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    /* Call of Duty 4: Surf Mod Copyright (C) 2016 Jordy Rymenants This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */ now that's funny what i found in ui_mp/main.menu rather suggests that this should be opensourced ;D
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    Well it wasn't really my project to create an extractor for menu files and make it public for everyone to use as I had no own use for it. Most what you @MiKeY say is unfortunately really just true and also my view on many of the things. However when T-Max creates extractors he will create them. Even when it would be not inside CoD4X people still would just use it as soon as it is available somewhere. On the other hand there are in meantime also a lot of abandoned mods or whatever stuff out there which would great when you could make something new with it or fix or improve them. So it has always two sides. You can't. Idk why he was saying that. Good possible as I want to work with .bsp files and not with Deflate compressed cm_world and GfxWorld structures. You know with how much garbage CoD maps are packed? I just want to get rid of that. I also need it the ClipMap to generate .aas files for bots. Finally @MiKeY don't forget that you are using my own code to keep your scripts on the server and prevent people from stealing it. It was me who protected CoD4 servers from sending all kind of files people do request in download. Without that code your scripts had found a new "owner" a long time ago already.
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    Hi peps, It's been a loooong time coming and I finally have somewhat complete release ( github ). Vast majority of planned and suggested stuff was added, however my private tests are limited so the mod might still include bugs, beware. To run the mod you need a newer version of cod4x server ( 14 Jul or later ), and a trueskill plugin ( github ). I'll upload the compiled plugin for both windows and linux soon, for those who don't know how to compile it themselves. When all bugs are fixed and all features added I will add a mysql support aswell. Enjoy.
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    Seems weird, check if cl_bypassMouseInput is set to 1 in your console, if so change it to 0 and see if that helps.
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    To anyone who wants to play with it, enjoy. Example gsc implementation soon. Github repo
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    Nicely done but for future maybe try keeping it simple. You're just doing extra(unecessary) work Using existing stuff in stock cod you can do it like this: teamChange() { userData = self getuserinfo( "team" ); switch( userData ) { case "axis": case "defence": self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::menuAxis(); break; case "allies": case "attack": self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::menuAllies(); break; default: self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::menuSpectator(); break; } }
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    This is a tutorial on how to add custom images into fx editor and use them in a map This tutorial is not on how to use the fx editor For this tutorial you should have a basic understanding of cod4 modtools Firstly create your image. Make sure that the background is transparent (unless your image is a square of something). Your image dimensions need to be a multiple of 4 e.g. 620x40 Then save it as a dds file. Next put the image you created into your cod4 directory Then go into asset manager and create a new material and name it something. I recommend putting gfx_ infront of the name Now change the materialType to effect, the surfaceType to none, the usage to <not in editor> the blendFunc to Blend (Without this the transparency in your image will show up as black. You will not need to change this if your image has no transparency) Now scroll down to colour map and click the 3 dots and select you image that you put in your cod4 directory. Under color map set it to notile and nomip bilinear Now click save in asset manager (you need to save this file to [Call of Duty 4\source_data] Now press f10 to covert the image, your cmd should look like this when done. If it doesnt read the error and see if it is something that needs to be changed in asset manager. Now open up EffectsEd Click the wand button at the top to make a new segment Now go to the visuals tab, make sure the Element type is on billboard Sprite. click the folder button, you should be in a folder called materials Next to File name change the drop down list to All files --sidenote-- If you name your material gfx_something it will show up in this list and you wont change the file settings ---- Now search for the name of your image and select it [Call of Duty 4\raw\materials] Now go to the generation tab and change the count to 1 (this means the 1 particle will show up in 1 cycle, increase this number to add more) Now go to the size tab and change the scale to 10 (this will be the size of the image change if you want) Now save your fx in your fx folder [Call of Duty 4\raw\fx] Now click play and you should see your image come up. Now mess around with the different settings to make you effect --How to add the fx to your map-- In your map .gsc file add this line in main() to load your fx level.callthiswhatever = loadFx( "yourfxnamehere" ); Here is how mine looks: Now create a thread and add your effect how ever you like, i'm going to make mine play every 5 seconds. Now go to your images folder in your cod4 directory and look find your image [Call of Duty 4\raw\images] Now copy the image iwi into your maps .iwd Now you will need to add these lines in your maps .csv to load the fx and material. material,yourmaterialname fx,yourfxname Here is how mine looks: Now build the maps fast files and enjoy your awesome fx If you need help feel free to ask Lossy, on 03 Mar 2015 - 11:38 PM, said: Also should add that if people textures end up with a white background despite having alphaTest to always then you should change it GE128 and it should work
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    gcc is fine. its no rocket science to compile a plugin just take a look at the examples. cpptest would be the simplest one. looking at our repo and not some random outdated fork might help: https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/blob/master/plugins/cpptest/cpptest_plugin.cpp
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    level, game - these are only global variables defined by engine. There are few callbacks defined in _callbacksetup. These are called by engine on various events. Firstly, gametype script is going to be executed, then map script. Simple? Maybe, yes, it hurts when you made something wrong, like C, but without debugging it forgives a lot and this leads to some unpleasant errors. It also has some limitations in comparsion to C. As pros I can say there are not so much stuff that is executing without any user notification like classes in ROR etc.
