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    List of changes as I remember: 20.0 raw_input for mouse movement. cg_fov limit raised to 90 degree checking if a to be cloned techset asset contains a valid remappedTechniqueSet reference and in the case there isn't, one will be added. (This should fix some crashes when loading some combinations of assets in fastfiles) Checking for invalid *.iwd files in main directory on game startup and notify the user. Fixed zoom_sensitivity_ratio to do the right thing now. Loading configuration about update servers from Github server repository. (Needed for the unavoidable upcoming domain change) Loading on client only *.iwd files the server has referenced in dvar sv_referencedIwdNames. (Prevent client from loading additional *.iwd files that have made its way somehow into the mod directory - Either by a rogue server or by older but on client persistent mistakes from the server admin) bypassing the loadscreen before server has sent it's gamestate to the client. (Needed with 20.0#7.) Updated controls menu for RAW mouse input setting Added an additional fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff which was supposed to fix ambient occlusion Fixing broken sv_pure functionality. 20.1 Referencing the remappedTechniqueSet only to it self and avoid loading it from fastfile to stop a deadlock situation many had faced with r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 2.0 (bugfix for 20.0#3) Forcing r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 3.0 where possible. (bugfix for 20.0#3) 20.2 Loading usermap/mod *.iwd files in the old way when a demo is played (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix demo playback) Adding the mod directory back into the searchpath list as it was gone due to the change in 20.0#7 (bugfix, fix executing cfg files stored in mod directory). 20.3/20.4 Setting properly fs_gamedir variable to the mod directory. (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix storeage location of demo files to what it used to be) Checking if raw_input dvar has changed. Executing in_restart automatically (no manual restart needed anymore) Prevent menus from forcefully setting protected dvars, e.g. Latched, Init, ROM, Cheat type dvars. Stopped recentering mouse pointer on opening a menu when game is minimized. (Bugfix for 20.0#1. [Had effects on windows desktop mouse]) 20.5 Removed fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff from client, it wasn't doing what the author of that file was promising. Possible it made minor issues. Other changes you should maybe know Although it is older - I guess 17.x - you can override most shipped fastfiles by providing your own with same name inside your mod directory. (This is not well tested unfortunately)
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    I think this is entirely my own decision how I want to do that. Why I am doing it like this is 1.: Because it is not necessary 2.: Because having a compatibility mode for all old server versions does inflate the game code unnecessary and it will make maintaining the code much harder. That why it will stay like this: New version means players must update and it means servers must update too. I don't care if you like it or dislike it.
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    v2.0.0 has been released! no more prerelease https://github.com/ineedbots/cod4x_bot_warfare/releases/
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    It is highly recommended to update your server as soon as possible to version 19.2. This is an exploit fix.
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    Update is fully released. When you have trouble joining some servers (Servers show something like protocol 17 or 18), it is time to wait until the owner of the servers is going to fix the issue. The problem is that this servers are not running protocol version 19 yet. If you know that owner you can give him some hint otherwise you have to go to play onto another server in the meantime. Server owner who still have a protocol 17 server do maybe need longer time to migrate. However they had several months time to do something.
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    Very simple. Do you enjoy occasionally playing the game, or do you not. Once in awhile I pull out a few MAME games even though many if not most of the ones I play are probably older than you are. Also CoD4 players these days tend to be older and wiser without all the obnoxious kiddies others like MW2019 are full of. Oh, and do you listen for example to Dark Side of Moon? Released in 1973? Something that after all this time is still better than most anything else around? Or is that album much too old and we should all move on to Britney Spears? Yuk. One is great music to enjoy. The other is noise. That said, when my mod is finally done to the point where its stable I will be focusing more on unreal.
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    Update to it: On server scripts you can use now: playerentity.name = „Newname“; playerentity.isBot is now set by the server to the proper readonly value. If you have mods/scripts setting this field, then comment the error creating line of code out.
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    yooooo my friend connected and it works thank you all for helping a noob af like me (especially MAD_DAD tks man i owe u) and giving me ur time of the day i wish yall the best of luck in ur future endevours
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    No Dan what Fraggy means is that its wrong coded in the antimalware program not the cod4x. Its if y nabors car dosnt have any brakes... Its not u that have to fix it its u nabors problem
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    Won’t break again. But you have to live now that it is saying Call of Duty - Modern warfare 3 Dedicated server when you launch the game, unless you own Steam a license for cod4.
