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    No, ipv6 is preferred. I just tried, works fine. (CoD4X servers browser, not vanilla CoD4)
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    This function adds to the assist. Line 362. self maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::incPersStat( "assists", 1 ); You need to modify things to check for different teams. For the heli, you likely have the common setting for player damage turned off. scr_enable_hiticon The last part, check in global logic in the player killed function. Inside of it there is a switch/list that checks for weaponfile types and whether or not to ignore them when giving a streak. ffar_hind etc. Since your heli seems to use barrett_acog_mp for its weapon you need to add it to that list.
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    For the log entries, K = killed. D = damaged. First entry is the current game time (1093.35). After that, victim guid, victim player number, victim team, victim player name, attacker player guid, attacker player number, attacker team, attacker player name, weapon name, damage done, means of death, hit location. Note that bots or test clients dont have guids. The specific print statements are made in the player damage and player killed functions in global logic. self = victim. logPrint( "K;" + lpselfguid + ";" + lpselfnum + ";" + lpselfteam + ";" + lpselfname + ";" + lpattackguid + ";" + lpattacknum + ";" + lpattackerteam + ";" + lpattackname + ";" + sWeapon + ";" + iDamage + ";" + sMeansOfDeath + ";" + sHitLoc + "\n" );