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    Welcome! I have developed bot mods for call of duty for quite sometime now. Most notably for MW2. Unfortunately there were no real 'slick' way of controlling the bots, so we had to resort to 'hackish' ways of achieving even the simple task of moving a bot. But CoD4x supplies scripters with the ability to control the bots in a more natural way. Allowing us to create a much better experience for bots. You'll find that these bots function very similar to the bots you'll find in Black Ops series. SERVER DVARS: You can find the latest version over at ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/bot-warfare/downloads/cod4x-bot-warfare-latest bots.zip
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    List of changes as I remember: 20.0 raw_input for mouse movement. cg_fov limit raised to 90 degree checking if a to be cloned techset asset contains a valid remappedTechniqueSet reference and in the case there isn't, one will be added. (This should fix some crashes when loading some combinations of assets in fastfiles) Checking for invalid *.iwd files in main directory on game startup and notify the user. Fixed zoom_sensitivity_ratio to do the right thing now. Loading configuration about update servers from Github server repository. (Needed for the unavoidable upcoming domain change) Loading on client only *.iwd files the server has referenced in dvar sv_referencedIwdNames. (Prevent client from loading additional *.iwd files that have made its way somehow into the mod directory - Either by a rogue server or by older but on client persistent mistakes from the server admin) bypassing the loadscreen before server has sent it's gamestate to the client. (Needed with 20.0#7.) Updated controls menu for RAW mouse input setting Added an additional fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff which was supposed to fix ambient occlusion Fixing broken sv_pure functionality. 20.1 Referencing the remappedTechniqueSet only to it self and avoid loading it from fastfile to stop a deadlock situation many had faced with r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 2.0 (bugfix for 20.0#3) Forcing r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 3.0 where possible. (bugfix for 20.0#3) 20.2 Loading usermap/mod *.iwd files in the old way when a demo is played (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix demo playback) Adding the mod directory back into the searchpath list as it was gone due to the change in 20.0#7 (bugfix, fix executing cfg files stored in mod directory). 20.3/20.4 Setting properly fs_gamedir variable to the mod directory. (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix storeage location of demo files to what it used to be) Checking if raw_input dvar has changed. Executing in_restart automatically (no manual restart needed anymore) Prevent menus from forcefully setting protected dvars, e.g. Latched, Init, ROM, Cheat type dvars. Stopped recentering mouse pointer on opening a menu when game is minimized. (Bugfix for 20.0#1. [Had effects on windows desktop mouse]) 20.5 Removed fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff from client, it wasn't doing what the author of that file was promising. Possible it made minor issues. Other changes you should maybe know Although it is older - I guess 17.x - you can override most shipped fastfiles by providing your own with same name inside your mod directory. (This is not well tested unfortunately)
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    I think this is entirely my own decision how I want to do that. Why I am doing it like this is 1.: Because it is not necessary 2.: Because having a compatibility mode for all old server versions does inflate the game code unnecessary and it will make maintaining the code much harder. That why it will stay like this: New version means players must update and it means servers must update too. I don't care if you like it or dislike it.
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    CoD4 Menu Builder is a website that allows you to easily create .menu files for CoD4: Features: Create multiple MenuDef's and ItemDef's Supports for viewing menu in each aspect ratio Created rectangles, text, shaders Save and load your progress Import existing .menu files Tutorials to get you started Export .menu files ready for use in CoD4 Video demonstrating the website: I will be continuing to add new features to the website. Credits: -Easy Visit the website here: https://sheepwizard.github.io/COD4-MENU-BUILDER/ Visit the github page here: https://github.com/SheepWizard/COD4-MENU-BUILDER
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    Be aware that update to version 19.0 is coming soon, could be at the upcoming weekend, and will be mandatory to all server owners. The upcoming client will probably not be able to connect to older servers due to an incompatibility in the newer Steam authorization procedure. Server's Steam Appid will default to 7940 from now on (has been before 42750) and clients will use the same when a license is available. Server will accept Steam client authorization requests still for appid 42750. However older servers aren't able to accept connections for appid 7940. The pure server requirement will maybe going to be ditched for now or even forever. Make sure your server works with version 18.1.
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    I am very sorry for the problems caused by the yesterday's cod4 update. Since I have no clue what exactly is causing server problems I decided to backport newer features needed to run with the new client to an older release. The backported server is available via autoupdate now as version 18.1, which does hopefully run stable now. On Github I have made a new branch called "basedonoldstable". This branch will be used to get closer to the problems but no new features will get added there. The master branch will remain unstable for now. For the client issues are more obvious and I can only hope to have a patch for this out as well soon. From what we know client crash by using specific guns.
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    Iv added music, song names and changed the look a bit. How to add to your mod: Add promod.csv to soundailiases. Add mp3 music files to /sound/promod/. (If you want more sounds (curr 12), you can just add more lines...to soundaliases...). Change ui_mp/hud.gsc (ln.: 1030). Add to maps/mp/gametypes/ _globallogic.gsc _finalkillcam_music.gsc _finalkillcam.gsc Add to mod.csv: rawfile,maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam.gsc rawfile,maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam_music.gsc rawfile,maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic_utils.gsc If you want more songs, add them to "_finalkillcam_music.gsc". Also at ln.: 18, change the number to num. of soungs u have. To edit song names look at switch statement in _finalkillcam.gsc at ln.: 361 If you want to add more add a case block. final_killcam.zip Compiled in a mod: GitHub Original killcam on github. I do not claim to own any of the scripts included, I just edited some.