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    GSC language is called QuakeC. The engine defines all the variables which can be used in-game.
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    https://imgur.com/XIIHdoQ I was told to link you, infinite load on the master server page for some reason Latest chrome update. Edit: NEVERMIND, Privacy Badger was blocking the datatables from showing :3
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    so now you are bumping for him xDD ? i've never seen it, probably fucked up his mod
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    Glad you knew what it is. I had got no idea...
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    Punkbuster was never added to 1.8 and in any case its support for CoD4 is over, meaning even if you find some older server with PB it wouldn't do anything. Any free cheat on the internet can now work on PB servers. 1.8 actually has some measures against cheaters and any server with semi active community will have a pretty cheater free server. If you die in one shot you probably played on hardcore server. Try searching for softcore server if that's your preference. And yes most of the servers run some kind of server side mod to make the experience more enjoyable for larger population. If you like vanilla CoD only I'm sure someone will get you a IP of one. Just try searching for a server you like that has an active community and stick with it.
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    You got it Bro.....THANK YOU....LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!♥♥♥
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    Ok one more post because DeadMikimaus wrote non-sense stufs, read TOS again. Same TOS are used in Minecraft game for moding. Everything must be free, everything must be available as source and if content is compiled it must be available as compiled version to any other person including but not limited to atvi it self. Even thinking about reverse engineering is violating every single atvi term and every single US law about copyrights and author rights. Not Jax nor even Bakn didn't create these menu. If I want I will clone Amnesia's menu 1:1, they can do same as Jax did. Came here and claim that I stole "his" menu files? Cloning/Remake is not stealing in case you use your own content, rembemer that. And Bakn is kid cca 12-14 years old, you should think one more time about that he hacked Jax's pc. They are both hide something else. Thats my last post here in topic for real now. This topic is dumb same as these two kids who fight which one dad is stronger.
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    Here the download link to the TeX deathrun mod: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuxR5epMaybXz0j18NBcTPrGjP91 Script are all free to download on the internet, so this is not sharing without permissions
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    Trueskill plugin will be released soon, maybe it will fit your needs. It can be used stand-alone ( stat and filesystem storage ) or in combination with mysql / http plugin ( database storage)
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    if you need different main_shared folders, each server must be run from its own directory.
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    You already admitted to hacking into his PC.. as much as I refuse to believe it, I feel that alone is enough to warrant a ban. Waiting on the Devs view anyway.
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    A cod4 developer posted a video of this a long time ago, but trying to make it in menus might be fun
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    Finally finished my minesweeper mod for cod4. Features: Full functioning 9x9 minesweeper board Flagging Time recording Personal best Time Graphics from original game Only thing I was unable to add was coording. Images:
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    thats amazing haha .. and even more amazing thats you've released the sources
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    I don't have a use for this honestly, but well done indeed! Very impressive Thanks for posting the source for others
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    idk how spoilers work on this forum Download: http://www.moddb.com/mods/minesweeper-for-call-of-duty-4/downloads/minesweeper Mod Source: http://www.moddb.com/mods/minesweeper-for-call-of-duty-4/downloads/minesweeper-mod-source
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    Shows next map via iprintln Overrides the maprotation when very few players are online // Author: D4edalus // Date: 01.08.2017 // License: A-GPL // Changes to this script must be published on cod4x.me init() { level.lowplayermap = "mp_killhouse"; level.lowplayernum = 5; level thread roundend(); setDvar("nextmap", ""); } roundend() { level waittill ( "roundend" ); numPlayers = level.players.size; if(numPlayers <= level.lowplayernum) { nextmap = level.lowplayermap; setDvar("nextmap", "map " + nextmap); } else { maprot = getDvar("sv_maprotationcurrent") + " " + getDvar("sv_maprotation"); maprotArr = strtok(maprot, " "); idx = findMapIndex(maprotArr); if(idx > -1 && idx + 1 < maprotArr.size ) { nextmap = maprotArr[idx + 1]; } else { nextmap = "Error!"; } } iprintln("^5Nextmap: ^7" + nextmap); } findMapIndex(maprotArr) { for(i = 0; i < maprotArr.size; i++) { if(maprotArr[i] == "map") { return i; } } return -1; } EDIT: Bugfix; clearing nextmap dvar on init; 17-08-04
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    I just checked the server list today and wow what a great job done on it. I do have a question I noticed my ip6 ip on the kab servers are in red and so are some others the question is why?
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    sometimes and some are, yes
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    self setClientDvar("ip", "x.x.x.x"); //obviously put your ip in the quotation marks Put this in playerSpawn() This adds an extra layer of security which stops people from stealing your mod.
