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    Because it's a requirement to use CoD4x. If you don't like the decision of the devs then you cannot use this product. It's that easy.
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    and now i tried to get token and without any problem so its something wrong with your steam account
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    You are calling a function located in plugins\plugins.gsc with the name "eventhandler". Within that call you pass the parameter "::commandhandler", which is also an attempt of a function call inside the subfunction. Make sure both functions exist. One of them does not.
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    from your file Error: ******* script compile error ******* Error: unknown function: (file 'plugins/commands.gsc', line 21) thread plugins\plugins::eventHandler( ::commandHandler, "connect" ); * ************************************ ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server fatal crashed: script compile error unknown function thread plugins\plugins::eventHandler( ::commandHandler, "connect" ); I do not know what that means but if it was me I would look for commands.gsc in the plugins directory and if it was there I would delete it since only plugins should be there. Of course that is if I am reading that error correctly.
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    Will never get released for version 18.x And when it is done, it is done. So I can not tell you a ETA.
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    You need to return a boolean if the buy was successful. You need an entry function and from there thread your arm() function and return true. entry() { // Whatever checks you might want thread arm(); return true; } arm() { ... } Obviously "addHardpoint( "arm", "Protection", ps\_killstreak::arm, undefined );" has to be changed to "addHardpoint( "arm", "Protection", ps\_killstreak::entry, undefined );"
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    If using OW, check out level.strategyPeriodTimer in the _strategyperiod.gsc file to get an idea.
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    Hello, Some birdy told me you guys like the moving camera on match end, during best players screen, credits and map vote. By default every stock map already has some waypoints hardcoded into script, some maps may have better looking ones, some worse. The good news you can customise the waypoints the way you want. You can add as many waypoints as you want but I'd recommend you don't go overboard. To enable the editor set developer_script and ending_editor to 1. I also recommend you enable cheats so you have access to noclip/ufo mode. Editor will be enabled once you spawn. Be aware that waypoint will take the angle you are looking at aswell, so you have to look exactly where you want the camera to look at. The camera will rotate angle as it progresses. For example if you save a waypoint and look left, the next waypoint some distance away and look right, the camera will slowly rotate from left to right over the distance. The camera will move to EVERY waypoint you place over the ending duration, meaning the more distance you do with waypoints, faster the camera will move. If you have mapvote enabled it will give you extra mapvoting time, slowing the camera down. To save a waypoint press USE KEY (default: F), to delete a waypoint press MELEE KEY (default: V) - it will delete waypoints in the reverse order you placed them - so if you have 5 waypoints, it will first delete waypoint 5, then 4 and so on. Finally to save waypoints press RELOAD KEY (default: R). You are done. The waypoint files will be saved in <cod4 server dir>/main/ne_db/waypoints/<map name>. If you need to trasnfer this waypoints to another server, simply copy the waypoint files to the other server dir, keeping the same file structure. Finally to enable custom waypoints in game, set fs_ending to 1. Have fun!
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    Well thats exacly that, the fps blocker, if you set it to 333 everyone will have to play with 333 max, but as we all know you can always easily bypass that, there can be big advantages but not much players can use it, especially in a populated promod server, and in wars I doubt that much people are doing that at all, who is crazy to risk a player go on some bounce and die, it can be a round changer etc.
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    Tbh I saw a guide on setting the server up like so many years ago and it always mentioned to keep the+ map_rotate at the end, so it stuck with me all these years, maybe it has an impact on windows servers, maybe not all vars work the same way 🤷‍♀️
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    +map_rotate comes at end always, and the issues you are saying are not issues kinda, they are warnings built in the mod, just keep punkbuster enabled, it wont be working anyways but the dvar needs to be on if you want to have stock promod, especially match modes, as for the modified .iwd's its pretty self explanatory, you have modified mod files, either revert to stock pml220, or if you want to run a public server, remove all those warnings from the mod files. And for pubs always use custom_public
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    It's a requirement problem ImportError: No module named dateutil.tz If linux pip install python-dateutil If windows IDK xd
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    I remember when I changed on the Apple-Store CoD4MW app only a single bit the OS refused to run that program at all . I wonder if my programs would be even get executed from a state of the art Mac OS without buying an Apple subscription