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    If you still run 1.7a make sure autoupdate is disabled. Until 5th February you can verify this just by restarting your server. If autoupdate is enabled you would get an update to cod4x18. If you don't intend this please install the version attached here instead. It has autoupdate removed! Running an update enabled 1.7a-server longer than to 5th February is a major security threat for your server and all users having left data on your server(Forum database etc.) including other remote services out there when your server becomes an agent of a bot-net. Attached below is a "safe" version you can install instead. cod4x17a-server-disabledupdate.zip Servers which are likely still vulnerable are: http://www.gametracker.com/search/cod4/?search_by=server_variable&search_by2=version&query=CoD4+X+1.7a+linux-i386-testing&loc=_all&sort=&order=&searchipp=50 Especially these servers which have an up-time > 15 days or used a firewall rule for blocking can be assumed to be very easy targets for possible intrusion attempts. All other 1.7a servers are still vulnerable when a xiceops_00.iwd file is missing unless attached patch is installed!
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    Before you install CoD4X, you have to update your game to the latest official version, which is 1.7. If you own the Steam version, this is already done for you. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below. Update the game to 1.7 Download the 1.6 and 1.7 patches from here Install the 1.6 patch first as administrator Install the 1.7 patch as administrator Launch the game and check in the bottom right corner if 1.7 is displayed Once you've done that, you can continue installing CoD4X. Install CoD4X (1.8) Download CoD4X from here Extract the zip file to your Cod4 installation directory Enter the extracted folder Run install.cmd. You might have to run it as administrator Launch the game and check in the bottom right corner if CoD4X is displayed Uninstall CoD4X Enter the extracted folder Run uninstall.cmd. You might have to run it as administrator
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    With the update 19.0 there is a significant change rolling in. We will allow only the listing of pure servers ("set sv_pure 1") servers on the masterserver. Now you might think: sv_pure is enabled already! Well this is not really the case. Although the dvar does exist, it does nothing anymore at all since CoD4X17a servers came up. The verification code was just not implemented in them since people bypassed it anyway with an "sv_pure" exploit. However this has led to a state where around ~40% of players play nowadays with tampered .IWD files, because nobody cares, possible due to CoD4X17a's complete removal of this check. But anyway since I see it as important that all players on a server play with the same set of gamefiles and not with "Mario" player textures, I will put that validation back into gameserver with next major version. After some checking of checksums of players on my server, I have noticed some players using unofficial iwd files but they seem to be used by many players however. To lower the impact on players, I would like to know if there are very very popular alternative sets of iwd files players could have downloaded with the CoD4 game from shady sources. (possible they have single player stripped assets or whatever). If there is an alternative set of files, I consider to possible add some files after review to the allowed list - required the assets inside are not changed. In order to prevent that pure servers will lack players (players will usually just join another impure server instead of fixing their game), having a pure server will be a requirement to be listed onto the masterserver. If you know something about matter (edited iwd files) then give your input here please.
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    I need your opinion, tips, recommendations on the upcoming CoD4x-WebaAdmin application. The current beta version is similar to the previous CoD4 Status version, the difference is in authentication and admins management (no steam group required). Admins have to be added manually after they sign up. Here is a list of some futures what is included for now User Authentication, local, google+, facebook (later on i will include twitter, github and steam), all accounts can be linked so if u have admin rights it doesn't matter which authentication u use Regular registered users can take screenshots via the page, this can be disabled backend or limited to x screenshots / hour If u enable screenshots for regular users they can send cheater reports with 1 click Admins with required power can check this reports and decide what happens next (ban or remove report), the user who sent the report will be informed automatically with auto messages. If we ban based on the cheater report user who sent the report will be mentioned on the cheater report page Banned players can send a ban appeal, if the admin decide to keep the ban, unban request will be disabled for that ban in future Rcon commands can be added backend with required power to execute them Admin groups can be created, deleted Users can be added as admins, we can choose on which server if we have more then 1 server usermaps images can be uploaded, deleted Realtime shoutbox for admins separated and for all registered users Some faq pages, content can be added Server rules for each server separated can be changed backend I almost forgott, screenshots Now my question(s) 1. Since node.js requires a vps/dedicated server would it be a good idea to manage game servers to via the status page, I was thinking about https://github.com/GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM We could make them play together, so if we create a game server we could also create it on the status page. We could then manage the game server via the status page (start, stop, restart etc etc). Of corse in this scenario we could make things faster since we could read everything from the log files without rcon connections. later on i could also create an admin tool like manuadmin, b3 bot and it could be also created all together with gameserver and status page with 1-2 clicks I always rented game servers host so if this is a bad idea let me know pls Ofc if u have some tips, future requests let me know in comments so we can improve this new app in the future i will share a beta version in 1-2 days here with install instructions, later on i will upload it to github
