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    I am very sorry for the problems caused by the yesterday's cod4 update. Since I have no clue what exactly is causing server problems I decided to backport newer features needed to run with the new client to an older release. The backported server is available via autoupdate now as version 18.1, which does hopefully run stable now. On Github I have made a new branch called "basedonoldstable". This branch will be used to get closer to the problems but no new features will get added there. The master branch will remain unstable for now. For the client issues are more obvious and I can only hope to have a patch for this out as well soon. From what we know client crash by using specific guns.
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    Client update 18.1 is released which does only fix the weapon issue (Likely what gets called crash to desktop). This was decided to release alone since this appears to be game-breaking. Other patches will follow later.
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    Client update 18.3 is supposed to repair the non working Steam integration and the team color issue.
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    Client update 18.2 should patch most issues I am aware about. However I can still not understand the mixed up color issue yet. So this does still need time to get patched.
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    i'll just post a funny cat pic because i have no idea what you just said
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    That guy is me! It is useless for you to ask me the command with which even in a server with a vote not enabled, through the console, you can request a vote. It doesn't happen on all servers, maybe only a few with openwarfare mods. I showed Smiley how on his server (where voting is not enabled) I managed to call the vote for the map_rotate. without rcon and without admin power. I did this because I wanted to fix this. if you want to give me your ip I can always try again. but don't ask me what the command is ... I will never say it. ps: for a similar demonstration, in the HKS server the admin have banned me .... but I wanted, and I would like to solve this problem. that exists! [ISS]WarriorIbla www.issclan.it
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    Wait for the client to be fixed
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    The only way I am able to update to it at the moment is in-game, hopefully the devs add it to the following link sometime soon https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_client_18_3.zip
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    Hey guys, after 3 days i can just beg you to bring 17.9 back. 18.0/18.1 are just bugged as hell, you got laggs aswell that is just taking the fun out of so many guys. Every 2 person say "remove 18.x, and bring back 17.9). I beg you to listen to the community and do it as fast as possible. At least till you bring out a mod which is clear of bugs. Thank You for reading.
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    Happy to report my issues were resolved with the version 18.2 update. Thanks all
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    known issue, thanks for reporting. moved to client section
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    We don't have a problem when you rename your bots. But GameTracker has.
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    I will wait until the next patch or update since it is well documented I tried it on a build 963 server and got the same problem so I wonder if its a client issue
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    I have beeen running the same version server with the julia plugin and have not had any crashes of my two servers
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    Do not use master. Use basedonoldstable.
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    After my update of cod4x (18.0) I have an issue on my gaming display. Same with the next updates untill 18.2.. Everything in my screen is like being on zoom / streched. Bigger letters, icons and more close up on weapon... I ve tried all resolutions and ratios but it doesnt look and feel the same. My regular resolution was 800x600... P.S. First image is my old regular screen and the second one is after the update...
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    sounds interesting maybe there is a way to kill all bots just before the scoreboard comes up
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    no matter the demo or the mod or lack of mod on a server, when i load a demo it is instantly saying demo is over
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    i just tried played on 18.1 server and using 18.1 Client demo can record but doesnt work to play it
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    Guys, sadly this new update caused a total chaos in the community... is not working... 18.1 is better than 18.0 but still very buggy and with several crashes. I would suggest you to fallback to 17 and work with all the time you need to fix all the 18 problems and release a stable version 18.2 when you have time, no rush. What do you think? Many people simply quit to try to fix it, and are going to play something else... sadly this is killing COD4 community... :\ Cheers
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    your right but 18.1 has been very stable on my servers
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    Issue still present on 18.1 Happy to provide more info if requested.
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    i've forwarded his PM to you. didn't work on my testserver so far.
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    okay thanks for checking. i don't know if somebody tried to actively fix that bug, but since it worked for me i thought it might for you as well
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    split to a new topic. please don't spam other topics with your own issues. what i can observe right now is that the overall players have reduced by a fair bit due to the issues. can't speak of "dead" but around 25% less are playing across all registered servers. the basedonoldstable branch seems to be the most stable version available currently https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/commits/basedonoldstable if you have issues just stay on the old server and client version for now
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    so you werer actually talking about a framedrop and not a (network) lag? anyways, we'll keep an eye on it for now the server provider will have to figure out what works for them.