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    I tryed to act like I had his mod but I never did just so he wouldn’t release it
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    If you put it on github. I'll make it look nice and work on all screens
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    there are variables to set the icon sizes on the minimap. maybe those are set to very small values. im sure you can find them i guess its compassenemeywidth, compassenemyheight the variable you are looking for is probably prefixed with "compass" at least
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    @Mikey The main purpose of extractor stuff is to make selling mods/scripts/other stuff pointless. I don't think that it's necessary to care about community that may leave you in one minute of server/site being offline. If some 12 years old mfucker just copying your code with removing all the credits - obfuscate your code, make it non-portable, use checksums etc. There are a lot of possibilities due to plugin system. Man, there was no ability to even load scripts without mod earlier. But one day someone just added it and there comes private scripts. Using plugins as external source of code is actually a good idea to hide your work if you want to. Yea, my first enemy is commerce. Ppl selling not even their own work for >$100. WTF?! When I bought this game, I spent about 10. Ten bucks, Carl! Sadly, I can not expose scripts from "main shared" or mod directory but If some day I will be able to do this - I'll spread the word about this feature. Maybe it's a nail in CoD's coffin, maybe its not. About 4 years ago I told all my CoD-related friends that CoD4 is dying and I'm quit CoD modding. But I'm here, one of developers. That's for you, @Mikey, I hope you will found it useful.
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    I can't really be bothered to get into this again because for some reason you both do not understand the difference between a call of duty mod and software but here it is in short. This community is literal cancer. All call of duty communities are literal cancer. Of course there are the nice people that like to help and want to be nice but this is a very very rare thing. If you mod for this game then you mod for yourself and only yourself because the moment other people have your code they will claim it as there own and you can do nothing about it. If you open source your mod then people will clone / fork it, remove your credits from the file header ( ignoring any form of licence you have ) and then claim it as there own. This community is full of the people that can and the people that can't be fucked to learn how to. I've been doing this shit for 9 years and I've never met someone in the middle. You either have programming experience and you want to pick up modding so you put the hard work into learning it or you pretend to be good by stealing other peoples mods. It's bad enough we already have to hide our gsc code on the server side but now we have to start making shitty systems to stop being out right stealing our code because idiots like you two don't understand how this community works. By enforcing everyone to open source there code it simple exposes your code to theft with no reward. I've got multiple open source mods that I've always welcomed contributions but I've never had one but I've had 1000's of downloads. I've also seen my code used throughout the cod4/5 modding community with no mention of credit. I literally have to chase people that I think might be using my code to add credit. We run our `dying` communities purely by the fact that we have something new and unique to offer. If you allow everyone to steal our unique shit then we have noting to offer to our community. Our communities will die and this game will fall further and further into the grave. This has already been happening for months now. I've just been watching cod4 communities dying because anyone that has custom code are losing there player base because 6 seconds later someone is already trying to take there work and class it as there own. I can get you so many examples of this happening. Just a month ago I saw someone that had stolen my entire menu design and classed it as their own. TL;DR: understand the community you are making this for. We don't want people to be able to get our assets because it allows them to steal our code without a mention of credit. Open source is not this community and never will be. We put months worth of work into our mods to then have some 12 year old take out code. Slap there stupid ass name on it and change a colour here and there. This is crap and if you can't understand that then I don't know what else I can say.
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    I just checked it out and everything works great - Good Job on fixing and designing the site
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    Sorry for late reply,this is the code i used.hope u'll find a use for it //===================================== //simple team selecting script by P.os //===================================== //put this inside maps\mp\gametypes\ //thread this inside globallogic //thread maps\mp\gametypes\_teamChanger::init(); //use /connect;setu team <teamName> //posible values for teamName are attack,defence,axis,allies //have fun :) init() { level thread onPlayerConnect(); } onPlayerConnect() { for( ;; ) { level waittill( "connecting", player ); if( isdefined( player.pers["1stConnect"] ) ) return; player.pers["1stConnect"] = true; player thread teamChange(); } } teamChange() { userData = self getuserinfo("team"); if (userData == "axis" || userData == "allies" || userData == "attack" || userData == "defence") { team = "spectator"; switch (userData) { case "axis": team = "axis"; break; case "allies": team = "allies"; break; case "attack": team = "allies"; break; case "defence": team = "axis"; break; } self.pers["team"] = team; self.team = team; self.sessionteam = self.pers["team"]; self maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::updateObjectiveText(); self maps\mp\gametypes\_spectating::setSpectatePermissions(); level waittill( "connected", player ); if (team == "allies") { self setclientdvar("g_scriptMainMenu", "changeclass_marines_mw"); self openMenu("changeclass_marines_mw"); } else { self setclientdvar("g_scriptMainMenu", "changeclass_opfor_mw"); self openMenu("changeclass_opfor_mw"); } self waittill( "spawned_player" ); self setclientdvar("g_scriptMainMenu", "class"); } }
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    We just don't care about that plugin anymore because there are Steam Group tags which can be used only by group members. So that plugin is end of life. We should probably pull all dead plugins from source tree.
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    i'm sure you could disable nortons firewall completely for a few minutes to try
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    is cod4x being blocked by your firewall (I had that problem with Norton)
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    Thank you for playing at A3 server