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    Alright ladies and gentlemen, since I found this release topic from stormyy about his 'screenshot management tool' and finally got it running with his support I decided to write a little guide about how to set it up. I hope this helps other people and the tool becomes more popular, because it's really epic. I. Foreword The 'screenshot management tool' is a working alternative to Echelon, the known online application to perform moderation tasks on B3 supported servers. For this guide I am using the 'standalone' because I did not try the other one yet. It was set up on a Linux Debian 8 server, so don't expect a guide for windows. I am using the Apache webserver (v 2.4) and had to make it switch between multiple php versions because the website of my gamepanel does not support php 7.1 A little tutorial about how to do that is also included within this guide. To edit config files i used winscp - simply because it's easier to view the files within an editor. The tool is based on 'laravel' which means that it requires to be the root folder of your webserver. II. Requirements Server: SSH access for root and a sudo user PHP 7 or higher Composer Apache2 webserver B3: Enabled plugin: Status Enabled plugin: Chatlogger Tool: The standalone version of the tool itself: HERE The claimplayer plugin for CoD4x: HERE A modified version of nehoscreenshotuploader plugin for CoD4x: HERE III. Preparation 1. Install Composer Login with ssh to a non-root sudo user and update the package manager cache sudo apt-get update To download and run Composer you need 'curl', 'php5-cli' and 'git' sudo apt-get install curl php5-cli git You are ready to install composer now curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | sudo php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer Verify that Composer is correctly installed by checking it's version composer --version 2. Optional - depending on the other websites you are running - Modify apache to make it switch between multiple php versions Install php 5.6 and php7.1 fpm including dev-tools sudo apt-get -y install apt-transport-https lsb-release ca-certificates sudo wget -O /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/php.gpg https://packages.sury.org/php/apt.gpg sudo sh -c 'echo "deb https://packages.sury.org/php/ $(lsb_release -sc) main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/php.list' sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-fastcgi php5.6-fpm php5.6 php5.6-dev php5.6-mcrypt php5.6-mbstring php5.6-mysql php5.6-zip php5.6-gd php5.6-xml php7.1-fpm libapache2-mod-fastcgi php7.1-fpm php7.1 php7.1-dev php7.1-mbstring php7.1-mysql php7.1-zip php7.1-gd php7.1-xml php7.1-curl php7.1-intl php7.1-json php7.1-mcrypt Enable the necessary Apache modules sudo a2enmod actions sudo a2enmod fastcgi Add handlers for both version to your default Apache vhost Add this after <VirtualHost *:80> in /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf <IfModule mod_fastcgi.c> AddHandler php56-fcgi-www .php Action php56-fcgi-www /php56-fcgi-www Alias /php56-fcgi-www /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php56-fcgi-www FastCgiExternalServer /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php56-fcgi-www -socket /run/php/php5.6-fpm.sock -pass-header Authorization <Directory "/usr/lib/cgi-bin"> Require all granted </Directory> </IfModule> <IfModule mod_fastcgi.c> AddHandler php71-fcgi-www .php Action php71-fcgi-www /php71-fcgi-www Alias /php71-fcgi-www /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php71-fcgi-www FastCgiExternalServer /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php71-fcgi-www -socket /run/php/php7.1-fpm.sock -idle-timeout 1800 -pass-header Authorization <Directory "/usr/lib/cgi-bin"> Require all granted </Directory> </IfModule> <IfModule mod_fastcgi.c> <FilesMatch ".+\.ph(p[345]?|t|tml)$"> #Uncomment the SetHandler you want to use by default #SetHandler php56-fcgi-www #SetHandler php71-fcgi-www </FilesMatch> </IfModule> In the same file add a new directory definition for the site which later uses the non-default (second) php version In the default config this belongs below the part which defines the 'DocumentRoot' folder. Alias /example "/var/www/html/example/" <Directory "/var/www/html/example/"> <FilesMatch ".+\.ph(p[345]?|t|tml)$"> #Uncomment the SetHandler with the opposite php version #SetHandler php56-fcgi-www #SetHandler php71-fcgi-www </FilesMatch> </Directory> Save and restart apache service apache2 restart 3. Enable mod_rewrite for Apache Enable the modules and restart apache sudo a2enmod rewrite sudo mkdir -p /var/run/apache2 sudo chown -R www-data /var/run/apache2 sudo a2enmod actions service apache2 restart Enable the forwarding within the default Apache vhost in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf Change 'AllowOverride' from None to All <Directory /var/www/> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks AllowOverride NONE Require all granted </Directory> 4. Download and install stormyys 'screenshot management tool' Change the directory to var/www/ cd /var/www/ Download the tool via composer as a non-root user! composer create-project stormyy/b3cod4x-standalone Update the files via composer (as a non-root user!) just in case. cd /var/www/b3cod4x-standalone composer update