2020 Loading fastfile 'code_post_gfx_mp' used 0.47 MB memory in DB alloc Loaded fastfile 'code_post_gfx_mp' in 6ms (0ms waiting) Loading fastfile 'localized_code_post_gfx_mp' used 0.69 MB memory in DB alloc Loaded fastfile 'localized_code_post_gfx_mp' in 10ms (0ms waiting) Loading fastfile 'common_mp' used 39.00 MB memory in DB alloc Sourcebans plugin is ready to work Plugin sourcebansplugin loaded successfully. Server is currently running 1 plugins. map_rotate...
  3. DerTeufel


    To login with steam ->$ sudo apt-get install phpX-bcmath (x = PHP Version) ->$ sudo service apache2 restart
  4. a few weeks ago I was looking at this mod I don't know how exactly it was done, but you may be able to extract this if you take a look at the files BTDx16.rar
  5. do the update manually, apparently something is missing there for me everything works fine and the update occurred automatically in one of my VMs, in the other I copied the update and pasted it because for some reason it didn't update
  6. I have the same problem, and i have segmentation fault on all my servers, stocks and mods, on two stances of Gcloud VM, with RAM left over
  7. I have the same problem, I sold my video card and I'm running on radeon 3000, before the update, all right at 60 fps, today, as much as I lower the graphics in all ways, it just seems like it doesn't respect my settings and keeps the texture in high resolution, previously everything was modeling clay impossible to see a logo, now everything sharp and clear, as if it were in high resolution
  8. "server it crashed with segmentation fault" same for me, many problems with segmentation and now many people who download my mod are disconnected in half, saying that it exceeded the limit of xxxxxxx bytes, not all, only a few reconnecting again makes the normal download
  9. Primeiramente, o fórum é internacional, os usuários mais ativos são estrangeiros, então sugiro que poste suas dúvidas em inglês pois dificilmente alguém irá atrás de traduzir sua pergunta para te responder, então na próxima ocasião publique em inglês, assim mais pessoas podem te ajudar. Sobre sua dúvida, a listagem na COD4X é bem simples, primeiro, você precisa ter uma conta steam válida(isso significa que você precisa ter gasto no mínimo $5 (cinco dólares) nessa conta. (isso está ou não descrito na documentação não me recordo exatamente, porém está nesse post: Além disso é recomendado que você abra a porta 20810, normalmente ela abre automaticamente, mas pode ter algum firewall ou algo do genêro que atrapalhe os hearthbeats. Agora o mais importante que é o que provavelmente vai resolver seu caso, segundo o erro descrito, você não possui uma token registrada na cvar sv_authtoken, isso significa exatamente o que o erro está dizendo, que você não possui uma token válida cadastrada. "Ok, você me falou o problema, mas e como eu cadastro essa token?" Você pode setar seu token direto no seu atalho do .exe ou no seu .sh assim usando +set sv_authtoken "xxx" Ou no seu server.cfg usando sv_authtoken xxx Eu pessoalmente coloco nos dois formatos. Caso você cumpra os requisitos não terá dificuldade em autenticar seu token com a lista COD4X. Boa sorte, espero que resolva seu problema, e se minha resposta te ajudou, não esqueça de clicar no ícone de obrigado 👍
  10. Thanks, in my case i didn't "compile", installed it manually by extracting the files from a .zip in a folder, everything is working fine for me, I will keep it that way, and in a next installation i try perform the installation compiling, to better understand how the git works, i believe it must be similar to installing an apache or php version. I read somewhere that compiling through git i can update the builds by running some .sh, is that correct? I have any advantage compiling directly from git, updates, or something like that?
  11. Everything works perfectly for me now 🙌 But I had a question about this Build 993, I'm supposed to be using a 998, I downloaded it here in the forum of some post you mentioning that 993 is the most recent for you, left me in doubts about how does the version of these builds work, and where can I find them, I looked on git but for some ignorance I didn't find the area with the available versions, could you explain me better how these versions of builds work and where can i find them? Obs: I use Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  12. as you say, it's still paused for maintenance, soon everything will be back to normal
  13. Yes, it is still really unstable, I thought it was fixed, but at times it shows 3 servers, at others only one, but the result is already better than none being listed I believe that soon everything will return to normal
  14. my server is already being listed again in cod4x, but it is inconsistent, at times three servers appear, at others only one I believe it is because it is still undergoing maintenance, but the result is already pleasant
  15. It went back to work, insert your token again and enjoy your server