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    List of changes as I remember: 20.0 raw_input for mouse movement. cg_fov limit raised to 90 degree checking if a to be cloned techset asset contains a valid remappedTechniqueSet reference and in the case there isn't, one will be added. (This should fix some crashes when loading some combinations of assets in fastfiles) Checking for invalid *.iwd files in main directory on game startup and notify the user. Fixed zoom_sensitivity_ratio to do the right thing now. Loading configuration about update servers from Github server repository. (Needed for the unavoidable upcoming domain change) Loading on client only *.iwd files the server has referenced in dvar sv_referencedIwdNames. (Prevent client from loading additional *.iwd files that have made its way somehow into the mod directory - Either by a rogue server or by older but on client persistent mistakes from the server admin) bypassing the loadscreen before server has sent it's gamestate to the client. (Needed with 20.0#7.) Updated controls menu for RAW mouse input setting Added an additional fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff which was supposed to fix ambient occlusion Fixing broken sv_pure functionality. 20.1 Referencing the remappedTechniqueSet only to it self and avoid loading it from fastfile to stop a deadlock situation many had faced with r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 2.0 (bugfix for 20.0#3) Forcing r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 3.0 where possible. (bugfix for 20.0#3) 20.2 Loading usermap/mod *.iwd files in the old way when a demo is played (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix demo playback) Adding the mod directory back into the searchpath list as it was gone due to the change in 20.0#7 (bugfix, fix executing cfg files stored in mod directory). 20.3/20.4 Setting properly fs_gamedir variable to the mod directory. (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix storeage location of demo files to what it used to be) Checking if raw_input dvar has changed. Executing in_restart automatically (no manual restart needed anymore) Prevent menus from forcefully setting protected dvars, e.g. Latched, Init, ROM, Cheat type dvars. Stopped recentering mouse pointer on opening a menu when game is minimized. (Bugfix for 20.0#1. [Had effects on windows desktop mouse]) 20.5 Removed fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff from client, it wasn't doing what the author of that file was promising. Possible it made minor issues. Other changes you should maybe know Although it is older - I guess 17.x - you can override most shipped fastfiles by providing your own with same name inside your mod directory. (This is not well tested unfortunately)
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    Put exec server after setting the mod and before map rotate. So as to set the relative path before trying to find the file. See if that helps. Be sure server.cfg is in the top level openwarfare mod folder (with the ff and iwds). Sub folders and files are relative to its location and it where it looks for the config folder and openwarefare.cfg. Openwarefare.cfg looks for all other configs relative to that. Just a note, change your mod name to something unique so it doesnt potentially conflict with another server. Its quite possible that a particular player visited a different server that didnt change the basic name ("openwarfare") and already has a mod named that. "Jezzys_OW2" or something like that. Also perhaps the version. 1.43 or 1.45 etc. Some people dont like the earlier one or later one. Recommend you also change server.cfg to a random string of characters. Just for a minor bit of extra security.
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    I also think to return this feature back
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    Hey guys, I am wondering if it would be possible to bring back the knife stabbing of cod4. (Don't judge yet - let me explain) As far as i remember it was removed because it's the core of most auto knife hacks. To clear this up, i really like that my soldier is not "teleporting forward" and auto rotating to the victim, so i am not talking about this part of knife stabbing. What I am about is the fact that it has it's own animation which is now lost. Maybe you could bring it back so one of the two animations is randomly played when the player is knifing "normaly". Would that be possible?
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    Those files are from your "certified" cracked game. Feel dumb yet? Now i want you to shut up - bye.
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    You can manually delete this registry hive: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\steam Because there is some use for it. One is to authenticate on servers to get some extra permissions on them. And we don’t have to care about “cracked” software that does mess up your pc. I am not aware about one single case. Blame the crack developers and not us for their way how they are doing this.
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    Update to it: On server scripts you can use now: playerentity.name = „Newname“; playerentity.isBot is now set by the server to the proper readonly value. If you have mods/scripts setting this field, then comment the error creating line of code out.
