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    I use Neho's cod4xwebadmin which automatically kicks those with black screenshots - some times I see a player come back and the next screenshot is fine other times they come back and are kicked over and over with black screen shots until they move on
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    When CoD4X screenshots was something new, one out of fifty had a legit black screenshot (just an eastimate). The black screenshots you see today frequently as you say are cheats with few exceptions. But you can not know what are the exceptions and what not.
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    I read a lot about waypoints and bots, so why don't you use a plugin to handle the waypoints instead of reducing them all the time? When the lags are an issue of cod4x then i am with you and agree that they need a fix. But bots are a heavy thing, especially when you have an eye on the var usage. moving the waypoint handling to a plugin was one of the best thing i did. lua + modified rotu waypoint (lua) script. I am currently running a map with 13.000 waypoints (split into areas of 6.000 - anything about 8.000 started to lag) without lags.