Depending on the user you have used to download stormyys tool you might have to change the owner/group and the permissions of the files and folders. Edit the config (hidden .env file) which is located in the root folder of b3cod4x-standalone !If your APP_NAME contains spaces you have to put it into double quotes! !DB_DATABASE is a new database which will be auto-generated - THIS IS NOT YOUR B3 DATABASE! APP_NAME="B3 Webinterface (by Stormyy)" APP_ENV=local APP_KEY=THIS_IS_AUTOGENERATED_BY_THE_TOOL APP_DEBUG=false APP_LOG_LEVEL=debug APP_URL=http://www.mywebsite.com DB_CONNECTION=mysql DB_HOST= DB_PORT=3306 DB_DATABASE=my_NEW_database_name DB_USERNAME=my_database_user DB_PASSWORD=my_database_password Migrate the required tables for the database php artisan migrate Change the DocumentRoot within the default Apache vhost config /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf to DocumentRoot /var/www/b3cod4x-standalone/public Save and restart apache service apache2 restart Move all your public files (websites, fastdl etc.) to /var/www/b3cod4x-standalone/public else they will not work anymore! 5. Optional - Adjust the permissions for the different b3 groups - This will affect the website of the tool only, not b3 in general! - Edit the config b3cod4x.php within the config folder 'screenshot' => 8, //Ability to take a screenshot 'remove' => 128, //Ability to remove server 'unban' => 32, //Ability to uban 'setrank' => 64, //Ability to set rank 'ban' => 32, //Ability to ban 'chat' => 32 //Ability to chat These are the available values - do not edit them: * Permission groups: * Superadmin = 128 * Senioradmin = 64 * Fulladmin = 32 * Admin = 16 * Moderator = 8 * Regular = 2 * User = 1 * Guest = 0 6. Download the CoD4x plugins 'claimplayer' and 'nehoscreenshotuploader' (links in II. Requirements) and upload them to the plugins folder of your server. 7. Head to your b3 plugins and edit the config for the chatlogger: Enable 'save_to_database' 8. Now edit the config of the status plugin: interval: 10 (Refreshes 10 seconds, same as the panel) enableDBsvarSaving: yes enableDBclientSaving: yes svar_table: current_svars client_table: current_clients 9. Enable the b3 plugins 'status' and 'chatlogger' within the config of your b3 bot and restart b3. IV. First use of the tool 1. Change the Admin Credentials Navigate to your website and login with the default credentials Username: admin@admin.com Password: ChangeMeFast When you are logged-in click on 'Super Admin' and 'My Account'. Change the credentials and save them. 2. Add your b3 server and follow the instructions on your screen about what to add to your server.cfg It tells you to add something similar to this to your server.cfg set nehoscreenshot_identkey your_personal_ident_key set nehoscreenshot_url "http://www.yourwebsite.com/b3/screenshot" loadplugin nehoscreenshotuploader loadplugin claimplayer 3. Once you have added the stuff to your server.cfg execute the server.cfg to load the plugins. 4. Claim your player to gain admin access The claimed player will only gain access to the admin functions when he is a member of a b3 admin group - Moderators are only able to capture and view screenshots by default - After your first login you will notice a big red panel asking you to claim your player. Click this button and you will receive a random code you have to write in chat on the server. /claimplayer 12random34and56so78on90 Copy this text, including the slash and connect to your server. Paste the text into the chat and send it. If the plugin was enabled correctly your text should not be visible. Instead a command will be executed which is visible as a colorized text bottom left. CONGRATULATIONS - YOU ARE READY TO USE THE TOOL V. Used Sources Composer install guide: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-use-composer-on-debian-8 Multiple PHP Setup: https://packages.sury.org/php/README.txt https://medium.com/@sbuckpesch/run-multiple-php-version-on-the-same-server-using-php-fpm-and-xdebug-on-ubuntu-16-04-6a84f5b7d7ce
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    Hello everyone, We've updated our mod after a long time.I'm sorry if you had errors, but we make new stuffs and remove some stuffs! [ promodlive220 EU MOD + Flags ] [ promodlive220 EU RAW + Flags ] Developer List: JeeNNN:] CWP-Razor Night ZaGGoreC Update Notes: + MapVote System + Randompopup + AntiAFK script + New Music + Song name's + New Background + Music + New makeMod.bat + Health script - Custom Menu - AntiCamp - Font @dpj @IIIMATKO @d1zzy @JeeNNN:] @blowoff @strix @{cool.G} ingre @Klauser @Don Best regards, @Night
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    I'll just leave it here... As soon as it's done.
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    I'v created a rotating strattime, similar to the one seen on Next1 servers. The code isn't as clean as it should be, but i figured it's good enough. It works for n amount of time, mostly everything is hardcoded. The code is commented for better understanding. Strattime also includes fadein. Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems or have any questions. The project, including this script is available on GitHub: https://github.com/MartinKogovsek/promodUntitled Source: Original Strattime strattime.gsc
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    Client update 18.3 is supposed to repair the non working Steam integration and the team color issue.
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    Client update 18.2 should patch most issues I am aware about. However I can still not understand the mixed up color issue yet. So this does still need time to get patched.
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    Client update 18.1 is released which does only fix the weapon issue (Likely what gets called crash to desktop). This was decided to release alone since this appears to be game-breaking. Other patches will follow later.
