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    Hello There! :D The brand new Call of Duty Frontlines FOREVER Launch Trailer was released! Mod will be released in next days! https://youtu.be/gudPpy7yR3s It's 100% compatible with COD4X and will have a COD4X patch in the future to improve the bots. Check this out! :D
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    im install neho site today when i try use buttons of permban and tempban says banned and tempbanned and when im in the server too but the problem is with cod4x server i try too use tempban and permban from rcon and says youre banned but im still can join and the file banlist is not in the server directory... any idea why and a question dumpbanlist command is removed? how i see banlist thanks
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    Hello CoD4X Community, here is my simple and working script for everyone who got access to globallogic.gsc on the server. First create a file. as example i've used the vanilla promod and created a file called "screenshot.gsc" inside the promod script-folder. After this you insert the follow code into the screenshot.gsc: main() { level thread onPlayerConnect(); } onPlayerConnect() { for(;;) { level waittill("connecting", player); player thread onPlayerSpawn(); } } onPlayerSpawn() { self endon("disconnect"); for(;;) { self waittill("spawned_player"); if(!isDefined(self.pers["tookScreen"])) { self.pers["tookScreen"] = true; exec("getss " + self getGuid()); } } } After this you need to initialize the screenshot mechanism to let it wait for players to connect and start a new thread on them. with the following code: thread promod\screenshot::main(); After this you should save it to the server or inside an mod.ff file. You should never place GSC files inside the mod.ff.. because the mod.ff can be unpacked and everyone can read your script files. Just place client-side stuff inside the mod.ff like soundaliases or menu scripts. You screenshots are taken after a player spawned the first time and are getting saved into the screenshot folder if you set a homepath for your server. (fs_homepath) For any questions, feel free to comment down here. Have a nice day.
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    Yeah, that's happening to my server as well, you connect, get on the loading screen then after 30 seconds the server shuts down and restarts. That's why I commented on my post that version 17.7 is just not rite, there is something very wrong with it.
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    I didn't reply yesterday apparently, but this is fucking awesome!
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    there is none, your download speed is, what, maybe 100mbit tops? that's saturated easily, after that you can turn off your modem :P the only effective way for mitigation is deep packet inspection with hardware firewall (which is too expensive for personal use) or spreading your services over multiple servers. if one goes down, run it on another one, that multiplies the cost for the attacker to keep your service down. if i was the attacker in your case, i would be using a reflection attack to target a major company. they usually would contact your provider and turn off your connection. same can happen to you on a vps, but it is more likely that you just get null-routed by the hoster first because they are protecting their own network. i don't know what your goal is, but if somebody wants to attack your game server, that connection is unusable for the time the attack is going on. its either laggy as hell or will be shut down after a while as i said. protection programs are useless as the connection will be saturated with incoming requests usually. my suggestion when under attack: turn the server off, get a vps that doesn't get null-routed when heavy loads are occuring. whenever getting attacked switch servers and therefore double the cost of the attacker. if you don't want to or can't do that, analyze the attack further. if the attacker is contacting you, make sure to record all information possible.
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    amazing project, looking foward to a release :)
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    wow video is really good - cant wait for the mod to be released
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    Make sure that u don't have 2 servers with same name, you can not add a new server if you already have a new server called "SERVERNAME". Check if your game server is online, do it ingame to make sure the server is runing "Server Probably Crashed´╗┐" or "Last Scan Failed" happens if the script could not connect to your server multiple times, Last scan failed happens sometimes and that's not a big issue, "Server probably crashed" is shown if the script could not connect to the game server more than 5 times U can see the error if u go to your console, I believe you run the server with PM2, if u do that u can type in console "PM2 monit npm", if u still cant see the error stop it in PM2 and run it without PM2 with a simple "npm start" (with PM2 monit it shows only the last X lines on error). It would be helpful to me if you could send me the console output if there is an error Also make sure that you do all the required steps on upgrade https://forum.cirkus-serveri.com/topic/41/new-cod4x-webadmin-v0-0-4-relase
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    First this site does not support B3 so what I will post is what I found using b3 and the new server 17.7 NOTE I am using b3 version 1.9.2 I do not know if this works on other versions or not! For some reason b3 will not see !b3 commands on the new server. However I found that by loading plugin B3hide my system does see the b3 commands and responds to them. When I disabled b3hide it would not see the commands. So I suggest you load the b3hide plugin if your having a problem of b3 not responding to commands, its worth a try! I also found that without the b3hide plugin loaded my phprcon program reports an error stating bad rcon password. with b3hide loaded I do not get that error. Hopefully this may help others.
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    set sv_usesteam64id 1 I have no idea why that has gone 0 for you.
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    Sure! I'll message you on Steam when I have time.
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    if you are having issues that are caused by cod4x please report them, b3 is not itself is not our concern. you are good at ignoring what i'm asking for.
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    either what you are posting is incomplete or cannot work. consider reading the scripting guide https://docs.cod4x.me/modding/scriptingguide/quickstart.html
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    Well you can help with Teamviewer maybe?
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    https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/448a44b550673e61abbc6c8940da1ae7f63f4e73/src/scr_vm_main.c#L96 give that a try. (not available with the release that's currently downloadable on the website)
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    CoD4 Menu Builder is a website that allows you to easily create .menu files for CoD4: Features: Create multiple MenuDef's and ItemDef's Supports for viewing menu in each aspect ratio Created rectangles, text, shaders Save and load your progress Import existing .menu files Tutorials to get you started Export .menu files ready for use in CoD4 Video demonstrating the website: I will be continuing to add new features to the website. Credits: -Easy Visit the website here: https://sheepwizard.github.io/COD4-MENU-BUILDER/ Visit the github page here: https://github.com/SheepWizard/COD4-MENU-BUILDER
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    I'll just leave it here... As soon as it's done.
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    preferrably centered on the screen!
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    PlayerName is so fucking useful hud element
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    Hey guys. I made a short video tutorial how to setup B3 on 1.8 Server (windows). It works on Gameranger Dedicated servers aswell. All the files are included. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zZ-MQnqEK6I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> My other Tuts about cod4 servers > Video Playlist Forgive me if I did anything wrong. Huge thanks to rAfTer, AToM, Crazy, And B3 Team. 1.8_b3_files.rar
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    NOTE I am using b3 version 1.9.2 I do not know if this works on other versions or not! For some reason b3 will not see !b3 commands on the new server. However I found that by loading plugin B3hide my system does see the b3 commands and responds to them.