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    Update to it: On server scripts you can use now: playerentity.name = „Newname“; playerentity.isBot is now set by the server to the proper readonly value. If you have mods/scripts setting this field, then comment the error creating line of code out.
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    Confirmed. for me the screenshots are not saved in mods/mymod/screenshots anymore too. they are now in main/screenshots
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    I moved game files from HDD to SSD and problem has been solved 😀
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    Those files are from your "certified" cracked game. Feel dumb yet? Now i want you to shut up - bye.
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    Your mod already have callback and globallogic files, you cant just copy paste everything that will not work. You have to add the new lines to your existing callback and globallogic files, find all lines which contain "neho" compare them with yours, read try to understand how it works. If your server doesn't start check the log files there will be an error, if I remember it there should be even a system error file every time there is a bug/error There are many server owners and each 1 has different files so I can not write for everyone all the lines and maintain their servers, this is an example how I use it on my servers, you can read it and implement it to your own server.
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    This works only with cod4xwebadmin, it also requires a working http plugin + plugin julia. It is not fully tested and I am bad in gsc scripts so it can be improved any help is welcome. If you find an error, bug please share it so that we can fix them If you upload this to a raw server it should work, you will have to tweak your server if you want to add this scripts. Server messages and rules don't require http plugin I was just to lazy to remove them Small description for available commands can be found in julia.cfg cod4xwebadmin_cmds.rar
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    Can you please give me the running plugin and i will give you the script to display fetched data in cod4
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    You can manually delete this registry hive: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\steam Because there is some use for it. One is to authenticate on servers to get some extra permissions on them. And we don’t have to care about “cracked” software that does mess up your pc. I am not aware about one single case. Blame the crack developers and not us for their way how they are doing this.
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    No, we're not using. I stopped B3 and XLR and echelon use years ago, as those were dead in the water ages ago. Use NeHo's cod4xwebadmin instead.
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    I am not aware of any bans in the recent 5 months. sv_authtoken must not be empty. Read logfiles maybe.
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    It is used for some menus and adding extra materials. But once you load a mod it shall be unloaded. cod4x_patch.ff is old, not in use.
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    List of changes as I remember: 20.0 raw_input for mouse movement. cg_fov limit raised to 90 degree checking if a to be cloned techset asset contains a valid remappedTechniqueSet reference and in the case there isn't, one will be added. (This should fix some crashes when loading some combinations of assets in fastfiles) Checking for invalid *.iwd files in main directory on game startup and notify the user. Fixed zoom_sensitivity_ratio to do the right thing now. Loading configuration about update servers from Github server repository. (Needed for the unavoidable upcoming domain change) Loading on client only *.iwd files the server has referenced in dvar sv_referencedIwdNames. (Prevent client from loading additional *.iwd files that have made its way somehow into the mod directory - Either by a rogue server or by older but on client persistent mistakes from the server admin) bypassing the loadscreen before server has sent it's gamestate to the client. (Needed with 20.0#7.) Updated controls menu for RAW mouse input setting Added an additional fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff which was supposed to fix ambient occlusion Fixing broken sv_pure functionality. 20.1 Referencing the remappedTechniqueSet only to it self and avoid loading it from fastfile to stop a deadlock situation many had faced with r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 2.0 (bugfix for 20.0#3) Forcing r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 3.0 where possible. (bugfix for 20.0#3) 20.2 Loading usermap/mod *.iwd files in the old way when a demo is played (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix demo playback) Adding the mod directory back into the searchpath list as it was gone due to the change in 20.0#7 (bugfix, fix executing cfg files stored in mod directory). 20.3/20.4 Setting properly fs_gamedir variable to the mod directory. (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix storeage location of demo files to what it used to be) Checking if raw_input dvar has changed. Executing in_restart automatically (no manual restart needed anymore) Prevent menus from forcefully setting protected dvars, e.g. Latched, Init, ROM, Cheat type dvars. Stopped recentering mouse pointer on opening a menu when game is minimized. (Bugfix for 20.0#1. [Had effects on windows desktop mouse]) 20.5 Removed fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff from client, it wasn't doing what the author of that file was promising. Possible it made minor issues. Other changes you should maybe know Although it is older - I guess 17.x - you can override most shipped fastfiles by providing your own with same name inside your mod directory. (This is not well tested unfortunately)
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    Please update your Windows version. This is 20 years old.
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    Iv added music, song names and changed the look a bit. How to add to your mod: Add promod.csv to soundailiases. Add mp3 music files to /sound/promod/. (If you want more sounds (curr 12), you can just add more lines...to soundaliases...). Change ui_mp/hud.gsc (ln.: 1030). Add to maps/mp/gametypes/ _globallogic.gsc _finalkillcam_music.gsc _finalkillcam.gsc Add to mod.csv: rawfile,maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam.gsc rawfile,maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam_music.gsc rawfile,maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic_utils.gsc If you want more songs, add them to "_finalkillcam_music.gsc". Also at ln.: 18, change the number to num. of soungs u have. To edit song names look at switch statement in _finalkillcam.gsc at ln.: 361 If you want to add more add a case block. final_killcam.zip Compiled in a mod: GitHub Original killcam on github. I do not claim to own any of the scripts included, I just edited some.
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    I strongly assume you installed some „cracked“ Steam games in meantime. That is likely your problem you are facing right now. No Steam installed, no Steam auth errors. That is the logic. As you are getting that error you have to ask your self what you could have done. What others have recommended you would have this issue fixed however.
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    Hello, Some birdy told me you guys like the moving camera on match end, during best players screen, credits and map vote. By default every stock map already has some waypoints hardcoded into script, some maps may have better looking ones, some worse. The good news you can customise the waypoints the way you want. You can add as many waypoints as you want but I'd recommend you don't go overboard. To enable the editor set developer_script and ending_editor to 1. I also recommend you enable cheats so you have access to noclip/ufo mode. Editor will be enabled once you spawn. Be aware that waypoint will take the angle you are looking at aswell, so you have to look exactly where you want the camera to look at. The camera will rotate angle as it progresses. For example if you save a waypoint and look left, the next waypoint some distance away and look right, the camera will slowly rotate from left to right over the distance. The camera will move to EVERY waypoint you place over the ending duration, meaning the more distance you do with waypoints, faster the camera will move. If you have mapvote enabled it will give you extra mapvoting time, slowing the camera down. To save a waypoint press USE KEY (default: F), to delete a waypoint press MELEE KEY (default: V) - it will delete waypoints in the reverse order you placed them - so if you have 5 waypoints, it will first delete waypoint 5, then 4 and so on. Finally to save waypoints press RELOAD KEY (default: R). You are done. The waypoint files will be saved in <cod4 server dir>/main/ne_db/waypoints/<map name>. If you need to trasnfer this waypoints to another server, simply copy the waypoint files to the other server dir, keeping the same file structure. Finally to enable custom waypoints in game, set fs_ending to 1. Have fun!