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    Welcome! I have developed bot mods for call of duty for quite sometime now. Most notably for MW2. Unfortunately there were no real 'slick' way of controlling the bots, so we had to resort to 'hackish' ways of achieving even the simple task of moving a bot. But CoD4x supplies scripters with the ability to control the bots in a more natural way. Allowing us to create a much better experience for bots. You'll find that these bots function very similar to the bots you'll find in Black Ops series. SERVER DVARS: You can find the latest version over at ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/bot-warfare/downloads/cod4x-bot-warfare-latest bots.zip
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    Now you can download fixed binary from here: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/D4edalus/cod4x-server/build/artifacts
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    Thanks AlexC and all that helped me get this up and running.
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    I need your opinion, tips, recommendations on the upcoming CoD4x-WebaAdmin application. The current beta version is similar to the previous CoD4 Status version, the difference is in authentication and admins management (no steam group required). Admins have to be added manually after they sign up. Here is a list of some futures what is included for now User Authentication, local, google+, facebook (later on i will include twitter, github and steam), all accounts can be linked so if u have admin rights it doesn't matter which authentication u use Regular registered users can take screenshots via the page, this can be disabled backend or limited to x screenshots / hour If u enable screenshots for regular users they can send cheater reports with 1 click Admins with required power can check this reports and decide what happens next (ban or remove report), the user who sent the report will be informed automatically with auto messages. If we ban based on the cheater report user who sent the report will be mentioned on the cheater report page Banned players can send a ban appeal, if the admin decide to keep the ban, unban request will be disabled for that ban in future Rcon commands can be added backend with required power to execute them Admin groups can be created, deleted Users can be added as admins, we can choose on which server if we have more then 1 server usermaps images can be uploaded, deleted Realtime shoutbox for admins separated and for all registered users Some faq pages, content can be added Server rules for each server separated can be changed backend I almost forgott, screenshots Now my question(s) 1. Since node.js requires a vps/dedicated server would it be a good idea to manage game servers to via the status page, I was thinking about https://github.com/GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM We could make them play together, so if we create a game server we could also create it on the status page. We could then manage the game server via the status page (start, stop, restart etc etc). Of corse in this scenario we could make things faster since we could read everything from the log files without rcon connections. later on i could also create an admin tool like manuadmin, b3 bot and it could be also created all together with gameserver and status page with 1-2 clicks I always rented game servers host so if this is a bad idea let me know pls Ofc if u have some tips, future requests let me know in comments so we can improve this new app in the future i will share a beta version in 1-2 days here with install instructions, later on i will upload it to github
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    To summarise, Stock is literally uploading the main and zone folders and adding a server config and running it. If you add scripts in main_shared or add a mod, its non-stock. (Not aimed at you but maybe other people who are confused too )
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    Yep, no more spamming for non-dev launch. Other dlls are plugins.
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    It's called "mini console". Dvar "con_minicon". There are 3 mini console dvars in total.
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    the server will only crash when you are out of swap memory, at least with regards to hardware constraints. what you want to avoid is any kind of lagging. with virtual private servers the quality is very different between hosters. which is, contrary to your question, a virtual server which is not using dedicated hardware. hence saying that 1 vCPU is being suitable for a certain application is not very conclusive. mind that with virtualization the physical cpu is being shared, meaning that if another VPS running on the same physical CPU is currently requiring a lot of computation power, that will limit your applications as well. to what extent that happens depends on the virtualization technology. the best experience is provided by dedicated hardware. a i7 3770 can easily host 15 to 20 servers. the cod4x server requires around 350mb at the very least. i would suggest to count around 500mb per server. maybe 700 if it's extremely full and loaded with mods. from past personal experience i can recommend hetzner and contabo https://contabo.de/?show=vps (VPS) https://www.hetzner.de/sb (dedi) i would suggest you start with a cheap vps. don't pay upfront for several months in the beginning to be able to switch hosters just in case.
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    Change recursion to loop. Sorry for breaking your hope.
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    share someone's else hard work without even notify the author is not cool. good luck in your another copy/paste mod.
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    Promodlive220 Opensource with Flags If you have any problem with raw files contact us here
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    This day has come! There was small discussion before and here we are! Now you can decompile few types of assets used in various mods and insert it in your own mods as source files. Requirements: cod4x18_dedrun build >= 1972 How to (En): Launch server with mod, with developer "2" mode. Once map loading finished, use "extract " console command to extract assets. It will be saved under "fs_homepath" in "extracted" directory. Map fastfiles are ignored for now. How to (Ru): Запустить сервер с модом, в режиме developer "2". Как только карта закончит загружаться, используйте консольную команду "extract <название_ff> <тип_ассета>" для извлечения ассетов. Они будут сохранены в директории "extracted", в папке, которая указана в переменной "fs_homepath". Фастфайлы карт пока игнорируются. Here few screenshots of recompiled sources of promodlive220, EU edition. If you experiencing some bugs during extracting and\or compiling of extracted assets (without any changes made) feel free to post your issues here. Don't forget to describe your problem and attach .ff.
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    This script can help you _finalkillcam.gsc
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    Hello guys, as i discussed with Ingramz earlier, after consideration the promod developers have released the official source code for promod 2.20 . View the source code @ : https://github.com/promod/promod4 Happy modding.
