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    Be aware that update to version 19.0 is coming soon, could be at the upcoming weekend, and will be mandatory to all server owners. The upcoming client will probably not be able to connect to older servers due to an incompatibility in the newer Steam authorization procedure. Server's Steam Appid will default to 7940 from now on (has been before 42750) and clients will use the same when a license is available. Server will accept Steam client authorization requests still for appid 42750. However older servers aren't able to accept connections for appid 7940. The pure server requirement will maybe going to be ditched for now or even forever. Make sure your server works with version 18.1.
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    With the update 19.0 there is a significant change rolling in. We will allow only the listing of pure servers ("set sv_pure 1") servers on the masterserver. Now you might think: sv_pure is enabled already! Well this is not really the case. Although the dvar does exist, it does nothing anymore at all since CoD4X17a servers came up. The verification code was just not implemented in them since people bypassed it anyway with an "sv_pure" exploit. However this has led to a state where around ~40% of players play nowadays with tampered .IWD files, because nobody cares, possible due to CoD4X17a's complete removal of this check. But anyway since I see it as important that all players on a server play with the same set of gamefiles and not with "Mario" player textures, I will put that validation back into gameserver with next major version. After some checking of checksums of players on my server, I have noticed some players using unofficial iwd files but they seem to be used by many players however. To lower the impact on players, I would like to know if there are very very popular alternative sets of iwd files players could have downloaded with the CoD4 game from shady sources. (possible they have single player stripped assets or whatever). If there is an alternative set of files, I consider to possible add some files after review to the allowed list - required the assets inside are not changed. In order to prevent that pure servers will lack players (players will usually just join another impure server instead of fixing their game), having a pure server will be a requirement to be listed onto the masterserver. If you know something about matter (edited iwd files) then give your input here please.
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    I don't know how or why this happened but my HWID is not unique to me. On the stats page for C4S (which uses HWID to identify players), I have apparently played under 15 different names and used 18 different IP's. I'm trying to become an admin on C4S but with my HWID not being unique, it is possible that these 15 other players will get the same privileges, so it was suggested I make a thread here about it. The correct combinations are those which locate my IP in Ireland and have the name " [IRA] Chopper". I expect my IP to be different sometimes, given that IP's are dynamic but I have only connected from Ireland. It says the first connection to the server with my ID ending in " a2e26a21" was in Poland, I never use a VPN or proxy for COD4. It also shows connections from America, Turkey, the UK and India. I can say I have a common combination of hardware [1] but even then, each component should have its own unique ID. PC isn't a pre-built, all parts are new other than the GPU. BIOS is on latest version, only changes made to it are for overclocking and VMs. [1] Ryzen 5 2600X, PowerColor Red Devil RX 580 8GB, 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz with COD4 installed on an XPG 256GB M.2 SSD. If you need any more information, just ask. Thanks
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    Update: It won't be on this weekend.
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    use \dvardump on both and throw it into kdiff
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    Well you are lucky enough Valve is not checking and validating every shit on their steam backend servers.
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    Well It may not be related with that in your case exacly, but its the same error that pops, and I've dealt with it countless times as described above, the more ways it can be isolated and fixed the better.
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    Seems to be working for me now - Im guessing Fraggy/Leiz fixed something
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    Well it should be definitely checked why it happends to the clients as it does not affect all clients, but here is what I know about that so far. It can be fixed from the server side, its about image assets primarily, if you have a lot of assets and a lot of big ones, this error can happen on different texture resolution settings, mostly when playing on lower settings as it "allocates less space", so to fix it server owners should revise all their larger .iwi's like skins etc, re-render them in dds ( BC3/DXT5 ) with mipmaps on, and then convert back to iwi, if you revise all of them like that and you still get it, you will need to cut down on the size, scale down the resolution by the power of 2, you need to maintain the power of 2 resolution with dds textures e.g. 1024x1024, 2048x512 or whatever combination, and then use the new assets in your server files, that fixed my issues always and again it doesn't happen to everyone, different game settings perhaps and stuff like that affects it.
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    this error it says pdate.dll is either not designed for windows
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    I just tried to auto-update my client and received the same error I could not take a screenshot of the error to post it I ran cod4x up again and by-passed the auto update and was able to join and play in servers.
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    Untested, but something like this should work. execNow "setFromDvar temp <dvar>" // store dvar value in a temporary dvar execNow "setu <dvar> <value>" // setu dvar to any value execNow "setFromDvar <dvar> temp" // restore the original dvar value
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    This issue should be addressed from 18.5 (or 19.0 - whatever comes first xD). However the autoupdater has to be run twice in this special case.
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    if you need the main and zone folders for your server you have to use the patched versions by applying the 1.6 and 1.7 patches to your game.
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    Hi all who have helped me sort this out. I did copy and paste _018 into my user account and all seems well now, apart from needing to reset video settings. I want to say also, thanks to Fraggy and all of you who have done CoD4x and kept this game running in spite of Activision. I’m one of those who started playing it in 2007, and it’s been the gift that kept on giving. We could hardly have imagined it would still be going after so long. The first pc game I played was Prince of Persia 2d, when there were no save games and we had to write them on command prompt. So this may be my last update, and I want to say it’s been a pleasure to be a part of Cod 4 and shoot your bunnyhopping noob asses. If we meet up in the game, I’m not camping, I’m just having a little snooze D
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    I got this welcome message from forum and was using it in my server. Unfortunately i found that this is being called everytime a player joins the server and it displays over and over again on every player screen multiple times instead of showing it just once. Unlike the tutorial here the welcome message only shows up once the player has joined instead of showing up each time a player joins in. welcome.gsc
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    servers with fake players will be banned from the cod4x master server. you can PM these servers to us and we will have a look.
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    You can name your bots whatever you want. We don't stop you. However you need to use script to give the bots names. I believed it is better to give you more control about what name your bot will have you want to spawn. That why botnames.txt has been replaced by extended script function argument.
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    Hi, the classic rcon protocol is very unreliable. Possible you are exceeding the fragmented packet length an fragmented UDP packet can have.
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    Lmao That's the console fraggy is talking about https://youtu.be/x2Hf4IHLSzM
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    for my player databases: "CoD4Narod.RU" 943 entries "CITY server" 87 entries
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