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    Rebuild from scratch by measuring each and every brush on the original strike map. Using Textures and models from Modern Warfare Remastered and WW2. Map size ~ 230mb (high res textures) Supporting all stock gamemodes. Missing pezbots waypoints tho. Download it over at: https://www.moddb.com/games/call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare/addons/mp-strike-2 http://www.cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/5c20b96bad97d Mirror: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MEdOEB455D6OvrxT5yvtKL9imB6Ch4i9 @ Bouncepatch.com // Strike 2 - V1.0 // Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dreamzyyy/ YT Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7AbX9JgoHc
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    As many Steam gamers have noticed they got an update for Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare. This update was kinda breaking the game completely. Here is how to fix this patch: Download the file from this site here: https://eu.cybergamer.com/files/6412/ This is the main and original game executable from CoD4 1.7. When done locate your CoD4 installation, there are 2 ways to find it. If you know where you Steam folder is you can find it on this way: Open a new Windows Explorer Window. Go to your "Steam" folder (Which is likely in "C:\Program Files(X86)") then click on "steamapps" then "common" and then "Call of Duty 4". Here you got to your CoD4 folder. Just in case you didn't find your CoD4 folder here is another way: Open the Steam main window, then click Library, Games. Find in the left list "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare". Rightclick the game and choose properties. In the new window click on "Local Files" and then "Browse Local Files". Now you should be in your CoD4 folder. Since you have now your CoD4 folder locate the file iw3mp.exe. Right click onto it and chose "Delete" and confirm it. Now go to your before downloaded file then drag and drop it into your Cod4 folder. Here you should be done with the guide. A reinstallation of CoD4X shall not be necessary as it remains installed even after the Steam update. It just does not activate in case the "iw3mp.exe" file gets replaced.
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    You can edit every stuff in this mod or raw.I just upload this raw to people like you guys.If you want you can make it better in future. Noone didnt open that source before me when i open that source then crazy open his source cuz everyone use it.After a 4 years i ask him for that source and he tell me i need to pay that source. After a long years we found idea how to make something and we create it togther. I hate people who want to sell something in cod4. When i start work at mods i learn by people from forums,website,videos. No need to pay something just search and try to find solve or people who can help you. I want to make something better with more people. If you want to play more years call of duty 4. We need to make something new about cheaters. We are here to help each other. Together we can solve everything. With money you will not achieve much. You will achieve more if you explain how to do it and do not charge anything with the money.If I do not know, I will ask people who know it so we are all in this forum to help each other.This whole story goes to saying that money is not the most important aid and that there are more ways to help a man than to pay him something. Best regards, @Night
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    This is a tutorial on how to add custom images into fx editor and use them in a map This tutorial is not on how to use the fx editor For this tutorial you should have a basic understanding of cod4 modtools Firstly create your image. Make sure that the background is transparent (unless your image is a square of something). Your image dimensions need to be a multiple of 4 e.g. 620x40 Then save it as a dds file. Next put the image you created into your cod4 directory Then go into asset manager and create a new material and name it something. I recommend putting gfx_ infront of the name Now change the materialType to effect, the surfaceType to none, the usage to <not in editor> the blendFunc to Blend (Without this the transparency in your image will show up as black. You will not need to change this if your image has no transparency) Now scroll down to colour map and click the 3 dots and select you image that you put in your cod4 directory. Under color map set it to notile and nomip bilinear Now click save in asset manager (you need to save this file to [Call of Duty 4\source_data] Now press f10 to covert the image, your cmd should look like this when done. If it doesnt read the error and see if it is something that needs to be changed in asset manager. Now open up EffectsEd Click the wand button at the top to make a new segment Now go to the visuals tab, make sure the Element type is on billboard Sprite. click the folder button, you should be in a folder called materials Next to File name change the drop down list to All files --sidenote-- If you name your material gfx_something it will show up in this list and you wont change the file settings ---- Now search for the name of your image and select it [Call of Duty 4\raw\materials] Now go to the generation tab and change the count to 1 (this means the 1 particle will show up in 1 cycle, increase this number to add more) Now go to the size tab and change the scale to 10 (this will be the size of the image change if you want) Now save your fx in your fx folder [Call of Duty 4\raw\fx] Now click play and you should see your image come up. Now mess around with the different settings to make you effect --How to add the fx to your map-- In your map .gsc file add this line in main() to load your fx level.callthiswhatever = loadFx( "yourfxnamehere" ); Here is how mine looks: Now create a thread and add your effect how ever you like, i'm going to make mine play every 5 seconds. Now go to your images folder in your cod4 directory and look find your image [Call of Duty 4\raw\images] Now copy the image iwi into your maps .iwd Now you will need to add these lines in your maps .csv to load the fx and material. material,yourmaterialname fx,yourfxname Here is how mine looks: Now build the maps fast files and enjoy your awesome fx If you need help feel free to ask Lossy, on 03 Mar 2015 - 11:38 PM, said: Also should add that if people textures end up with a white background despite having alphaTest to always then you should change it GE128 and it should work
