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    Ask a friend with a steam account, you need to have a non limited account, probably at least 5$ purchase on steam. Steam tokens are not to be shared around here.
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    im reposting a message because we have 2 more server Our Deathrun server is for all kind of gamers. Beginner to pro, try your chance !! 😁 Here's our Discord https://discord.gg/5GqQBjSCGV We have 4 servers Servers Location Canada TF-Deathrun #1 > /connect TF-Promodlive #1 > /connect Servers location Europe TF-Deathrun #2 > /connect TF-Promodlive #2 > /connect -> 60 Ranks -> New RTD -> New SHOP -> 6 Themes ( FULLY NEW UI ) -> New Weapons, characters, secondary Weapons, sprays -> New VIP menu -> New Admin system -> New Exit menu -> XP event -> Respect plugin -> Anti glitch -> Anti Jump LagG -> SpecKeys -> Fps counter ( spectators ) -> autospawn -> rank Backup -> New Quick voices menu ( 3 ) -> New Rank Icons -> New options Menu
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    your gsc solution works. i have to admit that my solution would have contained some traces to go crouch when there is something blocking only. but i tested your solution and the animation is the same - so no need for further traces and investigations of the mantle. thanks
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    "I have an idea but I don't have an idea so I want your idea" Confusion aside, go look at Openwarfare, has a bunch of gametypes.
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    Might need to be tested a bit, but you can force the bot to crouch when mantling. mantleForceCrouch() { self endon("game_ended"); self endon("disconnect"); while(true) { if(self IsMantling()) { self botaction("+gocrouch"); wait 0.05; self botaction("-gocrouch"); } wait 0.05; } } It can also be done through server source https://github.com/Spikeyy/CoD4x_Server/blob/bot-mantle/src/sv_main.c#L4090
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    Yes! Just check the LinkerMod GitHub. NOTE: This is not a sponsor message, I still love CoD4 <3+ EDIT: Please let's not continue with any further BO1 discussion, we want relevancy to this topic on the map extraction.
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    BlackOps has custom map support?
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    I'm actually waiting on this to release so then I can begin porting some maps from CoD4 to BO1.
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    You don't need to download and play the steam games on your PC to have a Steam Account. Open up a Steam Account and you can get yourself a token. If you are desperate for a token then you know what to do. Plenty to read here in the forums (read about limited steam accounts), but they don't just get handed out! Do what the rest of us have done... 😁