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    yooooo my friend connected and it works thank you all for helping a noob af like me (especially MAD_DAD tks man i owe u) and giving me ur time of the day i wish yall the best of luck in ur future endevours
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    I apologize if this isn't the right place for this thread and feel free to move it and I also apologize for my poor English since it's not my first language and I'd also like to apologize for my bloggy/long post. A month ago I got that COD4 itch again and decided to install the game to have some fun and maybe to re-live the old days. First day of playing I noticed a lot of players were hitting shots they shouldn't hit, getting kills they shouldn't get, and killing 100hp players with one body hit from an AK, AKU, or Deagle in promod. At first I brushed it off as player lag, server lag, killcam bug, server issues, you know.. the usual innocent justifications we tell ourselves in these situations, Except these weren't a one off thing but instead a consistent occurrent and not limited to one or two servers. Some players were accusing the players I described above with cheating which is 1) reasonable. and 2) they were. but those players and admin kept saying "clean SS" which is when I learned about the COD4X SS brilliant feature but also the reason I am making this thread, since that feature combined with killing roccat silent aim seems to have made some server admins lazy and stupid. After a week of experimenting with settings, servers, a different ISP, and leaving no stone unturned (I went as far as introducing fps lag, connection lag, and packet loss) I couldn't reproduce a single kill with one hit on 100hp player, The closest I got was killing players with two hits but they already took fall damage and/or had been tagged by other players. I already knew it wasn't possible without cheating (maybe one in million if the stars align) but I had to make sure to satisfy my curiosity. I have no experience writing code and I have never made a 'Hello world' type of 'program' before let a lone a cheat for a game and I managed to make a silent aim type cheat in a week using the source code of an old cheat, Google, and YouTube, Now imagine what an experienced person can make! So I joined the same servers but this time with the cheat on and the admins present and I was accused of cheating multiple times which I confirmed in chat every time and the admin proceeded to SS me multiple times and declare me clean and assumed my "Yes" response to people asking me if I'm cheating was just ironic. I went from sitting in the middle of the scoreboard to top fragging and carrying maps till I left the server, and I wasn't even using my sound ESP since the beeps were distracting and annoying when I tested it againist bots. I proceeded to do the same thing on the rest of the servers for weeks and like clockwork it went exactly like the first server (get accused of cheating > get SS'd > get declared clean > repeat) for few days, then players started calling me "Pro". A player consistently sitting at the middle of the scoreboard that magically starts top fragging, carrying, and almost never loses a gun fight and the admins don't find that fishy? Do they think I just bought a gaming chair? Where's their logical thinking when they see a player with 100ms+ ping deleting 20ms ping players when they should be running circles around me without me being able to hit them? Servers I've done this on and seen many people who had the same type of cheat: SD1 Pakistan hosting, Pakproness, EP promod, Bot promod, RS promod, Ebc promod, Up promod, and other promod TDM servers. All of these servers have players using similar cheat that achives the same results. Keep in mind I'm a stranger to these players and admins, Just a random player who they don't know and never seen before, Imagine what you could get away with if you were friends with them as long as you had "clean SS", from deagle macros to locking onto players through walls and shaking it off.. So please don't just rely on the SS feature and instead spectate, investigate, and use your game knowledge and logical thinking, don't be lazy, The SS feature is just a tool to help you and make your life a bit easier banning low effort and obvious cheaters, not the be-all end-all. and most importantly don't blame COD4X devs for it, Games with more developers, huge budgets, and better Anti-Cheat measures like CSGO, Valorant, Rust, and all the recent COD game for that matter are all plagued with cheaters at the highest levels. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.
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    No Dan what Fraggy means is that its wrong coded in the antimalware program not the cod4x. Its if y nabors car dosnt have any brakes... Its not u that have to fix it its u nabors problem
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    Won’t break again. But you have to live now that it is saying Call of Duty - Modern warfare 3 Dedicated server when you launch the game, unless you own Steam a license for cod4.
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    I am aware about it for 3 days now. Still working on a patch...
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    OUTSTANDING!!! It all works 🙂 Best Xmas present ever hahaha I have to say that trying your file directly I had some errors...But as you had explained line by line what you had changed then it was easy for me to add that to my already working globallogic.gsx It is really hard to compare OW one and Neho's especially when you are amateur like me and 7000 lines. 🙂Seems you did it almost immediately 👌 Thx for explanation with gsc/gsx too. callbacksetup I already had OK as you described. Huge appreciation from me to you @Sh3llK0de and @Belial95 and of course @NeHo Smiley.
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    You could add a in globallogic.gsc/gsx before exitLevel(true); is used, which is basically changing the map. The function is endGame(){}
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    No problem, happy to pass along the information
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    Check your logPos(), there should cooldown in the function argument list. Just checked the source, indeed the var is missing, I will be updating the repo.