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    Hello sorry for not repling to people in threads and the PM's i've been extreamly busy with life stuff so a lot a people have been asking me and posting about it here so here you go this is a simple server side script to sniper servers works with all game modes SC or HC doesn't matter and it can be edited as you like and added to any pre-existing scripts/iwd7 you have the code : sniper() { while(1) { self waittill("weapon_change", weapon); /// wait until player changes weapon to prevent class changing when they first spawn. self TakeAllWeapons(); /// clear player weapons self ClearPerks(); /// clear all player perks self SetPerk("specialty_extraammo"); /// give the player Bandolier perk self SetPerk("specialty_bulletdamage"); /// give the player Stopping Power perk self SetPerk("specialty_bulletaccuracy"); /// give the player Steady Aim perk self GiveWeapon("m40a3_mp"); /// give the player M40A3 Sniper self GiveWeapon( "remington700_mp" ); /// give the player R700 Sniper self GiveMaxAmmo("m40a3_mp"); /// give the player max ammo for M40A3 self GiveMaxAmmo( "remington700_mp" ); /// give the player max ammo for R700 setDvar("aim_automelee_enabled", 0); /// Disable Knife setDvar("player_meleeRange", 0); /// Disable Knife wait 0.05; } } You don't like the perks ? Change them here's the names for all the perks you need "specialty_weapon_c4" "specialty_specialgrenade" "specialty_weapon_rpg" "specialty_weapon_claymore" "specialty_fraggrenade" "specialty_extraammo" "specialty_detectexplosive" "specialty_bulletdamage" "specialty_armorvest" "specialty_fastreload" "specialty_rof" "specialty_twoprimaries" "specialty_gpsjammer" "specialty_explosivedamage" "specialty_longersprint" "specialty_bulletaccuracy" "specialty_pistoldeath" "specialty_grenadepulldeath" "specialty_bulletpenetration" "specialty_holdbreath" "specialty_quieter" "specialty_parabolic" you can also remove 1 or 2 perks or remove all of them ! to remove sway ( make the snipers always steady like promod ) add these : setDvar( "player_breath_gasp_lerp", "0.001" ); setDvar( "player_breath_gasp_time", "0.001" ); setDvar( "player_breath_gasp_scale", "0.001" ); self SetClientDvar( "cg_drawBreathHint", "0" ); /// to remove the hold shift hint so it look like this : sniper() { while(1) { self waittill("weapon_change", weapon); /// wait until player changes weapon to prevent class changing when they first spawn. self TakeAllWeapons(); /// clear player weapons self ClearPerks(); /// clear all player perks self SetPerk("specialty_extraammo"); /// give the player Bandolier perk self SetPerk("specialty_bulletdamage"); /// give the player Stopping Power perk self SetPerk("specialty_bulletaccuracy"); /// give the player Steady Aim perk self GiveWeapon("m40a3_mp"); /// give the player M40A3 Sniper self GiveWeapon( "remington700_mp" ); /// give the player R700 Sniper self GiveMaxAmmo("m40a3_mp"); /// give the player max ammo for M40A3 self GiveMaxAmmo( "remington700_mp" ); /// give the player max ammo for R700 setDvar("aim_automelee_enabled", 0); /// Disable Knife setDvar("player_meleeRange", 0); /// Disable Knife setDvar( "player_breath_gasp_lerp", "0.001" ); setDvar( "player_breath_gasp_time", "0.001" ); setDvar( "player_breath_gasp_scale", "0.001" ); wait 0.05; } } ok now How do you use this and where ? go to maps/mp/gametypes/_weapons.gsc ( or .gsx depends on 1.7a or 1.8x .. iwd or main_shared ) find onPlayerSpawned() and thread it there it will look something like this : onPlayerSpawned() { self endon("disconnect"); for(; { self waittill("spawned_player"); self.concussionEndTime = 0; self.hasDoneCombat = false; self thread watchWeaponUsage(); self thread watchGrenadeUsage(); self thread watchWeaponChange(); self.droppedDeathWeapon = undefined; self.tookWeaponFrom = []; self thread updateStowedWeapon(); self thread sniper(); } } now scroll to the end of the file and copy paste the code > save DONE ! Sounds too complicated for you ? in the attachments you'll find it already done (without the sway removal) with stock _weapons.gsc and the code added inside it just copy past and start the server and DONE and finally SHAME on the people who knew how to do this script and didn't help others .. but oh well it's the COD4 community after all .. Enjoy and cheers @Phantasy @postman localized_english_iw07.zip main_shared.zip
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    This plugin will allow you to write plugin in Lua, no compiling needed. Just drop into server directory and load the script file and you're done. Most suited for implementation of heavier functions that run slow in gsc script (A star for example). It is up to 10 times faster in my tests. Still early version so there may be bugs and not all functions are implemented. Should be enough to satisfy most needs, but if needed you can use lua ffi api to access structs and other functions. GitHub page
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    Hello, Some birdy told me you guys like the moving camera on match end, during best players screen, credits and map vote. By default every stock map already has some waypoints hardcoded into script, some maps may have better looking ones, some worse. The good news you can customise the waypoints the way you want. You can add as many waypoints as you want but I'd recommend you don't go overboard. To enable the editor set developer_script and ending_editor to 1. I also recommend you enable cheats so you have access to noclip/ufo mode. Editor will be enabled once you spawn. Be aware that waypoint will take the angle you are looking at aswell, so you have to look exactly where you want the camera to look at. The camera will rotate angle as it progresses. For example if you save a waypoint and look left, the next waypoint some distance away and look right, the camera will slowly rotate from left to right over the distance. The camera will move to EVERY waypoint you place over the ending duration, meaning the more distance you do with waypoints, faster the camera will move. If you have mapvote enabled it will give you extra mapvoting time, slowing the camera down. To save a waypoint press USE KEY (default: F), to delete a waypoint press MELEE KEY (default: V) - it will delete waypoints in the reverse order you placed them - so if you have 5 waypoints, it will first delete waypoint 5, then 4 and so on. Finally to save waypoints press RELOAD KEY (default: R). You are done. The waypoint files will be saved in <cod4 server dir>/main/ne_db/waypoints/<map name>. If you need to trasnfer this waypoints to another server, simply copy the waypoint files to the other server dir, keeping the same file structure. Finally to enable custom waypoints in game, set fs_ending to 1. Have fun!
