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Rules regarding the release of mods

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To post your new client-side mods here, you will have to follow some rules.

Threads not following these rules will be deleted and the user warned.

  1. If the mod is not licensed under a free license (such as the GPL or BSD licenses), you are not allowed to upload someone else's mods
    You are only allowed to upload someone else's mod (that is not licensed under a free license) if you provide proof that you have permission of the original creator
  2. If the mod is licensed under a free license, you have to include a link to the source
  3. A video (or screenshot if it fits the mod better) showing off what it does is required
  4. A download of the most recent version of the mod should be attached to the post
  5. Any new commands should be posted in a bullet-point list, explaining what they do

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