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    also lets not forget that freets3 abused a security hole in other ts3 servers to spam ads on them. such nice people. they also renamed all joining clients on their cod4 servers for a while to Freets3.ovh/+name. here under the name kingts3 http://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/97684-Query-creates-channels-send-messages-or-pokes-users/page9 or here https://www.re-hq.net/n/index.php?topic=1485.0 and here feel free to check the whois entries to confirm its all the same person: https://www.whois.com/whois/kingts3.com https://www.whois.com/whois/freets3.ovh keep googling and you will find more shady things .. dont trust these people for your own good.
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    all bs. it gonna stop anyway as freets3.ovh and ransr or whatever ot was..
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    A bit cheap don't you think? It would be hard listening to his bitching for any less than 50/hr
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    This will most likely be the final release outside of bug fixes. - Added MySQL support, all player, trueskill and mapstat data will be saved on a database. Trueskill and mapstat table name can be changed for cross server support. For advanced admins there is a "vip" and "vipexp" columns making automation of vips possible. VIP must be set to 1, vipexp is the DATETIME of vip status expiring. Once expired, VIP will automaticly change to 0 on player connection to the cod4 server. - MySQL and Trueskill are now fully optional. Server will no longer crash if you don't load the plugins. - Added option to disable wallbang ingame. Should do wonders to destroy campers who just shoot at walls with LMG. - General bugfixes. NOTE: This version requires the very latest commit on the cod4x github page. Spectating stuff in mod will not work until it is fixed in cod4x server code. It may be best for non-advanced admins to wait until stable mainstream release. Available on GitHub.
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    FreeTS3 also spammed the living shit out of the COD4 Scene, which I feel will be the same with this new service. Right now it might be fine, but give it a few weeks from here and I expect trouble. If it doesnt happen then I apologise but I feel it is likely to go that way.
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    I know it isnt his. I have ideas on who owns the site though, hence my hostility towards it I like Ingre, I don't like who I think runs it Edit: with good reasons
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    are you advertising for ar51 now ?
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    Available as always on GITHUB. Fixed several critical bugs so everyone should update as soon as possible. Biggest change is the rework of auto team balance system - it will now balance on death and connects instead of just randomly killing people. It will still move players who joined team last. Added some extra VIP options - they can join any team they want and are immune to balance. Default is off for both. Added option to re-enable scoreboard after credits as requested. Have fun!
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    One: Two: Three: Four: Yea-yea, we're false support and do nothing to help this poor guy. === My suggestion: break his arms, fuck his mind and ban his account. There's (in CoD4 modding scene) no place for that kind of men who wants to have anything and do nothing for it (IMHO).
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    I wasn't I was trying to make a point and judging from his last post he didn't get the point that he has to ban someone for the file to be made.
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    First of all this portal has all the functionality echelon does. There for a don't see why anyone would incorporate a ancient unsafe system like Echelon that has many many vulnerabilities. What do you mean with does. How would you like to see it? Yes you could that, that however does not you allow to admin while not being in the server. A lot of our admins monitor our servers while at work or at school via the panel.
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    Ive moved it here lol
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    or know how to use the search function
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    For the love of christ, do people not read wikis anymore: https://github.com/callofduty4x/CoD4x_Server/wiki/Banlists-in-version-15.9--and-other-changes