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    Hello, I share antiAFK and autobalance script that I started to use on my server. This is the first version, so the script can be optimized and maybe contain bugs. I'm not sure (I tested it only in promod) but the script can be used on any mod and default gametypes. I called the AutoTeamsBalancer function in the init() function of the _globallogic file: level thread AutoTeamsBalancer(); and the function AFK_Camp_Watcher in the spawnPlayer() function, always in the _globallogic file: self thread AFK_Camp_Watcher(); but it is possible to call these functions from sd.gsx, dm.gsx, etc... file in the right callback (onSpawnPlayer, init...). The AFK_Camp_Watcher function is based on the example made in the Call of Duty 4: CoD Script Handbook. This autobalance version move the 'extra' players that have the lowest score in the team. Of course you can change the sort order in the function getLowScorePlayers (for example on spawnTime) and script should work the same. You can freely use the shared code. I hope I'll help someone sharing it. Regards, arbait AFK_Camp_Watcher: #include maps\mp\_utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include common_scripts\utility; AFK_Camp_Watcher() { level waittill("prematch_over"); self endon("death"); self endon("disconnect"); self endon("joined_spectators"); self endon("game_ended"); my_afk_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; camp_time = 20; while( 1 ) { old_position = self.origin; old_angles = self.angles; wait 1; new_position = self.origin; new_angles = self.angles; distance = distance2d( old_position, new_position ); if( distance == 0 && old_angles == new_angles ) { my_afk_camp_time++; } else { my_afk_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; } if( my_afk_camp_time == camp_time && !have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^7You appear to be ^1AFK^7!"); self IprintLnBold("^710 seconds to move!"); have_i_been_warned = true; } if( my_afk_camp_time == ( camp_time + 10 ) && have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^7You will be moved to spectators for ^1AFK ^7/ ^1Camping^7!"); wait 2; self.sessionteam = "spectator"; self.sessionstate = "spectator"; self [[level.spawnSpectator]](); iPrintln("^7" +self.name + " ^7was moved to spectators for ^1AFK ^7/ ^1Camping^7!"); } } } AutoTeamsBalancer: #include maps\mp\_utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include common_scripts\utility; getTeamPlayers(team) { result = []; players = level.players; for(i = 0; i < players.size; i++) { if (isDefined(players[i]) && players[i].pers["team"] == team){ result[result.size] = players[i]; } } return result; } getLowScorePlayers(team, nPlayers) { result = []; if (team.size > 0 && nPlayers > 0 && team.size >= nPlayers) { //Sorting team by score (bubble sort algorithm @TODO optimize) for (x = 0; x < team.size; x++) { for (y = 0; y < team.size - 1; y++) { if (isDefined(team[y]) && isDefined(team[y+1]) && team[y].pers["score"] > team[y+1].pers["score"]) { temp = team[y+1]; team[y+1] = team[y]; team[y] = temp; } } } for (i = 0; i < nPlayers; i++) { if (isDefined(team[i])) { result[i] = team[i]; } } } return result; } AutoTeamsBalancer() { if(level.gametype == "dm") return; pl_change_team = []; changeteam = ""; offset = 0; while(1) { wait 20; if (isDefined(game["state"]) && game["state"] == "playing") { pl_change_team = []; changeteam = ""; offset = 0; team["axis"] = getTeamPlayers("axis"); team["allies"] = getTeamPlayers("allies"); if(team["axis"].size == team["allies"].size) continue; if(team["axis"].size < team["allies"].size) { changeteam = "axis"; offset = team["allies"].size - team["axis"].size; } else { changeteam = "allies"; offset = team["axis"].size - team["allies"].size; } if (offset < 2) continue; iPrintln("^7Teams will be balanced in 5 sec..."); wait 5; if (isDefined(game["state"]) && game["state"] == "playing") { team["axis"] = getTeamPlayers("axis"); team["allies"] = getTeamPlayers("allies"); if(team["axis"].size == team["allies"].size) { iPrintln("^7AutoBalance aborted: teams are already balanced!"); continue; } if(team["axis"].size < team["allies"].size) { changeteam = "axis"; offset = team["allies"].size - team["axis"].size; } else { changeteam = "allies"; offset = team["axis"].size - team["allies"].size; } if (offset < 2) { iPrintln("^7AutoBalance aborted: teams are already balanced!"); continue; } offset = offset / 2; pl_to_add = int(offset) - (int(offset) > offset); pl_change_team = []; bigger_team = []; if (changeteam == "allies"){ bigger_team = team["axis"]; } else { bigger_team = team["allies"]; } pl_change_team = getLowScorePlayers(bigger_team, pl_to_add); for(i = 0; i < pl_change_team.size; i++) { if(changeteam == "axis") pl_change_team[i] [[level.axis]](); else pl_change_team[i] [[level.allies]](); } iPrintln("^7Teams were balanced!"); iPrintlnbold("^7Teams were balanced!"); } } } } AntiAFK_AutoTeamsBalancer_Script.zip
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    i installed and fixed everything, but now how to add a serveR?
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    That is perfectly working. Maybe you need to test your brain first.
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    Put this line in your server startup : +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200"
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    I have same error for my Rutu server Exceeded limit of 1000 'xmodel' assets UPDATE FIX: in commandline server startup put this command: +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200" Work without any problem.
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    This is final killcam for normal servers none modded it also follows grenades in the killcam. i have removed all the bullshit so it only contains the final killcam no editing scripts to install just put the localized_english_iw07.iwd file into cod4/main. and i also included 3 final killcams for promodlive211/216/220 enjoy finalkillcam2.20.zip finalkillcam2.16.zip final killcam2.11.zip localized_english_iw07.zip