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    v2.0.0 has been released! no more prerelease https://github.com/ineedbots/cod4x_bot_warfare/releases/
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    It is highly recommended to update your server as soon as possible to version 19.2. This is an exploit fix.
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    Very simple. Do you enjoy occasionally playing the game, or do you not. Once in awhile I pull out a few MAME games even though many if not most of the ones I play are probably older than you are. Also CoD4 players these days tend to be older and wiser without all the obnoxious kiddies others like MW2019 are full of. Oh, and do you listen for example to Dark Side of Moon? Released in 1973? Something that after all this time is still better than most anything else around? Or is that album much too old and we should all move on to Britney Spears? Yuk. One is great music to enjoy. The other is noise. That said, when my mod is finally done to the point where its stable I will be focusing more on unreal.
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    17.8 Release: Patched Steam stuff to override the game displayname again. Added Discord-Presence integration (Status and join over Discord) Fix for a crash exploit where you can post into any text string a bad material-handle and client will crash. This was in recent half year frequently abused by few individuals (For example Nadorix) by putting bad text into nickname or chat. Patched few issues I don't remember anymore Will now always update iw3mp.exe to allow CoD4 to use 4GByte of address space (Before only 2GByte was allowed) - Purpose is less out of memory errors. Client support for debug commands print3d(), line() and printstar() 17.9 Release: Removed a prior added issue fix for CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand: A reliable command has cycled out. Fixing this on client side did cause bad side effects.
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    Because there is a question about this every day I've decided to write a quick tutorial on how to make it work with the latest CoD4x version. I will assume you already had b3 working on 1.7/a, have knowledge in managing it and you have a 1.8 server installed. First download the CoD4x parser HERE and place it to your parsers directory. You must have B3 in source code to have access to parsers directory. Change your parser setting in main B3 config file to cod4x18. Next you should make a fresh B3 database as 1.8 guids are different. And you're done! It wasn't that hard was it? FAQ: Q: Do I have to enable legacyguid mode? A: No. Legacy mode must be disabled Q: Do I need B3hide plugin? A: No. B3hide is optional. Q: Do I need simplebanlist plugin? A: No. If you run more than one server it is recommended you do not use it as if you want to unban someone, you will have to do it on every server you run. If you run only 1 server it is fine to run the plugin. The players will stay banned regardless. Q: Do I need sourcebans plugin? A: No. Either run sourcebans or B3, but don't do both at the same time. Q: Does this parser work on B3 1.9.x version? A: Unknown. It was only tested with 1.10.x Q: My guids are all 0!! A: Please use the search function. There have been countless questions regarding this and it is not a B3 specific issue.
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    Thanks but I've never used your mod. I was only trying to get flags to work to recreate the mod for RS 2.20... anyway. Thanks
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    Hello There! :D The brand new Call of Duty Frontlines FOREVER Launch Trailer was released! Mod will be released in next days! https://youtu.be/gudPpy7yR3s It's 100% compatible with COD4X and will have a COD4X patch in the future to improve the bots. Check this out! :D
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    Hi peps, It's been a loooong time coming and I finally have somewhat complete release ( github ). Vast majority of planned and suggested stuff was added, however my private tests are limited so the mod might still include bugs, beware. To run the mod you need a newer version of cod4x server ( 14 Jul or later ), and a trueskill plugin ( github ). I'll upload the compiled plugin for both windows and linux soon, for those who don't know how to compile it themselves. When all bugs are fixed and all features added I will add a mysql support aswell. Enjoy.
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    What does the original have to do? being that the crazy neither helped in anything? Why give credit to someone who does not deserve? Another thing was if I gave the help? just say sorry I do not share or help in any of that mod? Would you give credit to someone like that? Your request is irrelevant! It's nothing personal, but as you'll see in his post of his mod, he left the gsc free, and see yourselves! we saw it, we made it easy to share! So with the issue of the credits so that if you refuse everything to help? Your order does not make sense! let the kids enjoy the code!
