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    Hello guys, as i discussed with Ingramz earlier, after consideration the promod developers have released the official source code for promod 2.20 . View the source code @ : https://github.com/promod/promod4 Happy modding.
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    You could save yourself all this trouble.. and just get it from a server provider.. you know.. the guys who do this professionaly.. for a living.
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    little boy if you post answer I thank you no need post stupid answer
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    14 259/15 300 ₽ (93%) your payment is better apparently, we should do some paid support since you expect us to work for you
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    cmon, be more specific. maybe this menu - https://github.com/dexus0412/xcf/blob/master/duffman/_menu.gsc ? P.S. no free help on the implementation of this stuff from me.
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    Yep. It you have provided incorrect credentials it will throw error (not fatal) into console and handle will be undefined. But if your MYSQL its offline/wrong address your server will stuck for 2 minutes timeout (even if its a thread) and again handle will be undefined. So its better to make sure you got MYSQL online before start server with MYSQL plugin
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    Can you explain that? Only firewalls can block ports. Or is it already in use? Commandline option? +set net_port 28961
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    add +set fs_basepath "." +set fs_homepath "." to you launch script and screenshots folder will appear in your serverfiles
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    here => https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_new_experience/blob/ff76d0bd615cb1f613bc127b2a548a9e3936a7c7/maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsx#L3646 dont forget to put code into userscripts\ss.gsx (create folder userscripts in main_shared)
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    gsc, gsx - no difference
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    I have some questions : 1- The current support for Cmd_getplayerlocation can only be called from scripts and the server core, with the maxmind_geoip.h header? 2- We want to remove this function from scr_vm_functions.h, scr_vm_functions.c and scr_vm_main.c,maxmind_geoip.h, maxmind_geoip.c to deprecate from core? 3- We need to implement the new version of this feature in a plugin with an added script method from from the plugin api? 4- We need to statically link the maxmind C library with this our code and sprinkle code magic to use the library for data extraction? If nobody else is doing this, i can implement it.
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    loadfx, spawnfx yellow one has ..._available instead of ..._unavailable
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    Yay! Finally it worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone <3
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    gsmanager is like a shit spam system , just try to use only console with steam admin or manuadminmod WINGS i will make only default mod with main menu background and music and i will show you how to make that
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    @GogoYes but i dont know what is problem of him ,but I guess he didn't make something or he fail on something
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    @Night I already said that above.
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    Gogo one is main menu i think he mean on background music, XYWINGS Just pick your favorite mp3! It must be an mp3. Rename the mp3 file to (HGW_gameshell_v10.mp3) Then place it in the music folder. (Music.iwd\sound\HGW_gameshell_v10.mp3) Like this
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    Do we talk about same main menu? Do you mean on main menu where "join game, mods..." are or actuall in-server menu?
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    If you didn't touch main.menu file then music filename has to be HGW_gameshell_v10.mp3 and have to be place into iwd (sound/music folder inside .iwd). So basically sound file that you want to be played in the main menu has to be named HGW_gameshell_v10.mp3 and it should play in menu. But be aware, some .mp3 converter codecs are not supported in cod4, so if you convert mp3 online there is possibility that this mp3 won't work in cod4. If there is any error related to playing music it should be printed into console in your game when main menu is activated (opened).
