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    CoD4 linux binary with hitbox/bullet debugging. How to use it: Add to servers commandline this option: +set cvar_cheats 1 Once map is loaded insert into server console or rcon: g_debugBullets 2 2 = bullets & box 1 = only bullets g_debugBullets has to be enabled after every new map or fastrestart again. Attached only Linux, for Windows you need to compile github source. To view the debug stuff you have to enter into your gameclient console: developer 1 Make high framerate video when it fails with the box enabled. _od4x18.dedrun
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    Processor with a high load, with one server. If there are more servers? This is a putative reason. before after
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    Hey guys. I made a short video tutorial how to setup B3 on 1.8 Server (windows). It works on Gameranger Dedicated servers aswell. All the files are included. Video Tutorial > CoD4 Server Hosting Tutorial Part 4 - Installing B3 In CoD4x 1.8 Server My other Tuts about cod4 servers > Video Playlist Forgive me if I did anything wrong. Huge thanks to rAfTer, AToM, Crazy, And B3 Team.