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    I am aware about it for 3 days now. Still working on a patch...
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    You'll want to approach BBZ directly, this forum is for the client/server package, rather than individual hosting. Unsure where you can find them, but there's probably better servers to play on
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    Ask a friend with a steam account, you need to have a non limited account, probably at least 5$ purchase on steam. Steam tokens are not to be shared around here.
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    "I have an idea but I don't have an idea so I want your idea" Confusion aside, go look at Openwarfare, has a bunch of gametypes.
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    Might need to be tested a bit, but you can force the bot to crouch when mantling. mantleForceCrouch() { self endon("game_ended"); self endon("disconnect"); while(true) { if(self IsMantling()) { self botaction("+gocrouch"); wait 0.05; self botaction("-gocrouch"); } wait 0.05; } } It can also be done through server source https://github.com/Spikeyy/CoD4x_Server/blob/bot-mantle/src/sv_main.c#L4090
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    yes, and that has not changed since you asked the same a couple posts ago. we offered help, you didn't follow up on it. if there is nothing else we will close this thread.
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    Explaination of what is happening here: Multiple PCs <----------> NAT <-----------> Gameserver All PCs are connected to the same gameserver. Gameserver writes into all players console: "disconnect;reconnect". Gameserver shuts down. Gameserver starts up again and lost all state info. All players are reconnecting on the same time due to the manipulation of players console. Gameserver sees something which is indistinguishable from a real Denial of Service attack. Gameserver has built in protection for this that catches all this connections and rejects them. There is no solution for it. If that is your server you can stop it from shutting down and restarting, there is no need for it to do that or edit the sourcecode for your self so the DoS shield is gone. Otherwise you have to live with it like it is. I am pretty sure the majority wants the DoS shield instead covering this borderline case you have to deal with here.
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    You have to disable steam when playing if you want to control your name via cod4, or change steam name if the server is using steam names, server owners can disable steam names however.
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    You can download files for your server version from the main page of the site
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    Update the server to the latest version
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    there is an issue with the new steam update, as you figured out already. we need to wait for a cod4x client update to fix that. sorry :<
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    Okay this is now imminent and inevitable.
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    Please don't spew out nonsense, literally anyone can find your ID as it is far from private. Secondly noone is forcing you to use cod4x. Don't like the rules? Good bye.
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    It's more alive the Mohaa....😏 but that isn't the point, we like cod4MW, we like making up new things for this game, we like to come here and learn things. However, we don't like people who are negative thinkers, who just don't get the point, but just to make sure I'll say it plainly, CODMW rocks, and most of don't care what you think anyway.
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    why is too bad for me this is good idea because noobs what breaks server rules by this shit
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    Welcome! I have developed bot mods for call of duty for quite sometime now. Most notably for MW2. Unfortunately there were no real 'slick' way of controlling the bots, so we had to resort to 'hackish' ways of achieving even the simple task of moving a bot. But CoD4x supplies scripters with the ability to control the bots in a more natural way. Allowing us to create a much better experience for bots. You'll find that these bots function very similar to the bots you'll find in Black Ops series. SERVER DVARS: You can find the latest version over at ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/bot-warfare/downloads/cod4x-bot-warfare-latest bots.zip
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    Those files are from your "certified" cracked game. Feel dumb yet? Now i want you to shut up - bye.
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    Can you please give me the running plugin and i will give you the script to display fetched data in cod4
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    By the way were is 20.2 fix my eyes are going around in circles 😉 Forget that it is auto update🤣
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    If it happened yesterday. That's normal steam does scheduled maintenance on Tuesdays.
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    https://github.com/callofduty4x/cod4x_plugin_http/ do you mean that one? i guess i could get it working for you, but it only works for linux as far as i remember
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    In regards of eBc, we don't rely on the ss feature at all tbh, as its a fact that there are ss cleaners, at least for private cheats for now which is good, mostly Its still manual labor, but you have to also understand if you were to ban everyone who is odd, the server would get empty real quick. Demo and spectating is still the best method but yeah it takes time, if we can't decide even after demo review we assign moss anticheat, although probably it can be bypassed as well but it still helps out, you can also clearly see the difference for some players the moment they have something monitoring them constantly and giving out attached processes to the game and overall. As for the damage part, you can always report that to admins if you notice something odd, on eBc the damage is increased by 2 exactly to prevent most scope tags, as for ak, aku that shouldn't be possible normally, if you noticed something like that on eBc, please give me return info as it will defo help to be aware of it and possibly add some checks code wise.