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    Neho's cod4xwebadmin its not for a windows system its for Linux systems
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    search these forums - you will get the hang on scripting and how to fix errors this is where I started https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/202c06a7d6c970d258ecb84184114a726a524f8d/scriptdocumentation/ScriptingGuide.md
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    Click to download mod Promod Sniper with old Snipers ****details**** * Killcam New * red dots from shots or vat totally removed * Added cod4x commands - $ fov - $ fps - $ promod * 12 killcam music was added, you can add music names in the killcam (check maps / mp / gametype / _finalkillcam.gsc to add music titles) * In Loading map you can Add some detail of your server or clan name, etc. (check Server.cfg to add details of your server) * Completely removed the rest of the weapons in the menu and replaced the assault class for the old Snipers ***** Add-on links used in this mod ***** Final killcam: https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/4509-final-killcam-with-music-titles/ Gloves: http://cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/5d2aa86a84ce6 http://cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/5d27a92087a11 Edited Source: https://github.com/cod4mw/promod if you need help with something send me an MP, to enjoy!
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    I wonder how this two files have made its way into your CoD4 folder. 😆
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    No, we're not using. I stopped B3 and XLR and echelon use years ago, as those were dead in the water ages ago. Use NeHo's cod4xwebadmin instead.
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    Put your cfg files into your main folder. That should still work. Not sure if that is what you want to. The mod folder it self is probably gone from the searchpath, I think I did not intend that. I just wanted to make sure the client does not load iwd files from mod folders or usermap folders, the server has not loaded. Looks like the mod folder gone with it as well.
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    Hi smiley Yes i agree m8 i will now try fraggy's 20.2 and will get back to let them know if it works Thankyou Fraggy
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    if you have full access you should be able to do it.
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    Was probably a problem with Steam servers self. As that does not happen regularly it is not something I would worry about.
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    "External source address" needs to stay empty check if "Internal Host" is equal to the ip address of your pc (like smiley said, it may change when the router is restarted) you can check if your port is reachable with for example https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ it will show if the cod4 server is running
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    SR was based on KC, its publicly available but you will need changes. You can have it on any mod, but you need to compile in the stuff that is required.
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    I am not willing to share this algorithm. Use some on your side generated token. You could send and read it over the userinfo configstring. Starting the game with the commandline parameter +setu mytokenvar "mytokenishere" works hopefully. On serverside "dumpuser" command can be used to explore if that was working. To read userinfo there is a script function or you can read it with a server plugin.
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    Still getting this a lot - This is my server it is happening on. I have no altered iwd files Lots of players visiting my server are getting this also. ={FMJ}=Smiley is correct happens when a map change is happening but I already had the mod map so wasn't the downloading that triggered it Hajas I checked the files on the server and in my files and they are identical no unfinished iwd files so that's not the problem If I change to sv_pure 0 then the logs show the error but nobody gets kicked but the downside is the server becomes unranked
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    Hosted 👇 https://cod4linux.tk/colorgen.html
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    For the heli, set it to high. You dont need to add anything to the hitbox model line.
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    // XP bar menuDef { name "xpbar" rect BOTTOM_RECT_X -8 640 480 HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_FULLSCREEN VERTICAL_ALIGN_FULLSCREEN fullScreen 0 visible when( !dvarInt( "xblive_privatematch" ) && dvarInt( "onlinegame" ) && !inkillcam() && !ui_active() && dvarInt( ui_hud_hardcore ) == 0 && NOT_SPECTATING ); itemDef { style WINDOW_STYLE_SHADER rect 0 0 640 8 HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_LEFT VERTICAL_ALIGN_BOTTOM origin 0 0 background "white" forecolor 0 0 0 0.25 visible when( !dvarInt( "wideScreen" ) ); decoration } itemDef { style WINDOW_STYLE_SHADER rect 0 2 540 4 HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_LEFT VERTICAL_ALIGN_BOTTOM exp rect W( 640 * ((stat(2301)-stat(2351))/(stat(2352)-stat(2351))) ); origin 0 0 background "scorebar_fadein" forecolor 1 0.8 0.4 HUD_ALPHA visible when( !dvarInt( "wideScreen" ) ); decoration } itemDef { style WINDOW_STYLE_SHADER rect 0 0 854 8 HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_LEFT VERTICAL_ALIGN_BOTTOM origin 0 0 background "white" forecolor 0 0 0 0.25 visible when( dvarInt( "wideScreen" ) ); decoration } itemDef { style WINDOW_STYLE_SHADER rect 0 2 720 4 HORIZONTAL_ALIGN_LEFT VERTICAL_ALIGN_BOTTOM exp rect W( 854 * ((stat(2301)-stat(2351))/(stat(2352)-stat(2351))) ); origin 0 0 background "scorebar_fadein" forecolor 1 0.8 0.4 HUD_FOREGROUND_ALPHA visible when( dvarInt( "wideScreen" ) ); decoration } GitHub CoD4-Mod-Tools Change visible when( !dvarInt( "wideScreen" ) ); on the visible 0 \
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    You will attract a hell of a lot more players using Cod4x than Cod4 as probably 90% or more servers are now Cod4x and so that means players will have to install cod4x if they want a greater choice of servers to play on. So why get hung up on enhanced image, fov etc. Just go with the flow and enjoy the new era of Cod4 using Cod4x That's my opinion at least
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    There are still losers that will pay money for hacks for this game. Even bigger losers that will write new ones to sell. I suppose that means its not quite going dead.