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    have you tried reading other threads? https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/4619-downgrade-to-179/ EDIT: and you posted to the wrong subforum. yikes.
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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a Plugin or GSC to kick any player with an FPS greater than 250 for example, or some GSC to force the player to use version 17.9 of COD4X.
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    hello, thanks for the report. a new client version v18.1 was released over night. please try auto-updating to that and see if you still have the same issues.
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    I updated to 1.8.1 today and have had no crashes including in higher number player games--which seemed to be part of the issue yesterday. Thanks to all who look after this stuff. This game is important to me.
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    restart your server it will update again see this post https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/4632-issues-with-the-new-update/
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    i'm not sure if the issue is known within the cod4x team, but you can always report security issues to us in a private message
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    my friends have same problems here is some info all of them have Windows 7 and here is data from event log Fault bucket 2563390984, type 4294967295 Event Name: BEX Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: iw3mp.exe P2: P3: 4859a219 P4: StackHash_e98d P5: P6: 00000000 P7: 00000000 P8: c0000005 P9: 00000008 P10: Faulting application name: iw3mp.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4859a219 Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00000000 Faulting process id: 0x1370 Faulting application start time: 0x01d6336a044f28a2 Faulting application path: C:\Games\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe Faulting module path: unknown
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    Thanks! I'll try it now and write if everything runs well.
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    downgrade your client using this link ( https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_client_17_9.zip ) you can also join your favourite servers using /connect ip:port in the console even with the 18.0 client installed
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    Hello our server crashing with error ERROR: MSG_ReadDeltaHudElems: Out of range last changed field 58
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    i think he was asking for the client https://cod4x.me/downloads/cod4x_client_17_9.zip
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    If you mean server then this is the one I was using before 17.9 build 998. If not as above got to %localappdata%\CallofDuty4MW\bin and delete 018 folder. Hope that helps. Me personally I am sticking with the 18.0 and crashes and try to figure out whats happening and help the guys here. cod4x-server-linux.zip
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    To go back to 17.9 go to %localappdata%\CallofDuty4MW\bin and delete cod4x_018 folder. Or if anyone would actually like to help, those who are regulary crashing,attach a debugger to cod4 process and send us the result.
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    hi, thank you for reporting that issue. i can confirm that recording and replaying demos on client v18.0 does not work correctly at the moment. i further tried replaying old demos recorded on client v17.9 and can successfully replay them on v18.0. however, recording demos on v18.0 and replaying them on v18.0 does not work. i suppose something in the recording process therefore goes wrong. @Fraggy
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    The file cod4x_patchv2.ff is in the new 18.0 download server side. It is in the zone folder. Is it supposed to be in the zone folder outside 'english' directory. ? Originally I put it in the english directory and there were no problems. I then noticed a new one had been generated in the zone folder. So i deleted the one i previously put in 'english' All running ok but wondering if it is where it is supposed to be. I think so. Double checking. Also that jcodx_00.iwd stays in main? I guess i got it all ok as its working ok 🙂 Making sure 😬
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    Easier version that actually works 100% of the time. Clone the old (2019) version of cod4x (newer requires version 18 of the client which seems unavailable) On linux: git clone https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server cd CoD4x_Server git checkout 14d0a7cc52 (this seems to be the last commit before they changed the required client version to 18) Now go the directory with a file explorer, go to /src/asmsource/_bg_pmove.asm Go to line 488 and replace jz PM_GroundTrace_20 with jmp PM_GroundTrace_20 make the server files. Enjoy a game where elevating players are stuck. They can get unstuck by setting cg_nopredict 1 for a short while when they exit the elevator spot. Most of the research required for this was done by xoxor4d when he released his bouncepatch (https://xoxor4d.github.io/projects/bouncepatch/ while most of the coding/research in that area was done by Ridgepig. All credits go to them.
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    As said before, if you add that in your command line, the error should be solved, it had the same problem with the zombie mod and it was solved with that. did you test on command line?
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    You do realize CoD4 allowed mods from the very beginning, meaning you can put the code on the server, cod4x allowed the main_shared directory to be used for vanilla servers to have code, but It was defo possible even before, at least on 1.7a, so you cant force someone not having hud elements on their server. And you cant simply just compare the vanilla hud elements because every player can change them via simple configs, a lot of elements can be changed and personalized which doesnt make it a simple task.