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    OpenWarfare #define HUD_TICKER( segID ) \ itemDef \ { \ style WINDOW_STYLE_SHADER \ rect TICKER_WIDTH( segID ) \ origin 0 0 \ background "hud_xpticker480" \ forecolor 1 1 1 HUD_FOREGROUND_ALPHA \ visible 0 \ decoration \ } \ itemDef \ { \ style WINDOW_STYLE_SHADER \ rect TICKER_WIDTH_WS( segID ) \ origin 0 0 \ background "hud_xpticker480ws" \ forecolor 1 1 1 HUD_FOREGROUND_ALPHA \ visible 0 \ decoration \ } Original #define HUD_TICKER( segID ) \ itemDef \ { \ style WINDOW_STYLE_SHADER \ rect TICKER_WIDTH( segID ) \ origin 0 0 \ background "hud_xpticker480" \ forecolor 1 1 1 HUD_FOREGROUND_ALPHA \ visible when( !dvarInt( "wideScreen" ) ); \ decoration \ } \ itemDef \ { \ style WINDOW_STYLE_SHADER \ rect TICKER_WIDTH_WS( segID ) \ origin 0 0 \ background "hud_xpticker480ws" \ forecolor 1 1 1 HUD_FOREGROUND_ALPHA \ visible when( dvarInt( "wideScreen" ) ); \ decoration \ } GitHub OpenWarfare GitHub CoD4-Mod-Tools
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    main() { maps\mp\_load::main(); maps\mp\_compass::setupMiniMap("compass_map_mp_killhouse"); game["allies"]="sas"; game["axis"]="russian"; game["attackers"]="allies"; game["defenders"]="axis"; game["allies_soldiertype"]="woodland"; game["axis_soldiertype"]="woodland"; level.sunlight=1.5; >>>>setDvar( "weap_allow_frag_grenade", 0 ); } No, didn't hear it?
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    Hi Capt.Dan, I think the bug created by others is the fact that these antivirus / antimalware are picking this file up as a false positive. Malwarebytes picked it up as a trojan so I sent the file to them so they could check it out and they agreed that it is a false positive. They have updated their scan engine and now it is not flagged up anymore. Whatever antivirus / antimalware system you use you could add the file to the exclusion list and carry on using the most recent version. It Posted double for some reason
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    A small sacrifice to make imo. Good job folks
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    the trick is to put the updatefolder into the cod4 directory :V jokes asides, why are you doing a manual installation? just join a cod4x server and it should ask you to install it automatically. more to read https://callofduty4x.gitbook.io/docs/cod4x-client/installation
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    Watching old demo files can require old versions. Otherwise you can delete them.
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    no steam not checking game files untill you dont check files integrity
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    Deploy Call of Duty 4 Game Servers LinuxGSM is the command-line tool for quick, simple deployment and management of Linux dedicated game servers. Linux Game Server Managers
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    No problem dpj. You guys have and are still doing an outstanding job with this project and long may it continue. We wait patiently 🙂
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    @heso84 You can write a plugin for adding self setPerk("specialty_fastreload"); Or You can add permanent Fast reload by editing respective weapon files >> weapons/mp/WEAPON_NAME >> Find and Change reloadtime variable ( reduce the value by 50% or 75% for faster reload)
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    There are always people on this world who wanna abuse something if they can.
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    +map_rotate comes at end always, and the issues you are saying are not issues kinda, they are warnings built in the mod, just keep punkbuster enabled, it wont be working anyways but the dvar needs to be on if you want to have stock promod, especially match modes, as for the modified .iwd's its pretty self explanatory, you have modified mod files, either revert to stock pml220, or if you want to run a public server, remove all those warnings from the mod files. And for pubs always use custom_public
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    Version 1.0.0


    im can't join to game From ip