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    here is my paypal: abuse@gmail.com pay here 2000 eur
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    CoD4 Menu Builder is a website that allows you to easily create .menu files for CoD4: Features: Create multiple MenuDef's and ItemDef's Supports for viewing menu in each aspect ratio Created rectangles, text, shaders Save and load your progress Import existing .menu files Tutorials to get you started Export .menu files ready for use in CoD4 Video demonstrating the website: I will be continuing to add new features to the website. Credits: -Easy Visit the website here: https://sheepwizard.github.io/COD4-MENU-BUILDER/ Visit the github page here: https://github.com/SheepWizard/COD4-MENU-BUILDER
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    I had that same version and team chat didn't work as well until I tried a newer version , I think it was v1.10.10 and then by accident I noticed team chat commands were working
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    He is right I have version 1.9.2 running and it will not see the commands in team chat
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    What version b3 ur using? If I'm not mistaken, older versions of b3,commands don't show in team chat.
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    I've had issues with photoshop dds plugin before. Try using the dds export on paint.net, works everytime for me
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    Infact @volkv maybe you could translate that to him. Seems previous attempts in English have failed..
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    it isnt, just make sure all scripts that contain codx functions are in .gsx files, this way you can still run the mod in devmap without getting errors
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    that maybe? why the settings might not be the same as on your original cod4 version is described here: https://docs.cod4x.me/cod4x-client/config-files.html
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    no, that's not C inside GSC/GSX files. only the syntax is similar. the cod4x server does not expose an interface to call shell code from gsc, you would have to write your own plugin for that. obviously, the shell code is limited by the executing linux users permissions.
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    I guess you need to write a plugin to achieve that GSX - SHELL bridge. But I'am not sure about permissions, you probably have to run cod4x_dedrun as a root.
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    Heres a post by iznogod explaining the bug, it's a common problem on cj maps
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    Name an address
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    The server is probably checking for a dvar, called "player_iq".
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    I totally agree with @Kingwolf on the CS:GO like game opinion. We already have CS:GO and I tried playing it for a while, not really my type of a game. You don't have the flexibility of free movement like cod in cs. I know a lot of people who moved from cod4 to CS:GO due to different issues related to cod4 and they are waiting to get back on a game like cod4 with no hackers and stuff. I am totally down for getting some feature ideas from CS:GO obviously but not the movement to be exact. When I play cs:go it seems like I myself am a bot. Also @Kingwolf mentioned about UE4 licensing. Seems reasonable to me too. If our game evaluates in a category where we need to pay royalty to UE4 then we can simply do that through in-game weapon and character skin sells? And I was planning for a server system of pay as you play. We will provide some official servers of-course but if a user want's his own server, they can simply rent it our through us. We will be hosting the server so ultimately the binary remains to us, and they will just pay based on the set cost. And also a open artwork market would be good to have so that people can buy and sell their skins while giving a small percentage of that to us so that we can pay the royalty to UE4 and make a funding for further development. Now the first thing we have to decide is whether we are going to fully reverse engineer the iw3mp.exe and re-compile it with out own re-written code and compiling definition or we are gonna make the game on a new engine like UE4 or something. If new engine then what engine we are gonna use? And, I really liked the simple slick interface design of pubg. Simple black, white and transparent combination. Looks awesome and very much player friendly. If we agree on this simple interface design then I think we can reduce down the size of current cod4 to an extent that people might be thinking they are downloading a mobile game of 300Megs to 400Megs (considering if we re-write the current cod4). Also a performance boost on the FPS will be there for these kind of light skin interfaces. @Kingwolf I agree what you said about the planning of the game and a demo. But before we do that, we have to be on the same ground or decision about which engine to use, or is it possible to completely reverse the iw3mp.exe and thus compile it through some process that activision can't claim the rights on that binary and so on. If we can come to an agreement on this first deciding factor, then I and my team will proceed on making the first demo. Thanks.
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    Remake, UE4, matchmaking, anti-cheat... Guys I would be so happy if you just realease new_arch
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    i couldn't care less. https://github.com/cod4x had been dead as long as i can think back. it took us a whole 10 minutes to come up with a name for our github org. if you want to avoid confusion with the real cod4x project i'd suggest you just delete or clean your organization. who's your team even? i've never heared of anything called mnx. that github repo always just seemed to be connected to ugi clan. you are welcome to contribute to our github repositories with PRs. prove yourself to be knowledgeable and trustworthy then further collaboration can be discussed. that's just my 2 cents, i don't know you at all as cool as it would be to attempt a community made cod4 remake, i believe none of us has the time and resources to develop something like it. seems like you have a bit different goals than what cod4x is doing. play battalion maybe? would be nice, but is difficult in the current state. not sure if there would be a big enough player base for a league or matchmaking. ranking is implemented to some extent via plugins and gsc scripts on some clan servers.
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    Hey guys. I made a short video tutorial how to setup B3 on 1.8 Server (windows). It works on Gameranger Dedicated servers aswell. All the files are included. Video Tutorial > CoD4 Server Hosting Tutorial Part 4 - Installing B3 In CoD4x 1.8 Server My other Tuts about cod4 servers > Video Playlist Forgive me if I did anything wrong. Huge thanks to rAfTer, AToM, Crazy, And B3 Team.
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