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    PlayerName is so fucking useful hud element
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    Where can I download this mod? You can get it here. I get Error: bad token '#' Error. HELP!? You need bleeding-edge server version which is available here. Note that this version may be unstable. If you experience server (segfault) crash report it to said thread. Do NOT report script errors there! Do I need Trueskill plugin and where do I get it? No, this feature is optional. If you want to use it you can get it here. Do I need Mysql plugin and where do I get it? No, this feature is optional. If you want to use it you can get it here. I found a bug. What do I do? You can report it on this subforum or on my Github page. If you fixed it yourself you can open a pull request aswell.
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    Much English, Such description, Alot of Wow. Since this is in the server section, i will assume you mean adding skins to your mods, since that is the only way to enable server side skins. Download a skin from moddb or some other source .The file format for the individual skin file should be .iwi. The file will be placed at /../mod.iwd/images/yourskin.iwi. If you have a pre-compiled .iwd package, rename mod.iwd to mod.rar. Open the file with WinRar, browse to images inside the folder hierarchy Drag and drop the .iwi (skin file ) in there. Close the WinRar Window and rename mod.rar back to mod.iwd Run Server with the Mod If you want to know how to create .iwd files from scratch, as in if you do not have a pre-existing .iwd file to edit, then let me know. If you liked this answer do give it a like.
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    Seems weird, check if cl_bypassMouseInput is set to 1 in your console, if so change it to 0 and see if that helps.
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    To anyone who wants to play with it, enjoy. Example gsc implementation soon. Github repo
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    Well it wasn't really my project to create an extractor for menu files and make it public for everyone to use as I had no own use for it. Most what you @MiKeY say is unfortunately really just true and also my view on many of the things. However when T-Max creates extractors he will create them. Even when it would be not inside CoD4X people still would just use it as soon as it is available somewhere. On the other hand there are in meantime also a lot of abandoned mods or whatever stuff out there which would great when you could make something new with it or fix or improve them. So it has always two sides. You can't. Idk why he was saying that. Good possible as I want to work with .bsp files and not with Deflate compressed cm_world and GfxWorld structures. You know with how much garbage CoD maps are packed? I just want to get rid of that. I also need it the ClipMap to generate .aas files for bots. Finally @MiKeY don't forget that you are using my own code to keep your scripts on the server and prevent people from stealing it. It was me who protected CoD4 servers from sending all kind of files people do request in download. Without that code your scripts had found a new "owner" a long time ago already.
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    cod4x are community made patches. not everyone wants the new features we provide, naturally not everyone installs it on their servers. cod4x 1.7a was a much more leightweight version, where only the server was modified. the cod4x 1.8 server also needs the players to have the 1.8x client update installed. 1.8x servers are updating automatically to the latest version. 1.8x clients are showing an update button in the main menu if an update is available. please ignore the "1.7" in the console, it has not been patched. you do have the 1.8 client, 17.3 is the subversion. we do not list 1.7 or 1.7a servers anymore on the cod4x master, there is also no dedicated website for it. however, gametracker.com is a good source for it. benefits of playing on 1.8 servers are that you will encounter much less cheaters, and won't have any redirect or malicious servers there.
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    actually no mod is needed to run custom maps but you must call it as a mod I use the following for my sniper server I made a directory in mods called sniper in there i put just my server config called sniper.cfg which contains among other server items this // Client Downloadsettings (0=off/1=on) set sv_allowdownload "1" set sv_wwwDownload "1" set sv_wwwbaseurl "http://www.name.com" ///your map host adress set sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0" I then call it like you would any other mod on my startup D:\cod4x2\cod4x18_dedrun.exe +set fs_game mods/sniper +exec sniper.cfg +set net_port 28960 +map_rotate it will act as a mod without having to download an actual mod but will allow downloading of custom maps
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    sharing my script which screencapture players with above average score in _load::main() add thread userscripts\ss::init(); userscripts\ss.gsc code init() { level endon("game_ended"); while(1) { wait 480; // 8 minutes bestscore = 0; sumscore = 0; count = 0; players = getEntArray("player","classname"); for(i=0; i<players.size; i++) { if (players[i].pers["score"] > 0) { if (players[i].pers["score"] > bestscore ) { bestscore = players[i].pers["score"]; } sumscore += players[i].pers["score"]; count++; } } if (count > 0 && sumscore > 0) { averagescore = sumscore / count; countscore = bestscore - (averagescore / 2); for(i=0; i<players.size; i++) { if (players[i].pers["score"] > countscore) { if ( players[i] getGuid() != "0") { exec("getss " + players[i] getGuid()); } wait 1; } } } } }
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    Version 1.0.0


    _class.gsc _globallogic.gsc _menus.gsc _rank.gsc war.gsc level55.gsc
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    This is final killcam for normal servers none modded it also follows grenades in the killcam. i have removed all the bullshit so it only contains the final killcam no editing scripts to install just put the localized_english_iw07.iwd file into cod4/main. and i also included 3 final killcams for promodlive211/216/220 enjoy finalkillcam2.20.zip finalkillcam2.16.zip final killcam2.11.zip localized_english_iw07.zip