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    You create maps in radiant (*.map). During the compiling the Compiler creates the *.bsp and *.d3bsp files. I am not 100 percent sure but i think one of them contains the geometry and the other the light informations. In the final step they are compressed into the *.ff You can easily follow the procedure when you keep an eye on the cmd window during the compile process. when you take a look into cod2 mapping you will notice that there was no *.ff, the game used the *.d3bsp to load the map. (please correct me when i am wrong, it's quite a while that i mapped and took a look into the single steps, eapecially cod2)
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    You have 2 threads going! Look on the other
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    main() { maps\mp\_load::main(); maps\mp\_compass::setupMiniMap("compass_map_mp_killhouse"); game["allies"]="sas"; game["axis"]="russian"; game["attackers"]="allies"; game["defenders"]="axis"; game["allies_soldiertype"]="woodland"; game["axis_soldiertype"]="woodland"; level.sunlight=1.5; >>>>setDvar( "weap_allow_frag_grenade", 0 ); } No, didn't hear it?