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    Hello, I share antiAFK and autobalance script that I started to use on my server. This is the first version, so the script can be optimized and maybe contain bugs. I'm not sure (I tested it only in promod) but the script can be used on any mod and default gametypes. I called the AutoTeamsBalancer function in the init() function of the _globallogic file: level thread AutoTeamsBalancer(); and the function AFK_Camp_Watcher in the spawnPlayer() function, always in the _globallogic file: self thread AFK_Camp_Watcher(); but it is possible to call these functions from sd.gsx, dm.gsx, etc... file in the right callback (onSpawnPlayer, init...). The AFK_Camp_Watcher function is based on the example made in the Call of Duty 4: CoD Script Handbook. This autobalance version move the 'extra' players that have the lowest score in the team. Of course you can change the sort order in the function getLowScorePlayers (for example on spawnTime) and script should work the same. You can freely use the shared code. I hope I'll help someone sharing it. Regards, arbait AFK_Camp_Watcher: #include maps\mp\_utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include common_scripts\utility; AFK_Camp_Watcher() { level waittill("prematch_over"); self endon("death"); self endon("disconnect"); self endon("joined_spectators"); self endon("game_ended"); my_afk_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; camp_time = 20; while( 1 ) { old_position = self.origin; old_angles = self.angles; wait 1; new_position = self.origin; new_angles = self.angles; distance = distance2d( old_position, new_position ); if( distance == 0 && old_angles == new_angles ) { my_afk_camp_time++; } else { my_afk_camp_time = 0; have_i_been_warned = false; } if( my_afk_camp_time == camp_time && !have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^7You appear to be ^1AFK^7!"); self IprintLnBold("^710 seconds to move!"); have_i_been_warned = true; } if( my_afk_camp_time == ( camp_time + 10 ) && have_i_been_warned ) { self IprintLnBold("^7You will be moved to spectators for ^1AFK ^7/ ^1Camping^7!"); wait 2; self.sessionteam = "spectator"; self.sessionstate = "spectator"; self [[level.spawnSpectator]](); iPrintln("^7" +self.name + " ^7was moved to spectators for ^1AFK ^7/ ^1Camping^7!"); } } } AutoTeamsBalancer: #include maps\mp\_utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include common_scripts\utility; getTeamPlayers(team) { result = []; players = level.players; for(i = 0; i < players.size; i++) { if (isDefined(players[i]) && players[i].pers["team"] == team){ result[result.size] = players[i]; } } return result; } getLowScorePlayers(team, nPlayers) { result = []; if (team.size > 0 && nPlayers > 0 && team.size >= nPlayers) { //Sorting team by score (bubble sort algorithm @TODO optimize) for (x = 0; x < team.size; x++) { for (y = 0; y < team.size - 1; y++) { if (isDefined(team[y]) && isDefined(team[y+1]) && team[y].pers["score"] > team[y+1].pers["score"]) { temp = team[y+1]; team[y+1] = team[y]; team[y] = temp; } } } for (i = 0; i < nPlayers; i++) { if (isDefined(team[i])) { result[i] = team[i]; } } } return result; } AutoTeamsBalancer() { if(level.gametype == "dm") return; pl_change_team = []; changeteam = ""; offset = 0; while(1) { wait 20; if (isDefined(game["state"]) && game["state"] == "playing") { pl_change_team = []; changeteam = ""; offset = 0; team["axis"] = getTeamPlayers("axis"); team["allies"] = getTeamPlayers("allies"); if(team["axis"].size == team["allies"].size) continue; if(team["axis"].size < team["allies"].size) { changeteam = "axis"; offset = team["allies"].size - team["axis"].size; } else { changeteam = "allies"; offset = team["axis"].size - team["allies"].size; } if (offset < 2) continue; iPrintln("^7Teams will be balanced in 5 sec..."); wait 5; if (isDefined(game["state"]) && game["state"] == "playing") { team["axis"] = getTeamPlayers("axis"); team["allies"] = getTeamPlayers("allies"); if(team["axis"].size == team["allies"].size) { iPrintln("^7AutoBalance aborted: teams are already balanced!"); continue; } if(team["axis"].size < team["allies"].size) { changeteam = "axis"; offset = team["allies"].size - team["axis"].size; } else { changeteam = "allies"; offset = team["axis"].size - team["allies"].size; } if (offset < 2) { iPrintln("^7AutoBalance aborted: teams are already balanced!"); continue; } offset = offset / 2; pl_to_add = int(offset) - (int(offset) > offset); pl_change_team = []; bigger_team = []; if (changeteam == "allies"){ bigger_team = team["axis"]; } else { bigger_team = team["allies"]; } pl_change_team = getLowScorePlayers(bigger_team, pl_to_add); for(i = 0; i < pl_change_team.size; i++) { if(changeteam == "axis") pl_change_team[i] [[level.axis]](); else pl_change_team[i] [[level.allies]](); } iPrintln("^7Teams were balanced!"); iPrintlnbold("^7Teams were balanced!"); } } } } AntiAFK_AutoTeamsBalancer_Script.zip
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    You need to paste the whole thing, you cant just set 1 times
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    I wanted to have a feature so everyone can rate servers in hope that such servers as you mention get a poor rating. But it is too much work...
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    The mentioned plugin will ignore sv_legacyguidemode completely.
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    You have set dvar with 3 tokens but expect at least 12 in lines 764 + 773.
