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    I think this is entirely my own decision how I want to do that. Why I am doing it like this is 1.: Because it is not necessary 2.: Because having a compatibility mode for all old server versions does inflate the game code unnecessary and it will make maintaining the code much harder. That why it will stay like this: New version means players must update and it means servers must update too. I don't care if you like it or dislike it.
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    It is highly recommended to update your server as soon as possible to version 19.2. This is an exploit fix.
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    Ask a friend with a steam account, you need to have a non limited account, probably at least 5$ purchase on steam. Steam tokens are not to be shared around here.
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    v2.0.0 has been released! no more prerelease https://github.com/ineedbots/cod4x_bot_warfare/releases/
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    yes, and that has not changed since you asked the same a couple posts ago. we offered help, you didn't follow up on it. if there is nothing else we will close this thread.
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    im reposting a message because we have 2 more server Our Deathrun server is for all kind of gamers. Beginner to pro, try your chance !! 😁 Here's our Discord https://discord.gg/5GqQBjSCGV We have 4 servers Servers Location Canada TF-Deathrun #1 > /connect TF-Promodlive #1 > /connect Servers location Europe TF-Deathrun #2 > /connect TF-Promodlive #2 > /connect -> 60 Ranks -> New RTD -> New SHOP -> 6 Themes ( FULLY NEW UI ) -> New Weapons, characters, secondary Weapons, sprays -> New VIP menu -> New Admin system -> New Exit menu -> XP event -> Respect plugin -> Anti glitch -> Anti Jump LagG -> SpecKeys -> Fps counter ( spectators ) -> autospawn -> rank Backup -> New Quick voices menu ( 3 ) -> New Rank Icons -> New options Menu
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    Watching old demo files can require old versions. Otherwise you can delete them.
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    I have deleted mine 017 and 018. They are not needed as v19 is the version everyone should be on Don't delete the 019
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    "I have an idea but I don't have an idea so I want your idea" Confusion aside, go look at Openwarfare, has a bunch of gametypes.
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    Now you can have fun shooting noobs))😉
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    A very competent person nickname gurinov (forum member) created a script. And the card worked. See mp folder mp_agx_91101.zip
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    The problem with the agx_91101 card has been resolved. We go to our server)
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    Might need to be tested a bit, but you can force the bot to crouch when mantling. mantleForceCrouch() { self endon("game_ended"); self endon("disconnect"); while(true) { if(self IsMantling()) { self botaction("+gocrouch"); wait 0.05; self botaction("-gocrouch"); } wait 0.05; } } It can also be done through server source https://github.com/Spikeyy/CoD4x_Server/blob/bot-mantle/src/sv_main.c#L4090
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    I would also not reproduce any results with that documentation. The command in the Wiki is wrong and has to be as the following: Line( <start>, <end>, <color (RGB)>, <alpha> ,<depthTest>, <duration> )
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    no steam not checking game files untill you dont check files integrity
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    I think the last parameter says for how many frames the line gets drawn.
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    Only Windows servers getting debug builds. There is a mistake in automatic build system and I took the files from there unfortunately. Linux servers getting unofficial but still normal builds. Both servers can't/won't autoupdate until there is version 20.0 released. I have updated the Windows build on this website with a proper version. Sorry for this inconveniences.
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    I think you are sending too much draw commands. It is like you are redrawing every server frame. You can not do that on a network like you tried. Draw the lines for long time and redraw only rarely. Also there is a line limit. I think it is 128.
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    I have it in a loop and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. When it works this happens: Example Video (link to my dropbox) My code: drawDebugPath(path, color) { if(!isDefined(color)) color = (1,0,0); level notify("debug_navmesh_path" + color); level endon("debug_navmesh_path" + color); if(!isDefined(path)) { iPrintLnBold("path undefined - nothing to draw"); return; } iPrintLnBold("path size: " + path.size); while(path.size > 1) { for(i=0;i<path.size-1;i++) { line(path[i], path[i] + (0,0, 50), (0,1,0)); line(path[i], path[i+1], color); if(i == path.size - 2) line(path[i+1], path[i+1] + (0,0, 50), (0,1,0)); } wait .05; } while(path.size == 1) { line(path[0], path[0] + (0,0, 50), (0,1,0)); wait .05; } I get the screenprint of the path size only once, so the function is not executed multiple times. This means that it is not killing itself (due to the notify) There is no lag visible in the server console, but after some time the client is kicked with the timeout message and the server crashs.
