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    xXxFuckYourselfxXx probably work out for you.
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    If you will change some asset count just keep in mind there are no guarantees that game can index extra assets. Quick example: usercmd_t uses just one byte to index current weapon. So, you can make 65536 weapons but game can track only first 256 (I omit other weapons restrictions) and probably will crash due to overflows.
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    https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_new_experience/blob/master/config.cfg#L127 set to 0.
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    Maybe you haven't noticed, this is not "I repeat NOT" a hackers website and your lucky that anyone replies to you at all!
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    Oh, I see webpage now. I guess Fraggy is now fixing things
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    3 pages on that thread about altering start scripts and the like, as I stated there are lots of fancy scripts out there, I just prefer to keep it simple, using monit to monitor the server gives me an e-mail and I don't need to alter my start script in any way. Apt will update monit with everything else and I can use monit to look after all sorts of things.
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    Ok kid, go fuck yourself.
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    From my experiences: 1. The command will be send to the client, so all players are affected, they do not have to add it to the command line of their game. 2. I was not able to get it working from cfg or gsc, however this could have changed over the time but I dont think so. 3/4. This are the limits: https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/ac7401267510cd1758c8c5380298a00502eb3e4d/src/db_load.cpp#L317 ASSET_TYPE_MENU, ASSET_TYPE_WEAPON and ASSET_TYPE_STRINGTABLE can not be changed. The maximum count for any of the assets is 65535
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    Not sure if i got you right... You want to check if a bot can see an opponent player? And your problem with the bullettracepassed is that it returns true even when it should return false? Uhm, why dont you use SightConeTrace? This function is used by claymores and grenades and returns how much of an entity is visible from a given point of view. At least that's how i did it in my bot script and it is doing pretty good.
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    Setdvar("timescale", 0.3); during killcam.
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    You have to put the _welcome_geo.gsc file in cod4folder/main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes/ And thread the _welcome_geo.gsc in, for example _globallogic.gsc, like thread maps\mp\gametypes\_welcome_geo::init(); Finally place the geoip.dat in your cod4folder cod4folder = wherever you have the cod4x18_dedrun file
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    This is final killcam for normal servers none modded it also follows grenades in the killcam. i have removed all the bullshit so it only contains the final killcam no editing scripts to install just put the localized_english_iw07.iwd file into cod4/main. and i also included 3 final killcams for promodlive211/216/220 enjoy finalkillcam2.20.zip finalkillcam2.16.zip final killcam2.11.zip localized_english_iw07.zip
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    plzzz help me i want to join to sf.wowalliance.com and make admin plzzzzz tellll me 2nd when i hack cod4x with injector the game automatically closed plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    I am glad to hear its not just me that sometimes looses a post on this web site.