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  1. maybe anyone know about OW2 mod with working bots?
  2. Hey guys. I have ow2 v1.4 on server, but when im trying to add bots to server, bots dont spawn. I see bots on TAB Menu, but dont joining to game. Any ideas for this? Maybe make claas choosing like in OpenWarfare 1?
  3. Not working, i have COD4 server installed on Linux VPS Ok, i can put gsc file in server, and this function will be loaded from gsc file, not mod.ff? And second question - are you sure about file location? Place in /mods/ow/maps/mp/gametypes, or main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes? I have folder main_shared, and here is bot files
  4. Hey, i have 2 questions. 1. Server with OpenWarfareMod - how i can make killcam for more seconds? Default is 5 seconds, can i change to more? 2. How i can open adminmenu in OpenWarfareMod?
  5. How i can add admin? Im trying with adding to .cfg: set admin nickname:playerid:master but dont work. If i try via server console, dont work
  6. Hey. How i can open Admin Menu? I added admin via command: set admin Nickname:PlayerID:headadmin but dont work