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    Just wanted to say thank you to the devs of cod4x and everyone that helped them and everyone that has helped me so far with my server. you guys are great
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    Update: After going deep, and doing in-depth analyzing, I found the issue. In the xbase_00.iwd the plugin is spelled incorrectly. It is spelled as sourecbansplugin.dll not as one would think it should be spelled as sourcebansplugin.dll So it would make sense that the plugin would fail to load because in the server.cfg, I spelled it as "sourcebansplugin" which wouldn't exist because of the spelling of the plugin in the xbase_00.iwd as sourecbansplugin.dll. After changing the spelling to what it is in the xbase_00.iwd, the plugin loaded just fine.
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    Well, since its 2D you can use DXT1. And then use dds2iwi if you have one. But as @Sheryl said, you can use "Asset Manager" tool from Mod Tools to generate proper image. Save your loadscreen as .TGA image and create new 2d material. Then select your image in "Color map" field and convert material. "AssMan" will convert your .TGA file to a proper .IWI so you can just rename it and save to .IWD file.
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    sure, use vscode. https://code.visualstudio.com/ here is how: https://www.meziantou.net/comparing-files-using-visual-studio-code.htm https://docs.cod4x.me/file-formats.html > GSC Files
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    sorry i cannot tell for sure. keep your eyes open for _classes.gsc and _rank.gsc
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    take a look at leiizkos post. that's a much cleaner solution. https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/3413-disable-mounted-mg42s/&tab=comments#comment-17168
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    You mean a sightless weapon, iron sights? You would have to change the weapon files. I think I have seen an iron sights m40a3 and r700 on cfgfactory. But to explain it really simple, you can't unless you modify the weapon itself.
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    This reminds me of a bug with mime types I had at a job once... so yeah I guess it is possible. IIS is good for what it does though I suppose
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    no problem. we have had issues with different versions in the past. since it works with that version it might be a good way to ensure that it can compile. good! maybe @leiizko can put a hint to the required dependency on his github page for trueskill (if it's not there already)
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    downloading libwinpthread-1.dll allowed me to load trueskill into the binary server wow if i knew what i was doing this would have been simple!
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    No guarantees, but try these. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2pwm2turobumda1/cod4_stringtables.zip/file
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    Any other suggestion that this as because the game server as well as the machine are having the same configuration. I have only shifted from Windows to Linux. P.S: Was able to fix it out! The issue seemed to be related with "sv_authtoken".
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    Hello We have decided to release the code of IW4x as we are no longer actively working on it. The sourcecode can be found here: https://github.com/IW4x/iw4x-client :). Feel free to contribute to the project! Next to IW4x, zonetool (by Plutonium) has also been opensourced. The zonetool repository can be found here: https://github.com/ZoneTool/zonetool The IW4x & Plutonium Team!
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    I am glad you worked it out
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    it's sv_wwwBaseURL not sc_wwwBaseURL