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    loadplugin simplebanlist Add this to server.cfg Possible you also have to load the legacybanlist plugin when your backlist is very old.
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    Looks like there is a timing issue with assigning level._effect on mp_agx_91101 map. Easy Fix: Create this file on your mod without any fx entries, (some oneshot effects were excluded by doing this ) mods/YOUR_MOD/maps/createfx/mp_agx_91101_fx.gsc main() { }
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    Well apparently its all packed in mod.ff and you are just running the basic files for mods, you can add promod folder and servercheck.gsc from official promod repo on github, and then remove the line as that new file will overwrite the compiled one in the mod fastfile.
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    Same on my server !!! Delete folder plugins...Ban list earned
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    Hello, quite the same like you would do with version 1.7. You just copy over our files you can download on the front page and put the files in the same directory structure as it is already obviously. You need to execute as main file cod4x18_dedrun where Cod4 1.7 has cod4_lnxded.bin as main executable file.
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    Deploy Call of Duty 4 Game Servers LinuxGSM is the command-line tool for quick, simple deployment and management of Linux dedicated game servers. Linux Game Server Managers
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    Thanks for this, it pointed me in the right direction I can name all my bots in 19.0 using whatever name I choose (all with the same name) I altered the line within the _bot.gsc AddTestClient("put name in here") You do need the "" or it thinks it is a variable - works a treat
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    Explaination of what is happening here: Multiple PCs <----------> NAT <-----------> Gameserver All PCs are connected to the same gameserver. Gameserver writes into all players console: "disconnect;reconnect". Gameserver shuts down. Gameserver starts up again and lost all state info. All players are reconnecting on the same time due to the manipulation of players console. Gameserver sees something which is indistinguishable from a real Denial of Service attack. Gameserver has built in protection for this that catches all this connections and rejects them. There is no solution for it. If that is your server you can stop it from shutting down and restarting, there is no need for it to do that or edit the sourcecode for your self so the DoS shield is gone. Otherwise you have to live with it like it is. I am pretty sure the majority wants the DoS shield instead covering this borderline case you have to deal with here.
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    This is in active development at https://github.com/ineedbots/cod4x_bot_warfare
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    Before you install CoD4X, you have to update your game to the latest official version, which is 1.7. If you own the Steam version, this is already done for you. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below. Update the game to 1.7 Download the 1.6 and 1.7 patches from here Install the 1.6 patch first as administrator Install the 1.7 patch as administrator Launch the game and check in the bottom right corner if 1.7 is displayed Once you've done that, you can continue installing CoD4X. Install CoD4X (1.8) Download CoD4X from here Extract the zip file to your Cod4 installation directory Enter the extracted folder Run install.cmd. You might have to run it as administrator Launch the game and check in the bottom right corner if CoD4X is displayed Uninstall CoD4X Enter the extracted folder Run uninstall.cmd. You might have to run it as administrator
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    I'v created a rotating strattime, similar to the one seen on Next1 servers. The code isn't as clean as it should be, but i figured it's good enough. It works for n amount of time, mostly everything is hardcoded. The code is commented for better understanding. Strattime also includes fadein. Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems or have any questions. The project, including this script is available on GitHub: https://github.com/MartinKogovsek/promodUntitled Source: Original Strattime strattime.gsc
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    Hello people . I have a server and when I do ss (/ rcon gets all) they do not appear. What could it be ?
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    Version 1.0.0


    I just came across about this patch I have made about a year ago. I attempted to play C&C Zero Hour Multiplayer. However it was quite unplayable as my game scrolling speed was quite too fast. Also a lot of other things were too fast. To make the game playable for me decided to attempt to create a patch for this issue. I had success with making a patch. As it seems there is no patch for this issue(I did not find any at least) anywhere on the net I decided to share it here for anyone who has this timing error. File does likely contain no CD crap - don't blame me for it please.
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    You don't need to download and play the steam games on your PC to have a Steam Account. Open up a Steam Account and you can get yourself a token. If you are desperate for a token then you know what to do. Plenty to read here in the forums (read about limited steam accounts), but they don't just get handed out! Do what the rest of us have done... 😁
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    You just need to load the plugin in your config, as the file is already there in cod4x server files. loadplugin "b3hide"
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    ui_mp/scriptmenus/class.menu is the file in question, but as viking said, you will need to edit the menu and recompile the mod, its not hard but it requires quite a few recompiles to get things right.
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    You have to edit the menu and recompile the mod.ff for that