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    Looks like they have banned you for Aimbot as you have already posted an appeal and they declined it. They concerned also about your HWID spoofer Cod4x.me has nothing to do with C4s as already stated and cannot do anything about it.
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    Просто сервак не вывез нагрузку на процессорное ядро)
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    I don't see it on the home page; not sure if I'm just blind or not though. However taking a closer look at the github. I do see it under the compilation instructions, however I must admit to skipping over that since I wasn't compiling from source. I was just downloading the binaries from the site. The installation instructions linked to from the site goes to the github's "Setting up a Call of Duty 4 server..." section, which is above compilation. It mentions only to move the main iwd files, zone folder, and links to the github's wiki which is mostly about server configuration. Neither mention anything regarding 32-bit (minus the compilation section I skipped over of course.) The readme file included with the pre-compiled binaries only mentioned copying the library files from the runtime folder if you needed them, but doesn't mention anything about being 32bit. The docs link at the top of the site that takes you to gitbook has a server section, but never mentions it being 32 bit there either. I guess one can argue that it's there and I'm a dumb-dumb for not reading the compilation instructions, despite not compiling. However I'd think a small sentence in one of those three locations at least referring to the compilation instructions for 64-bit systems installing 32-bit, or reiterating the instructions, might be helpful.
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    We had that issue with some players to, after some time we learned that this issue happens with players who have installed cod4 via some nosteam ru. (not original game files) There should be a file called iw_nosteam, if they remove that file the problem will be solved. Server kicked them on every map change The server can also kick players if they use some kind of skins, so make sure that the players have a clean cod4 install without any plus files
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    You'll want to approach BBZ directly, this forum is for the client/server package, rather than individual hosting. Unsure where you can find them, but there's probably better servers to play on
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    Version 1.0.0


    im can't join to game From ip
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    Version 1.0.0


    IWI Extractor opens IWI and IWD files which are common files for images and archives in Call of Duty games. IWI Extrator currently supports IWI version 5, 6 and 8. You can open any IWI image, export it to the DDS, PNG, BMP or JPEG formats or convert it to other IWI versions. IWI Extractor automatically detects installed Call of Duty games and allows you to open all of the IWD files at once, giving you the option to search through the images directly inside the application and then export these images to a folder or a ZIP file. IWI is a common texture type in Call of Duty games. It consists of a header and one or more images, optionally mipmapped. An image can be stored using both compressed (DXTn) and uncompressed pixel formats. IWI Extractor uses squish to compress/decompress DXT image pixels. To see my specification of IWI version 8, please download this PDF file. IWI Extractor comes with module Texture.dll which is a .Net assmebly for working with IWI images. You can freely include this library in your project. There is a bug in the tree view, when you open an IWD archive and start typing into the filter without first expanding the IWD archive, you won't see any results. It is caused by the tree view which does not cache child items until the parent item is expanded. Requirements: .Net Framework 2.0
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    You're right Fraggy we do run the servers on a VDS, BUT we also have a test linux dedicated server (so no shared resources plus 32 GB of RAM etc,.) and the issue still occurs - although less frequently. If the binary has caused lag issues for other users when players are connecting to their servers, is it possible that this issue is in some way related?. I can see no other reason than the binary, as it's happening on both Linux and Windows servers? None of this is meant as a criticism - we love your modded binary, which is why we want to get the issue sorted. The servers have run with no lag up until a few weeks ago - we've changed nothing server-wise, the last thing to be changed was the upgrade to the current version of the Cod4x binary. Is there a link where I can download on older version of Cod4x to verify if it is an issue (cause by whatever, not necessarily anything Cod4x related maybe some minor change that is conflicting with our setup). Like I say the servers ran perfectly previous to this. Thanks. Ci13 Admin team.