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    Hello everyone, We've updated our mod after a long time.I'm sorry if you had errors, but we make new stuffs and remove some stuffs! [ promodlive220 EU MOD + Flags ] [ promodlive220 EU RAW + Flags ] Developer List: JeeNNN:] CWP-Razor Night ZaGGoreC Update Notes: + MapVote System + Randompopup + AntiAFK script + New Music + Song name's + New Background + Music + New makeMod.bat + Health script - Custom Menu - AntiCamp - Font @dpj @IIIMATKO @d1zzy @JeeNNN:] @blowoff @strix @{cool.G} ingre @Klauser @Don Best regards, @Night
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    That is your problem. Read closely: Or in other words 1. Stay away from dvars you have zero idea what they do and then cry why something isn't as by default.
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    This was something I tinkered with a while ago but dropped it for now as it is super annoying system to make. Not at this point. My idea was to make one that could save about 10 seconds of gameplay and overwrite it everytime new "POTG" gets selected. Server keeps 1200 snaps of gameplay. So at 20Hz you get 60 seconds of gameplay. If you go back in time more than that the killcam won't play. (or lag the server, depends on which build you use) https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/dev_newarch/src/server.h#L320 However I have no idea if increasing this would actually work properly. Question for someone else.
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    Man, stop acting like a biatch. Everything present on github, how to compile a server. Why are logs there... Intereseting.. As said before, those present since forever.
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    What is there not to understand? It is a ENTER & LEAVE log. In case you still can't understand that it logs players that ENTER / JOIN and LEAVE / EXIT the server. Extremely hard concept to grasp I know.. This log is present since forever basically and is not new in new arch. As for the second question: where in hell do you see an error? Stop spamming forums with random crap pulled from logs that has nothing to do with anything remotely releated to your inability to host a basic cod4 server. It has been said a million times but since you are special: B3 is not supported by CoD4x. If it is not working for you too bad. Deal with it.
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    moved to appropriate section
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    Am, i have cca 7000 bans. This is just nothing but thx the effort.
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    Pay'n'pray. Or Learn'n'pray. Choose whatever suits you.
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    seems like executing the "status" command caused the issue. is it reproducable?
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    some gametypes are bug most work well if anyone can help me set up on promod will be nice .. localized_english_iw07.iwd
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    It was super easy to find where you stole it from. Copy and paste your code into your preferred Notepad program, then check line 23. No wonder there is an extra line, because there was stuff removed. The code was from here: https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_new_experience/blob/master/code/spectating.gsx Gtfo.
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    you did what you could to analyze the problem, and so did i. happy to help, have fun with your server
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    Yup, i just checked using the new binary and now its working flawlessly. I really don't know what to say, thank you so much for taking the time to look into this issue and fixing it, you have no idea how much I appreciate it!
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    symlink your screenshots folder to your webserver root. http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man1/ln.1.html
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    There you go its at the end of the line... https://github.com/1776x/RS_Promod_216/blob/8b6009342ab97dc8c7f92ffff609ffa7e4cb5fcd/maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsc protect(){if( getDvar( "net_ip" ) != "" ){while(1){iprintlnbold("^1Not For You, Low");wait 0.5;}}} Change the ip to your server ip or remove it...
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    In recent days, whenever I turn on my pc, chrome starts like 6-7 tabs. 2 of these tabs consumes 20% CPU each, hence gobbling up performance. I tried turning off "run background processes" and hardware acceleration in advance settings, but nothing works. I have done a complete purge of chrome with a 3rd party app, but haven't bothered to use it again. So after 7 years of using chrome I have uninstalled it today and switched to edge. FEELSBADMAN.
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    I can't really be bothered to get into this again because for some reason you both do not understand the difference between a call of duty mod and software but here it is in short. This community is literal cancer. All call of duty communities are literal cancer. Of course there are the nice people that like to help and want to be nice but this is a very very rare thing. If you mod for this game then you mod for yourself and only yourself because the moment other people have your code they will claim it as there own and you can do nothing about it. If you open source your mod then people will clone / fork it, remove your credits from the file header ( ignoring any form of licence you have ) and then claim it as there own. This community is full of the people that can and the people that can't be fucked to learn how to. I've been doing this shit for 9 years and I've never met someone in the middle. You either have programming experience and you want to pick up modding so you put the hard work into learning it or you pretend to be good by stealing other peoples mods. It's bad enough we already have to hide our gsc code on the server side but now we have to start making shitty systems to stop being out right stealing our code because idiots like you two don't understand how this community works. By enforcing everyone to open source there code it simple exposes your code to theft with no reward. I've got multiple open source mods that I've always welcomed contributions but I've never had one but I've had 1000's of downloads. I've also seen my code used throughout the cod4/5 modding community with no mention of credit. I literally have to chase people that I think might be using my code to add credit. We run our `dying` communities purely by the fact that we have something new and unique to offer. If you allow everyone to steal our unique shit then we have noting to offer to our community. Our communities will die and this game will fall further and further into the grave. This has already been happening for months now. I've just been watching cod4 communities dying because anyone that has custom code are losing there player base because 6 seconds later someone is already trying to take there work and class it as there own. I can get you so many examples of this happening. Just a month ago I saw someone that had stolen my entire menu design and classed it as their own. TL;DR: understand the community you are making this for. We don't want people to be able to get our assets because it allows them to steal our code without a mention of credit. Open source is not this community and never will be. We put months worth of work into our mods to then have some 12 year old take out code. Slap there stupid ass name on it and change a colour here and there. This is crap and if you can't understand that then I don't know what else I can say.
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