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    Create folder mods/MOD_NAME/promod and inthere create new file named servercheck.gsc and paste next code into that file. Restart server or change map to new one so script can be invoked. I removed these anoying useless garbage violation messages. main() { level endon( "restarting" ); for(;;) { if ( getDvarInt( "sv_cheats" ) || isDefined( game["PROMOD_MATCH_MODE"] ) && game["PROMOD_MATCH_MODE"] == "strat" ) break; forceDvar( "authServerName", "cod4master.activision.com" ); forceDvar( "sv_disableClientConsole", "0" ); forceDvar( "sv_fps", "20" ); forceDvar( "sv_pure", "1" ); forceDvar( "sv_maxrate", "25000" ); forceDvar( "g_gravity", "800" ); forceDvar( "g_speed", "190" ); forceDvar( "g_knockback", "1000" ); forceDvar( "g_playercollisionejectspeed", "25" ); forceDvar( "g_dropforwardspeed", "10" ); forceDvar( "g_drophorzspeedrand", "100" ); forceDvar( "g_dropupspeedbase", "10" ); forceDvar( "g_dropupspeedrand", "5" ); forceDvar( "g_useholdtime", "0" ); if( isDefined( game["PROMOD_MATCH_MODE"] ) && game["PROMOD_MATCH_MODE"] == "match" ) { forceDvar( "g_maxdroppedweapons", "16" ); if ( !game["LAN_MODE"] ) forceDvar( "g_smoothclients", "1" ); } wait 0.1; } } forceDvar(dvar, value) { val = getDvar( dvar ); if( val != value ) { setDvar( dvar, value ); iprintln("^3"+dvar+" has been changed back to '"+value+"' (was '"+val+"')"); } }
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    cmon, just try set dedicated 0 or set g_antilag 1 with set dedicated 2
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    try set dedicated 0 (or 1,2)
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    This will most likely be the final release outside of bug fixes. - Added MySQL support, all player, trueskill and mapstat data will be saved on a database. Trueskill and mapstat table name can be changed for cross server support. For advanced admins there is a "vip" and "vipexp" columns making automation of vips possible. VIP must be set to 1, vipexp is the DATETIME of vip status expiring. Once expired, VIP will automaticly change to 0 on player connection to the cod4 server. - MySQL and Trueskill are now fully optional. Server will no longer crash if you don't load the plugins. - Added option to disable wallbang ingame. Should do wonders to destroy campers who just shoot at walls with LMG. - General bugfixes. NOTE: This version requires the very latest commit on the cod4x github page. Spectating stuff in mod will not work until it is fixed in cod4x server code. It may be best for non-advanced admins to wait until stable mainstream release. Available on GitHub.
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    z_c_r.iwd\promod_ruleset\custom_public.gsc if you dont have that download the original pml217 https://promod.github.io/oldreleases.html
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    @AlexC doubt he has ssh, that would be way too easy
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    Some server hosts will not let you install cod4x yourself because of how they set the file permissions on the server, you may have to put in support ticket and ask them to install it for you, I had that problem with Marks Mods Server, never did get it installed so I switched server company's.
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    read the topics about the latest new experience release. required is the latest cod4x version to run it, which is neither released, nor stable to run.
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    Information on server setup : 1- https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/wiki/Server-setup Use a ban plugin (this is necessary. recommend : simplebanlist) https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/wiki/Banlists-in-version-15.9--and-other-changes For a mapvote system, you need to use some existing scripts in your mod or code new ones. An existing mod with the scripts you are looking for : https://github.com/leiizko/cod4_new_experience Alternatively you can go to a hosting company and let them do this for you.
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    https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/wiki/Banlists-in-version-15.9--and-other-changes#sourcebansplugin This is what you are looking for.
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    no hamburger, just pizza. do you know what im saying? i dont know what youre saying - i like trains.
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    @winter People here can generally help you, and cant do the work for you.
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    Hello guys, i have been working on a new antispam plugin for a replacement of the current one which is broken completely. So i will attach pre-compiled binaries of the new plugin here so that it can be tested. You can view the DOCUMENTATION @ GITHUB IF there is a problem do tell me. Remember this is just beta, please run it on proper servers and report any bugs antispam.dll antispam.so
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    happened to me too. in my case it was cod4narod servers that destroyed my profile. if you can find out let us know what server it was (if you do we check the server and make sure that wont happen to others as well). the files you tried to reset by reinstalling are located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CallOfDuty4MW\players. you could also just create a new profile.
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    You can join this server -, then type in chat $menu and choose Unlock ALL option. It will make you rank 55 with all weapons unlocked.
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    "customer" LOL the payment is bad enough
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    @sheep_wizard2 finally done, thanks
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    Don't wonder if your "free" server will be one morning no longer be yours. Talking here about past and a bit of knowledge.
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    on the commandline ./cod4x18_dedrun +set fs_game "mods/gwa_menu"
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    hello all, all time I have the problems ))) ^1Error: ^1******* script compile error ******* ^1Error: bad token '#': (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsx', line 1174) #if isSyscallDefined TS_Rate * ************************************ ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server fatal crashed: script compile error bad token '#' #if isSyscallDefined TS_Rate (see console for details)
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    To anyone who wants to play with it, enjoy. Example gsc implementation soon. Github repo
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    I made some tutorials for deathrun modding more will follow! How to start tutorial Deathrun Tutorial Next page tutorial Deathrun Tutorial comment down below for more tutorials Thankyou
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    hi all mate if you play cod4 with steam just change in steam your profil edite and change your nicname
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    @ROOT Add a cvar definition in your gsc script for whatever cvar you want to make.
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    i suppose a more portable way would be to create an iplocation microservice and query it with http from gsc.
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    surprise, you cant play with the key you didnt buy on the vanilla server. go buy the game