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    I made this leaderboard, the map times save to a dvar called "scores_mp_race". If you want the times to save even if the server closes just add the line logPrint(getDvar("scores_mp_race")); Just above the "wait 0.1;" If the server goes down, look in your mod log file and find where it printed the dvar information. Then in your server console type set scores_mp_race "The information you got from the log file" An even better way would be to save the dvar to a .txt file and then just read that when map loads
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    Kevinos Again trying;)
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    Yeah. Just gave you default one. Comon press these like buttons
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    Oh please, take it _load.gsc
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    sv_legacyguidmode uses the old style GUID format before PlayerID was a thing.
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    You dont really need to link to player's connects/disconnects. You may just check for it like every 30 seconds Just put something like dynScoreLimit() { level endon("game_ended"); for(;;) { wait 30; // if (level.players.size < 4) and so on } } as a thread dynScoreLimit(); into maps/mp/_load.gsc::main();
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    Well by all means use it. Im not going to stop you.
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    I agree a friend of my got his website spammed with comersials from that site. My advice keep away
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    I have known {cool.G} ingre for a while its not his site
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    That wasn't the question We know it works, but I also have ideas whos behind it :3
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    That's exactly what I ment btw. It's the only method I know. It was range not dmg yeah.
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    go to _globallogic.gsc. look for Callback_PlayerConnect() { and after self thread PreConnect(); put self setClientDvar("player_meleerange", 0); pzhlst
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    Or even simplier: player setClientDvar("player_meleerange", 0);
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    I like this idea too. Maybe will be added some day.
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    My Bat File that I use to start my cod4x ROTU Revolution server on my windows dedicated server you must close this bat file before shutting off your server or it will do its job and restart the server also its always a good idea to set your rcon_password in the command line @echo off cls echo Protecting your Cod4x Dedicated Server From Crashes title Cod4x Dedicated Server Crash Recovery Utility :cod4x echo (%date%) (%time%) Cod4x Dedicated Server Started start /high /wait cod4x18_dedrun.exe +set dedicated 2 -secure +set fs_game mods/rotu-r-alpha +set ui_maxclients 64 +set sv_maxclients 32 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set rcon_password yourrconhere +exec general.cfg echo *************************************************************** echo (%date%) (%time%) echo WARNING: Cod4x Dedicated Server closed or crashed, restarting. echo *************************************************************** goto cod4x
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    set sv_masterservers "cod4master.cod4x.me;cod4master.doszgep.cloud" in your server.cfg
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    This plate remains in the cases when change time snooze of death
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    And again, there is literally no difference.
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    There is literally no difference between the non-steam and Steam versions. Same goes for CODWW and the other CODs.
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    @Rosssiiii There would not be any difference except for the fact that you can launch the game from your steam library if you buy it. Servers will remain same. You can absolutely use mods and graphics customizations if you buy it on steam.
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    D4edalus I noticed that when you see someone asking for help politely you and the others have always tried to help them by pointing them in the right direction and even at times posted scripts when you felt it is necessary. Its when they demand an answer as if you actually owe them one that you get stern and I don't blame you or anyone that refuses to answer under those conditions. I have been a member of this web site for some time and some of the demands even piss me off. I figure if I can use the search and find answers (and there are many here) I am happy. If I cannot find the answer then I will ask how to do it. I personally have learned a lot mainly by reading the posts and doing a trail and error on scripting and then asking questions when I am stumped. If I get an answer then that is great I am ahead and I have always gotten a reply to a question I had. Maybe that is the difference between asking a question politely and demanding something be done.
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    puids is the identification ,which is completely different for cod4x, hence for every player it is unique and not changeable. The steam version and cod4x are the same. Cod4x uses steam api for many client side features as well as server side features Do leave a thumbs up if you liked the answer
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    Nah, promod just have mp_*_fx.gsc stubs which is required just not to show "can not find script" warnings. Basically, fog settings, effects, etc are in these files. I have used same technique to remove effects from maps for my parcour mod some time ago, but without involving fog dvars.
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    covert advertising tztz
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    You act like you've ordered a product which you are not receiving. That's not how this forum works.
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    internet ATVI = internet Activision Master Server The cod4x one are the servers using cod4x servers and not older server binaries. ATVI will show both cod4x and normal servers, but the cod4x master server will ONLY show the latest cod4x servers. You are facing pre-ban on some servers because on 1.7a, the puids are replicated, which makes one more reason for moving to cod4x and we recommend doing so as well.
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    Steam or Non-steam it doesnt really matter, average about 2000people online there is a lot of servers filled with people yes. You will find a game no problem
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    Alright, we're done. Got anything I want ^^
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    Thanks @AlexC! Now I need only MW2 binary ^^
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    Since one month, still best Test