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    There will be ADS sensitivity multiplier in next version.
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    This is clearly a server side issue, you don't have to worry about your client. Tell the server owner, whoever does it, to fix his server, or find another one.
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    1 use $ministatus to find your player slot then login to rcon and use rcon adamnaddadmin your name or player id or player slot 100 (100 is the power for superadmin like in b3) I use player slot numbers. look at nvconfig_v3.dat for the power levels and what they can do (its a text file) 2 once iamgod is used its disabled so no one else can use it 3 look at plugin_admin.ini or plugin_admin.xml depends on b3 version 4 and 5 I cannot help with
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    I'v created a rotating strattime, similar to the one seen on Next1 servers. The code isn't as clean as it should be, but i figured it's good enough. It works for n amount of time, mostly everything is hardcoded. The code is commented for better understanding. Strattime also includes fadein. Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems or have any questions. The project, including this script is available on GitHub: https://github.com/MartinKogovsek/promodUntitled Source: Original Strattime strattime.gsc
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    Never tried it, in theory it should work. The error means you have 64bit luasql module, you need 32bit one to work with this plugin.
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    You are not loading the lua script file From readme example: lua_loadscript "lua_scripts/test.lua" // script is located in fs_homepath/lua_scripts
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    Ye, happening often to me, a reconnect fixes it.
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    https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/4516-rotating-strattime/&tab=comments#comment-21189 If you mean this strattime, the answer is yes, it is possible. https://github.com/MartinKogovsek/promodUntitled It is done so here. If you need additional help feel free to ask.
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    This should have been "fixed" ages ago. And by "fixed" i mean server just checks if whatever you do is wrong and kills the player for you.
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    Be aware that update to version 19.0 is coming soon, could be at the upcoming weekend, and will be mandatory to all server owners. The upcoming client will probably not be able to connect to older servers due to an incompatibility in the newer Steam authorization procedure. Server's Steam Appid will default to 7940 from now on (has been before 42750) and clients will use the same when a license is available. Server will accept Steam client authorization requests still for appid 42750. However older servers aren't able to accept connections for appid 7940. The pure server requirement will maybe going to be ditched for now or even forever. Make sure your server works with version 18.1.
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    Iv added music, song names and changed the look a bit. How to add to your mod: Add promod.csv to soundailiases. Add mp3 music files to /sound/promod/. (If you want more sounds (curr 12), you can just add more lines...to soundaliases...). Change ui_mp/hud.gsc (ln.: 1030). Add to maps/mp/gametypes/ _globallogic.gsc _finalkillcam_music.gsc _finalkillcam.gsc Add to mod.csv: rawfile,maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam.gsc rawfile,maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam_music.gsc rawfile,maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic_utils.gsc If you want more songs, add them to "_finalkillcam_music.gsc". Also at ln.: 18, change the number to num. of soungs u have. To edit song names look at switch statement in _finalkillcam.gsc at ln.: 361 If you want to add more add a case block. final_killcam.zip Compiled in a mod: GitHub Original killcam on github. I do not claim to own any of the scripts included, I just edited some.
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    @dpj Oh. Thats pretty handy . There are bunch of usefull stuff like: CodeCallback_PlayerConnect(), CodeCallback_StartGameType(), But since I understand a lot of quake programing language it is probably easier for me to understand,the same goes for you. Theese people are new to scripting or running a server so you should probably make official cod4x video on how stuff works. Peace
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    hi all comrades i quite cod4 few month ago i want thank to all guys who create mod and plugins and who play with me thank you cod4x team for this awesome development those days are unforgettable i love you guys iam gonna miss u all